Preparing for the spring move

Preparing for the spring move

Let’s face it, moving is no joke regardless of the time of the year you choose to move. However, some seasons turn out to be more favorable than others, so if you are preparing for the spring move any time soon, you should know that you’ve made a good choice.

spring flowers
Come spring, many people seem to be in the mood for a fresh start

Spring is a perfect period for making major decisions and introducing some changes in your life. After the winter inactivity, spring gives you the opportunity to get back to the active life and fulfill some of the previously planned tasks. Moving house is one of the most important life-changing decisions you can make. Springtime is the season of growth, no wonder the housing market starts to bloom at that time. Therefore, make the most of all its benefits while preparing for the spring move.

It’s not so difficult to figure out the reasons why many people consider spring the best season for relocating. Convenient weather conditions, more daylight, and enthusiasm for new beginnings definitely make the moving ordeal seem much easier. However, in spite of all obvious benefits, many people decide to postpone their move for a slow season. In order to make an informed decision make sure to weigh both the pros and cons of moving in spring.

Benefits you can count on when preparing for the spring move

There are several good reasons why so many people decide to set their moving plans in motion with winter nearly over. The euphoria typical for the springtime seems to reflect on the course of the move.

Appealing warmer temperatures

Mild weather conditions can impact the outcome of the move and set you up for a successful moving experience. Although many homeowners assume that the summer is the most convenient season for relocating, mild temperatures and dry conditions prove to be more favorable when performing heavy lifting and other arduous moving tasks. Thankfully, you won’t be freezing or sweating while preparing for the spring move.

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Learn about spring real estate trends before you put your property on the market

Real estate market blooms in spring

As it turns out, spring is the most convenient period to sell or purchase a property. Although the busiest season in the real estate market, it offers plenty of properties that seem to attract a number of motivated and optimistic buyers. With the property listings constantly multiplying, you’ll get to choose from a wide selection of homes. Favorable weather conditions could make the daunting house hunting process a lot easier.

Flexible moving services

When preparing for the spring move you’ll get to choose from a wide array of quality movers and moving services Brooklyn. While moving costs tend to skyrocket during the summertime, you are likely to score some convenient deals and moving offers. With fewer moving arrangements scheduled for early spring, your movers will want to secure their customers for that period. It’s a fact that the best bargains are typical for the winter months. However, you might be surprised by affordable rates and impressive discounts you may get if you schedule your move for early spring.

The secret to organizing a smooth spring relocation

Spring is a season of new beginnings and moving house is certainly a good one. Before putting your property on the market, purge it of all unwanted possessions. The items you haven’t been using for ages aren’t worth moving to a new home. Don’t get too attached to your possessions and get rid of everything you are not likely to use in the future. After all, the fewer items you move, the less you will pay for the transport and packing supplies.

Deep clean your home before the move

Your property may have suffered some damage or may have simply deteriorated during the winter, so make sure you do maintenance or repair work before selling it. Clean the home thoroughly and make it presentable for possible buyers. First impressions counts, so do anything you can to make possible buyers like the house. Invest some time, money and effort to fix broken items, mow the lawns, weed the flower beds, water the plants, repainting the old gate or door…

a man cleaning a glass while preparing for the spring move
Give your home a good cleaning when preparing for the spring move

Also, decluttering your place is a vital stage of purging and cleaning. Typically, there are certain areas that have been neglected for a long time. Consider giving them a good spring cleanup. If you are renting an apartment, leaving a spotless place will certainly help you get your security deposit back. On the other hand, a clean and well-maintained property will most definitely stand out in the real estate market among other offers. Also, having various items around your home is a major deal-breaker, so consider getting a short-term storage NYC where you could keep those non-essentials.

Get organized as soon as you decide to move

Having a flexible schedule means that you are free to set the moving date any time you want. It is much easier to get an excellent moving service at a convenient cost during the springtime. At that time moving companies are not overbooked and they do not charge the highest rates. However, certain times should be avoided such as weekends, beginning of a month, summer peak season…

Not having a flexible schedule means that there are a lot of factors to consider when picking a moving date – your and your partner’s work schedule, children’s school schedule, finances, etc. It is advisable to organize the move and set the moving date according to the children’s school calendar since they are likely to get very sensitive during the moving process.
Ideally, you would be able to move during the summertime once the school year is over. If the relocation can’t wait until the end of the school year, consider moving house over the Easter holidays, so that your kids have enough time to settle into the new home and adjust to the new environment.

Maintaining their routine means sticking to the school calendar, so avoid any major disruptions of their schedule. If possible, allow your kids some time to adapt to the idea of leaving the neighborhood, friends, and school. Moving during the holidays is an emotionally difficult task since this is the time when friends and family get together to spend some quality time.

Make the most of convenient weather conditions

weather forecast
Keep an eye on the weather forecast during the period leading to moving day

Spring provides mostly favorable weather conditions for your move. Some severe climate changes may damage your goods, especially wooden or plastic ones. Spring typically puts an end to cold weather. Furthermore, if you are moving with a high quality moving company, they will certainly know how to handle your items even in case of excessive rainfall or storms. Start checking the weather forecast a couple of days before moving day. Don’t let inclement weather catch you off guard.

Keep track of all moving expenses

Since spring marks the beginning of a very busy moving season, consider booking a moving company as early as possible. Also, sort out your finances and decide whether you will need to apply for a loan or credit. Create a moving budget so that you can be fully aware of all possible moving costs. Research moving companies thoroughly, get several quotes, compare them and choose one that works best for you. It is extremely important to assess moving companies carefully and choose wisely the movers who will handle all your household items with utmost care.

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