Moving during the holidays

Moving during the holidays

The holiday season usually brings joy and peace of mind. It is the time of the year everyone is looking forward to. The house is full of family and friends, there are a lot of delicious meals and everyone is cheerful. Most people have a few days off during holidays like Christmas, Easter Independence Day, Thanksgiving. And they usually plan each moment of that period in advance. However, sometimes events suddenly take an awkward turn and unexpected things happen. One of those unpleasant events during the holiday season is a residential relocation. And if the prospect of moving during the holidays came out of the blue, it could be even more daunting and annoying.

a group of people holding wine glasses when moving during the holidays
A festive touch can make moving during the holidays a lot easier

Why is it so hard to answer this question?

Unfortunately, sometimes we are not so flexible about the moving date and we do not have a choice about when to move. Unexpected moves due to a job change or some other life-changing circumstances are really stressful. Especially during the holidays. Moving in November or December doesn’t seem like something you would normally wish or plan for. But, in spite of all the hassle, you should try to make this transition less stressful on you and your family. You’ve been given a chance for a fresh start, so why wouldn’t you take advantage of it?

Although the mere idea of moving during the holidays is anything but tempting – if you are willing to change your perspective you’ll be able to discover a whole new world of opportunities. So, instead of mourning, try to focus on a number of benefits that will come along with the upcoming move.

Let’s face it, moving during the holidays is not an ideal situation. But at least try to make the most of it, since you cannot change the cards you are dealt with.

How to make moving during the holidays easier on your family

two pumpkins and pumpkin pie
Keep the holiday spirit alive while relocating

The decision to move might have caught you off guard, but it shouldn’t mark the entire holiday season negatively. The Thanksgiving season may not be the most ideal time for moving house, but it doesn’t have to be a disaster either. If your move happens around Thanksgiving day, you should definitely try to maintain a holiday spirit while relocating. Keeping the holiday mood alive may help you go about each moving task effortlessly and efficiently.

If it’s necessary to move during the holidays and celebrate Thanksgiving in your new home, make sure to embrace it without losing the joy of the season. You are about to create new memories and traditions in your new house. Although it will happen sooner than expected, with the right mindset, you can turn a hectic moving endeavor into a positive event. The truth is that a seemingly endless list of moving tasks may leave you completely exhausted.

Hopefully, our guidelines will help you stay on the right track with your moving duties and enjoy the holiday festivities along the way.

Suggestions on how to approach and organize moving during the holidays

It’s no secret that a household move doesn’t happen at the most convenient times. But, as counter-intuitive as it may seem, many people move during the off-season due to more affordable moving services. Although most of the moves take place during the spring and the summertime, there are people who prefer postponing it for a while. If you decide to schedule your move for a less busy season, you are likely to score some good moving deals and offers.

Book a reputable yet affordable moving company

Team up with the professional movers. That is one of the best ways to enjoy the holidays despite having to organize a household move. Schedule your move for the early morning so as to make the most of your moving day and celebrate Thanksgiving in your new home. Like in many other life situations, a single decision can affect the entire course of the move. Whether to hire a professional moving company or to go about each moving task on your own is definitely one of those crucial decisions that can make or break the entire moving experience.

Although there are many pros and cons to both options, your final choice will be based on your particular circumstances and moving needs. Typically, long-distance moves NYC are very different from moving across town as they require more time and effort. When moving during the holidays, organizing a Thanksgiving dinner is likely the last thing that would cross your mind.

However, with an extra pair of hands, your workload will become more manageable. Hiring professional movers gives your family some extra time for important family matters. A family get-together seems far more appealing than packing and unpacking in the middle of the holiday season. So, here’s what you can count on when you decide to go for professional movers.

Why is professional movers’ help so valuable when moving during the holidays?

a mover holding cardboard boxes
Professional movers will ease your transition during the holiday season

One of the best things about hiring professional movers is that you have a lot of options. Whether you are going to let them handle all moving tasks or just the most demanding of them, it’s a fact that they will make the entire move a lot easier.

The moving company of your choice will make sure that your items reach your new location in good condition, so start researching available cross country movers NYC as soon as possible. It won’t be an easy task, because most of the movers are not available during that period. Since your goal is to hire a reputable moving company, set aside a significant amount of money, because moving during the holidays is likely to cost you more than a regular relocation.

Why do you need a moving estimate?

In order to get an accurate moving quote, let your movers do an in-home moving estimate before coming to any agreement. That way they will have a clear insight into your moving needs and you will get the possibility to discuss anything you want in person.

Take into consideration all moving costs and fees as there might be some unpleasant surprises. Bear in mind that in case you might want to spend more time with your family for Thanksgiving instead of packing. Therefore, you should hire full-service movers who will take care of your move completely.

While you are having fun with your family, they will pack, load, move, unload and unpack your belongings and make your move a smooth experience. It’s no secret that there is no such thing as a completely stress-free moving experience. But, also it’s a fact that movers can take away a great deal of moving stress leaving you with more time for personal matters.

Breaking the news about the move

Breaking the news to your loved ones won’t be easy and goodbyes are always tough. In most cases, they are full of intense emotions that usually turn out to be heartbreaking. Leaving your friends is sad enough, let alone if you are doing it during the holiday season. The sooner you break the news to the people you care about so deeply, the easier it will be to coordinate the following moving tasks.

a man holding a loudspeaker
Notify all important people about the upcoming move

Since some of the best moving companies NYC won’t be available on Thanksgiving, you should plan for some extra help. To that end make sure to gather as many volunteers as possible. Keeping it a secret for too long may hurt people you love. So be upfront as soon as your move becomes imminent. And even if you are not the kind of person who is very fond of heartbreaking goodbyes. Your friends, relatives and close coworkers should learn from you about the upcoming move.

Talk to your friends

Once you are certain that you’ll be moving during the holidays, it’s only fair to talk to your closest friends and relatives first. And give them more time to get accustomed to the idea of moving. The whole family gathers to spend some time together for Thanksgiving. So don’t hesitate to include each family member in the moving process. Even children can be helpful and they will love being involved.

Also, bear in mind that if you maintain a festive spirit while preparing for the move, an unexpected relocation may turn into a positive experience. Prepare a family meal and decorations so as to keep the holiday spirit alive in spite of all the moving stress. Put up some decorations that you can easily pack and move to the new home and make it feel special.

Settling into a new home during the holiday season

An unfamiliar environment may seem a bit scary when moving during the holidays. However, chances are there are some special events and organized family activities taking place in your new community, so you are likely to meet a lot of new neighbors. Explore your new city and neighborhood and have some fun with your family.

Unpacking can wait and you could certainly use a little distraction in the meantime. Once you settle into your new home, there will be plenty of opportunities to organize get-togethers with your loved ones and celebrate your new beginning.

Planning a move?

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