How to Safely Pack and Move Liquids?

How to Safely Pack and Move Liquids?

After your relocation is finally over, you will be amazed at what packing skills you have acquired during the process. And you can be proud of yourself, as packing skills require patience, precision, and some serious knowledge. So, if your items get to your home undamaged, you can really say that you made it. In order for this not to be just a far-fetched dream, we have created this simple guide on how to safely pack and move liquids. Although hiring best movers Brooklyn is a smart decision when moving, the truth is that they are not allowed to move certain liquids. Let us see how to protect your liquids in the best way.

Get all the necessary packing supplies

Just like packing all the other items from your household, you will need the right equipment for packing and moving liquids safely. Here is what you will need to get from the improvement store or any DIY store:

Plastic wrap

Plastic is the perfect material for preserving your liquids from spilling or damaging adjacent items. So, get enough plastic wrap to have it for all of your bottles containing liquid.

Bubble wrap

Using Bubble Wrap When Packing Liquid for Moving

Glass bottles such as perfumes will best be protected during transportation if you wrap them in bubble wrap.

Old newspaper, towels, linen

You will need some of these materials to cushion the container in which the liquids are being transported. Of course, you can use packing paper, but there is no reason to spend your money on it.

Plastic bins or moving boxes

Blue Plastic Bins We Can Use for Moving Liquids

We cannot emphasize enough how better it is to pack and move liquids in a plastic bin. If you don`t have any plastic bin or don`t want to buy any due to ecological awareness, that is perfectly reasonable. In that case, get enough small and medium-sized moving boxes to accommodate the bottles.

Plastic Ziplock bags

Ideal for providing yet another layer of protection from any spillage during the transport of liquids.


Securing the bubble wrap or plastic wrap to the items is best done with tape.

Decide which items should you relocate

When it comes to moving liquids, the same rule applies as with the rest of your household items. Always ask yourself if you really need to move those items. Get all the liquids that you have, and inspect carefully each item. You should definitely throw away any liquids that you haven`t used in the last six months or a year. If you have a lot of perfumes you don`t like or use, or new bottles of shampoo, think about donating those items. We are also certain that some of your friends or relative members would be happy to have them. Let your motto be: the fewer items containing liquids, the better.

Group your liquids before packing them

Creating a Checklist

Mixing different types of liquids is not very healthy, so you should group them before packing them for relocation. You would not pack your perfume together with a bottle of oil anyway, but it is worth mentioning. Our advice is to go to each room and gather all the liquids that you have. Then, you should pack them according to the room and type.

Prepare your liquids for relocation

Once you have grouped the items properly, you will move on to preparing them properly for transportation. The first thing that you need to do is to open every bottle. Then use the plastic wrap to cover the opening. You would need to cut enough plastic wrap for this purpose with scissors. Make sure that some of the plastic wrap is still visible when you finally close the lid of the bottle. This will provide a vacuum that will prevent your liquids from spilling out.

Cover the bottles carefully

Next, you should cover the bottles in order to protect them from getting damaged during the relocation. If the bottles are made of glass it is even more important to protect them properly. You need to cover each item in plastic wrap, or bubble wrap in case the item is fragile. Then, use the tape to secure the wraps from moving. Finally, place the bottles inside the plastic bags. In this way, even if something does spill out from the bottles, it will never damage the rest of the items.

Place the items inside the plastic bin

The best thing about plastic bins is that they are c-through. With moving boxes, you would need to place a sign that says: This side up, but with plastic bins, you just see it for yourself. The items containing liquids should always be positioned upright. Just like with packing other items inside the moving boxes, you will need to cushion the plastic bins as well. Place a towel, linen, or crumpled newspaper between every item to avoid the items touching. The more protective material there is between the items, the better. Finally, close the lid of the plastic bin, and you are ready to go.

Packing wine bottles

Wine Bottles in the Box

We mentioned that plastic bins are perfect for transporting liquids due to their transparency. However, when it comes to alcohol and moving a wine collection to a new residence, you can freely use moving boxes with cell dividers in them. You can easily obtain these at any liquor store near you, so don`t be shy to ask. Place the bottles inside the cell dividers, label the box as fragile, and you are pretty much ready to move.

At your new house

When you arrive at your new house, it would be ideal if you could check out the liquids first. Check whether some of the bottles are damaged and if there are any liquids in the plastic bins. If yes, you should take care of those items first and unpack them quickly. Carefully clean the bin, as well as the other bottles. On the other hand, if nothing was spilled out, congrats, you can move on to unpacking your other belongings. Good luck!

Planning a move?

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