Packing Paper vs Bubble Wrap - Which One is Better?

Packing Paper vs Bubble Wrap - Which One is Better?

After finding a new home that is perfect for you, everything else is way easier. But before you settle in and call it a day, there are few more challenges to overcome. One of them is packing all of your belongings and transporting them to the new destination. When it comes to packing, it might seem like an easy thing to do. But if it is not done properly, it might lead to stress and overspending. Luckily, some tips can help you pack like a pro. So, are you trying to decide who wins the bubble wrap vs. packing paper battle?

From making an inventory and hiring an NYC moving company to help you with your move, to making a personal strategy for packing, you can find apps to assist you with these matters that are available for download free of charge. Once you make a plan, the necessary equipment will come up on the list. Many choices are there at your disposal like plastic boxes, recycled boxes for rent, free cardboard boxes from a local grocery store, etc. After all these steps, you still have to decide whether to use paper or bubble wrap for packing. But which one is better?

If you are questioning which material will be more beneficial, here are a few pros and cons to help you:

If space is the priority

In case you want to move everything in one trip and save money for gas, it will be necessary to pack everything in one van. Check out one of the moving companies that provide large vehicles. The number of boxes will be crucial to fit all of your belongings in one van. Therefore saving any space, especially space in one box will do the trick. If your primary concern is fitting as many objects as possible in one box, the paper is the winner. The advantage is because it is very thin, so it will occupy way lase space than bubble wrap.

If items are large

Packing Lamps in Bubble Wrap

If your priority is an item that is very large or oddly-shaped, the winner will be bubble wrap. Any heavy items like bookcases or lamps will be packed easier with bubble wrap. Due to its sturdiness and flexibility, it is suitable for protecting large items. It is also convenient because it comes in different shapes and sizes (large, small, envelopes, sheets, bags, etc). The paper would not be strong enough in this case, and it would require a lot of time to wrap anything that has an odd shape by using paper.

If the environment is a prime concern

an open cardboard box with a recycling sign above

Many New Yorkers are choosing eco-friendly options while moving. If care for the environment is what will help you make up your mind, go for packing paper. The reason for this is because the paper is very easy to recycle. Bubble wrap is made of plastic, and although it might be recycled, a clean white paper will always be a winner between these two.

If it is easy to break

Paper will provide protection from scratches and scuffs, which is great when you are packing dishware. Separating plates, dishes, expensive china, mirrors, picture frames, any items that can be scratched will benefit when you separate them from each other. However, it will not protect your items from breaking. For these matters, bubble wrap will be a better option. If you are packing electronics, also make sure to use bubble wrap, as it is designed to protect very sensitive items. Because it is filled with air, it’s going to be a better choice, especially for securing the space between items and a box.

If you are on a budget

When it comes to the cost, the paper might seem like a winner at first. Bubble wrap can be pricey if used on its own. When thinking long term, the situation might have a bit of a different outcome. The best thing to do is to review your items and determine if it will be expensive or irreplaceable in case of damage. For some extremely fragile items paper alone will not be enough to do the job. If you are looking into only spending the necessary amount of money, use bubble wrap only for things of the utmost importance.

Use of packing paper

Packing Paper

To maximize the benefits of the packing paper, use it for the first line of protection. It will serve good and save space when separating dishes, by separating each plate with one sheet of paper. The same goes for knives, glasses, any kitchen item, as well for small objects, fragile figurines, etc. It will prevent glass and similar surfaces from scratching. For any smaller free spaces left between packed items, use crumpled wrapping paper. This will prevent items from touching one another and avoid damage.

Use of bubble wrap

Packing Supplies

After using the packing paper as the first step, proceed to the bubble wrap as the second line of protection. When it comes to extremely sensitive items, use bubble wrap over the first layer of paper. You can make a soft base by layering bubble wrap inside the box before placing anything inside. Bigger items and odd shapes should be secured with bubble wrap. Use it also to fill in bigger empty spaces in the box between packed items. Electronics should be packed with anti-static bubble wrap.

Both paper and bubble wrap have their pros and cons. For optimum results, try combining both of them to protect your possessions completely. If you use them together, it will protect things from jiggling and potentially breaking. You can secure the box by putting bubble wrap first, and use paper afterward to separate items. If you decide to leave it to the professional, your NYC moving company can take care of packing and transporting your belongings. Dumbo Moving Company will transport safely your fragile items, whether it is a piece of artwork, an important family heirloom, or something so delicate that it requires special attention. If you are concerned about any item that is too valuable for you to take a risk of being damaged, we got you covered.

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