How to move a wine collection to another residence

How to move a wine collection to another residence

All wine lovers and collectors face the same fear when transitioning to a new residence – how to move a wine collection safely to a new home. Whether you are moving it to a distant location or just down the street, certain safety measures should be applied. Just like with other valuable household items such as a pool table or a piano, moving a wine collection can be risky too. If you are the proud owner of a rare vintage wine collection, then you should probably go the extra mile to keep it safe during transit.

white and red wine bottles on the shelf
Only with the right strategy in place, you can move a wine collection effortlessly

As it turns out, many people decide to turn to professionals who are knowledgeable about this delicate task. Be it a small collection or an entire cellar, professional residential movers NYC will make sure it arrives in perfect condition at the final destination. Although they come at an additional cost, professional wine shipping services are a real life-saver for all those wine enthusiasts.

Typically, costs may vary depending on the size, distance, and timing of the move. While adopting a DIY approach may seem like a more affordable option, you’ll come to realize that hiring professional movers is worth every penny.

Your wine collection is probably one of the most precious items you will have to move to the new location. Bottles of old and expensive wine you’ve been saving for a special occasion, wine bottles and glasses accumulated over the years are just some of the most delicate items that require special handling and adequate moving technique. By following our tips, you will learn how to prepare your wine collection for moving day and keep it safe and sound during the relocation process.

Moving a wine collection – course of action

wine bottles in a row
Your precious wine collection will be safe with experienced movers

A household relocation calls for some serious decision-making. If you have no previous moving experience, chances are you are not aware of all the tasks and responsibilities involved. If you are like most people, you will probably underestimate the power of a timely and accurate moving plan. As it turns out, moving bulky and valuable items like pianos, art or wine collections is a major undertaking. Unless you have the knowledge, equipment, and technique, your precious items may end up damaged beyond repair.

So, as soon as your move becomes imminent, decide whether you are going to move it yourself or you are going to have it transported in a climate controlled moving vehicle. If you eventually decide to entrust this task to a professional moving company NYC, make sure to ask how much it will cost you. Bear in mind that if you are about to move a wine collection across the country, the best would be to have it shipped by professionals. It’s an investment that will ensure your peace of mind during the daunting relocation process.

Check local regulations before shipping your wine collection

If you are moving internationally, chances are you already know that there might be certain customs’ regulations for international wine shipping. So, wait no more and check your new country’s regulations regarding the import of alcohol. In the majority of cases, you will have to pay taxes to move a wine collection into a new country. Since wine collections are not considered household effects, they are not exempt from duty taxes.

Some states have restrictions in terms of the amount and type of alcohol beverage, but they will make allowances for private wine collectors. Just make sure to gather all relevant information before embarking on this adventure.

Hire a professional wine appraiser

a mover carrying a box and helping his client move a wine collection
Professional movers can ease your transition and eliminate the hassle

A qualified wine appraiser will help you determine the true value of your precious collection. To get appropriate insurance coverage, you will need to understand the current market value of your collection. Choosing a reputable appraiser can go a long way towards getting an accurate estimate. Take your time to get a couple of recommendations from local liquor stores and distributors.

It’s no secret that word of mouth can be very valuable when moving. So, before you jump to conclusions, ask around for quality appraisers, movers, packers. As we all know, moving is all about tough decision-making, so try to be as informed as possible.

Inventory your collection

Taking inventory of every single wine bottle can be a tiresome and time-consuming task. But, it will be an excellent opportunity to show your remarkable attention to detail while completing it. Take a photo of your bottles to be able to prove their condition in case you need to file a claim against your moving company.

If you decide to contact specialty movers, they will inventory the entire collection. In that case, the two lists should completely coincide. Only after you put together the inventory list, you will be able to decide which bottles are worth moving and which ones should be left behind. You can either sell them or give them away to your loved ones.

A DIY option is also viable

Apply necessary safety measures when moving a wine collection

When moving on a tight budget, you will try to find ways to keep your moving costs as low as possible. Depending on the distance and moving load, a DIY move may work out for you. Provided that you have enough manpower, proper equipment, and knowledge, a small scale local move can be perfectly accommodated.

Small wine collections can be transported in a car where you can easily adjust the temperature. Moving a small and not too expensive collection in a car is possible if you maintain a consistent atmosphere. Adequate packing materials, sturdy moving boxes that have dividers and relevant know-how may help you preserve your treasured bottles. Just make sure you are aware of all potential risks that DIY strategy bears. Moving fine wine is far more difficult than merely boxing up your bottles and loading them onto the moving truck.

No matter the size of your relocation, you may want to get a proper insurance plan that will cover your valuable wine collection in case of any damage. Just think about how many years you’ve spent procuring fine wine from all over the world.

Unless you have adequate coverage, relocating a wine collection may put you through a lot of troubles. As it turns out, a majority of homeowner’s insurance plans don’t fully cover your wine collection while in transit. Wine collections are notoriously difficult and tricky to move, so even if you are moving a couple of blocks away, you could contact local movers Brooklyn NY to inquire about the general terms of the move. It’s always a good idea to compare moving costs and other moving companies’ charges to figure out if DIY moving is worth the trouble.

How to pack a fine wine collection

barrels of wine
Use appropriate packing supplies to secure your wine collection for a move

Your packing strategy will mostly determine the outcome of the moving process. Whether you are going to move a wine collection or store it safely for a while, you should use quality packing supplies to keep it intact. When going with full-service, specialty movers, packing is not on your checklist anymore, as they will be accurately taking care of it. Other moving scenarios may require your involvement to a certain extent. So, you’d better be prepared for what’s to come with a proper plan in place.

  1. Use proper packing materials to wrap each bottle and glass separately to avoid scratches or breakage. If you are moving your wine collection on your own, avoid wrapping your items in newspapers. Otherwise, you may have trouble cleaning ink marks from your glasses and bottles. Opt for the bubble wrap and white tissue papers instead. It is highly recommendable to use a layer of bubble wrap over the packing paper instead of applying it directly to your glassware.
  2. Wine shipping containers are your best bet when the time comes to move a wine collection. However, there are other, maybe more affordable ways. Use cell-divided cardboard boxes to pack wine bottles. They will provide proper protection during transportation. Cell boxes are suitable for glasses as well since cardboard dividers will prevent your glassware from sliding and bumping into one another. You can get those boxes from a moving company, packing supplies store or liquor stores. You can even obtain them for free, just make sure to talk to the store manager and arrange for the most convenient pick-up time.
  3. Add cushioning material to fill an empty space inside the box and hold your glasses and bottles in place.

Additional packing considerations when about to move a wine collection

broken glass, fragile sign
Add appropriate labels to your boxes

How you handle your bottles is just as important as the way you pack it. As it turns out, there are one or two tricks that can make the entire move easier on you.

  • Label each side of the boxes properly, so that your movers will know exactly which ones need special attention and where to place them to keep them safe during transit. Some wine types require specific ways of transportation (for example, upside down). The position of wine bottles can make all the difference. So make sure you are familiar with all packing techniques in advance.
  • Do not stack other boxes or items on top of your wine collection for obvious reasons.
  • Wine bottles shouldn’t be exposed to extreme temperatures, so make sure to move them in a climate controlled moving vehicle. The same goes for storing wine bottles. Maintaining a consistent temperature will help you preserve your wine’s character and taste.
  • No matter how much you want to reward yourself with a glass of nice wine after you move a wine collection, do not open it immediately. If you’re going to preserve its good taste and character leave your bottles to rest at least one week before you open them. Patience always pays off!

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