Is summer the best time to move house?

Is summer the best time to move house?

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The best time to move house is a matter of personal circumstances and needs

When is the best time to move house? This is probably one of the most pressing questions that confront people who have a household move on their mind.

It largely depends on your personal circumstances and needs which moving date you will choose. Sudden career changes and job opportunities usually don’t allow you the luxury to choose the most suitable time to move house.

Without a doubt, summertime is the busiest time of the year in the moving industry.

Many families find it suitable to move after the school year ends so that their kids may adjust to the new environment before the new one starts. If you haven’t booked an affordable moving company in advance, chances are that you will struggle to find one with a couple of days’ notice. But, if you are looking to limit moving-related expenses, scheduling a move for the summertime shouldn’t be your first option.

Those who are left with no choice but to move during the summertime may want to consider other important factors to minimize moving stress and costs. As it turns out, a convenient time of day, week and month may allow for a more affordable household move.

Take a day off from work so as to take care of your early morning household move. While people tend to move during weekends, by scheduling a mid-week move you will avoid higher demand and busy moving periods. Furthermore, since leases typically start at the beginning of the month, it comes as no surprise that most people prefer to move house at the beginning or end of the month. But, mid-month moves can be budget-friendly due to special moving offers and deals.

What is it like to move house during the summer?

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A good timing is a necessary prerequisite for a successful move

Summertime is known for being the busiest and the hottest period in the moving industry. This is when most office moves and military relocations take place. Also, families with school-age children seem to be more comfortable moving during the school holidays.

Unless you book your movers well in advance, chances are that you actually end up with inexperienced, temporary movers. If they cannot meet customers’ demand for relocation services, moving companies usually hire extra help during the busiest summer months. Also, since moving services are in high demand, chances for negotiation are very low.

It’s no secret that moving during the summer is anything but enjoyable, but planning ahead of time can make it at least more tolerable.

Luckily, reputable movers will take control of the moving process and make it go as smoothly as possible. They will be your point of reference during the chaos induced by a household relocation. Get several moving quotes – you may be surprised how much they can vary from one company to another, especially during the peak moving season.

This is also a favorable period for rogue movers to perform their fraudulent operations to take advantage of the people who desperately need to move as soon as possible. On the other hand, if your movers are working hard to meet all your requirements, make sure to reward them accordingly. Be mindful of their needs – they are the ones who are handling physically demanding tasks in the summer heat. Prepare fresh drinks, snacks and allow them reasonable breaks throughout the moving day full of heavy lifting and sweating. Also, an appropriate moving tip is a good way to show your appreciation and gratitude for your movers’ efforts and quality service.

How to survive a summer household move?

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Reward your movers according to their efforts and accomplishments

Exposing yourself and your household possessions to high temperatures can be potentially dangerous. It’s highly advisable to stay hydrated on moving day and make regular breaks. Have a sunscreen on hand and make sure you are wearing comfortable and breathable clothing.

Also, not all of your belongings are supposed to survive in a hot moving truck. Temperature-sensitive objects seem to require extra attention and special handling. So, try to figure out an efficient way to keep items like candles, some electronics, CDs intact on moving day. In addition to that, when it comes to packing, make sure to move only what’s necessary. Bear in mind that garage sales are very popular during the summertime, so you won’t have an excuse for transporting items you will barely use. Advertise your garage sale on social media so as to attract as many visitors as possible. You main goal is to reduce the moving load, but some extra cash won’t hurt either.

Benefits of moving during the summertime

Since the peak moving season has already begun, let’s underline some positive aspects of the summer move. Everyone knows how difficult it is to move house in the summer heat, but there are several good reasons why people eventually decide to go for it.

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Summer is a real estate market hottest season

-First and foremost, stable weather conditions make is much easier to move house than unpredictable cold weather. Everyone who has moved during the winter period knows that bad weather condition may cause serious incidents as well as delays. As a result, moving during the summertime is usually much less of a hassle.

– With the kids out of school, parents can plan and organize the entire moving without disrupting their routine. When the school year is over, kids will have more time to prepare mentally for the transition and also help with the moving chores. Families are usually looking to settle into their new homes before the new school year starts.

-Take advantage of nice weather conditions to attract visitor to your garage sale. People going for a walk are likely to drop by and maybe even purchase something. There are more people out and about who might be curious to know what’s happening in your front yard.

-Summer turns out to be a great time to put your home on the market. With its curb appeal at a peak and more time to engage in renovation and maintenance projects your house is likely to sell faster during the summertime.

Planning a move?

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