How much to tip the movers?

How much to tip the movers?

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*Tipping movers is one of the biggest dilemmas most people are facing when hiring professional moving company.  How much to tip movers is just one more decision that you need to make after a stressful and eventful moving day. Stressful as it is, moving may become a nightmare at some point if not planned and executed properly, so you may want to reach out to professionals for assistance._ After you have decided to let professional movers guide you through each stage of your move, you can rest assured that the entire relocation process will be executed smoothly and efficiently, provided that a reputable and trustworthy company is taking care of it. Since they are doing all of the heavy lifting and dirty work, you may want to thank and reward them for their effort and dedication. Since movers NYC are part of the service industry, you can tip them and show that you are actually satisfied with their service. For starters, your movers should arrive on time, organize the whole procedure in advance, be polite, respect your time and handle your belongings carefully._*

When movers are about to complete the move, you cannot help but ask yourself how much you should tip them, whether you should tip each of the movers individually or just one person (foreman or driver) and let them divide it. We would like to shed some light on this matter so read on to find out how much to tip your movers after a successfully completed work and how to do so.

Tips on tipping movers

If you are wondering whether it is mandatory to tip your movers, the answer would be no. Tips are based on the quality of service and customers’ satisfaction. Just like any other service providers, movers make a significant part of their earnings through tips. So, it’s pretty much straightforward – if they are doing a good job, reward them and give them a tip, if not, you are not obliged to do so. You don’t have to tip someone if you have received poor service – it’s entirely up to you.

Some people might think that the movers are paid to do their job, but if they provide an outstanding assistance, you can show your gratitude by tipping them. After all, moving can be very demanding and risky. They are working really hard to meet your requirements, while you have time to tackle other important moving-related matters. Each move is performed according to your specific requests, regardless of the season, weather condition, distance (long distance move or local move), location of your current and new home,… Like in any other service-oriented professions tipping is expected and desirable, so set aside a little extra cash to show appreciation for a job well done.

If you are not satisfied with the service you have received, you are certainly not obliged to tip anyone. Save the tip for those who do deserve it by doing their job right. Movers usually don’t expect tips, but they may appreciate very much your gesture. They will also be glad knowing that you are satisfied with the assistance and that you realize that they actually put a lot of effort. You will agree that someone who makes the whole moving procedure much easier for you certainly deserves some kind of reward.

How Much Should You Tip Movers

There are no specific rules about how much to tip movers and you are the one to decide on the amount. People may think that they are already paying a lot for the move itself and extra costs may burden their budget additionally. However, keep in mind that professional movers are doing all the hard work and arduous tasks instead of you and saving you a lot of trouble, so they deserve at least a generous tip. They engage all their resources to perform a successful and trouble-free moving experience.

There are several factors that may affect the level of your appreciation:

  • complexity of the move
  • type of the move
  • final moving cost
  • quality of the service

How to treat movers on moving day

The final success of the move depends on the competence of the movers. They are very valuable for you during the whole process and you should treat them accordingly. Prepare drinks, coffee and snacks, especially if the move takes a while. Some people think that it is enough just to prepare lunch or give them a tip. It’s important to know that one thing doesn’t exclude the other. Offering snacks and refreshments on moving day is a question of good manners and consideration. If a move happens to be scheduled for a hot summer day, you should always provide cold water, coffee and snacks/lunch to keep your movers energized and raise their spirits. On the other hand, if a move takes place on a cold winter day, your movers could use a nice hot chocolate, tea or coffee.

Some people prefer both – they don’t mind tipping them and offering some snacks and drink. Also, if you are buying them lunch, ask them what they would like to eat. While on duty, they are not allowed to drink alcoholic beverages, so don’t offer them beer at the end of the move. You could save a nice cold beer for your friends assisting you with a move and treat them after everything’s over. Movers mostly prefer to be tipped in cash and a lunch or refreshments shouldn’t be considered as a substitute and sufficient compensation. The quality of the service is probably the most important factor to consider when deciding on the amount of the tip, so assess carefully their professional attitude, motivation and skills.

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Treat your movers with respect and show your appreciation for a good service

The fact is that you will be spending a lot of time with your movers on moving day, so you may want to be considerate to them, treat them with respect and make them feel comfortable. They are an important part of the moving process so you need to treat them accordingly. And remember, small gestures of kindness won’t hurt anyone! Also, make sure you are available to answer any question your movers may have and respect their time and requirements. When in a high season, movers are operating on a tight schedule, so make sure you are home to meet them at the agreed time. In some cases additional fees are applied if the move is delayed due to customer’s negligence.

A mover who is helping more than he was expected to is a good and caring mover who deserves to be rewarded. A standard tip is about 20 percent of the total bill, but there are various opinions regarding this matter. There are people who think that tipping depends not only on their performance, but also on the number of movers participating in the process.

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Discover more about tipping movers in NYC

If more than one mover provide the moving assistance in New York City standard tip per person should be around $50. For an extremely good service tips can go up to $100.

When tipping, people usually give certain amount of money to a foreman, and than the crew split it among them. However, if you care to show appreciation for their individual effort, give each worker the tip.

However, those suggestions are not quite applicable to long-distance moves, because tipping is determined by the number of days. Furthermore, if they are handling bulky and valuable items delicately (like antique furniture, heavy items, mirrors, valuable paintings…) or provide some additional moving services, you should consider tipping them more.

Share your moving experience

When the move is completed, you may want to share your moving story and your opinion on the moving company that assisted you with the big move. If the movers have done an excellent job, let others know about your positive experience, because a reference can mean a lot to the people who are looking for a reputable and reliable NYC moving company. You can also send your feedback or letter of appreciation directly to the company manager stating your opinion on the performance. Whether it is an entirely positive or negative overall experience, share your moving story with others and let them benefit from the information that you possess.

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Type an online moving review and help others make a good choice

NYC moving industry is very developed and before hiring moving company you can research each of them online and read various moving reviews. Other people’s experience can be very valuable for your quest, since it can help you identify both reputable movers and the rogue ones. People tend to share negative experiences as well, so if you do your homework properly and perform a thorough background check on the moving company you are interested in, you may be surprised how many important details are just a couple of clicks away. Rate your moving experience online and help others find the most suitable moving company in New York City and stay away from moving scam. While doing that, just remember the time when you were trying to find an affordable and trustworthy moving company and how grateful you were when you got the chance to find out lots of interesting and helpful information through the online moving reviews. People who are organizing a household move will appreciate a brief and accurate description of each phase of the move and collaboration with a moving company.

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