Spring Cleaning Before Moving

Spring Cleaning Before Moving

Tips for thorough household spring cleaning

Are you ready to freshen up your home and give it a proper spring cleaning before you move to another location? According to many people, spring is the ideal time to sell or move house and make a fresh start elsewhere. Spruce up your home and clean it from top to bottom this spring in order to make it more appealing to prospective renters or buyers.

Spring cleaning is quite a project and you need to have a proper approach to get the job done thoroughly and clean the areas that need special attention and care.

Make your home look impeccable by following some of our suggestions.

Spring cleaning before moving tips


Reduce the clutter and clear out your belongings. Let go of all unwanted items that take up your space by tossing away everything you don’t want to take with you to your new home. If you are not emotionally prepared to give up on some treasured, but useless items, you may opt for renting an affordable storage unit nearby where you can save them until next time. Items that are not worth saving can be donated or sold at a garage sale or via social platforms.

Plan ahead

Plan a house cleaning in advance. It will be a lot easier for you to tidy up and clean your space once it is free of clutter. If you fail to create a spring cleaning checklist, you may easily become overwhelmed by the workload. Do your spring cleaning sessions one at a time and plan ahead of time so as to reduce stress when the time comes to move. Another way to relieve the moving stress is to have some of the best moving companies to take care of the whole moving process. If you’re searching for reliable movers NYC, Dumbo Moving and Storage got you covered.

Plan Ahead Your Spring Cleaning Before Moving

Include everyone

Get your family involved in this spring cleaning project and assign cleaning tasks to each family member. After all, it’s in their best interest to prepare everything for a smooth moving day. Besides being more efficient with spring cleaning before moving, you may also use these moments for making a few more memories in your current home.

Update some pieces

Consider replacing some old items once you move to another place. Moving can be pricey. It is much cheaper to buy new items when the time comes than to relocate the old ones. Of course, you’ll want to hold on to pieces you’re emotionally attached to or high-end pieces. But, for items that take up space and aren’t worth a lot, it may pay off to get an update after you move to your new home.

Deep cleaning checklist for this spring

Let’s go through some of the most helpful spring cleaning tips to help you face the upcoming move successfully.

Deep Spring Cleaning Before Moving

Clean forgotten areas

Some areas of our home are rarely cleaned because they’re just odd to reach, and it’s not exactly common to clean these surfaces. Give a nice scrub-down to the walls and ceilings and other areas that you usually don’t clean regularly. Even though this may seem odd, clean walls and ceilings will give a much nicer appearance of the place to your prospective buyers. If you decide to sell a house before relocation, for example.

Spotless windows

Wash windows inside and out and make sure they are spotless. Nothing will give a clean vibe more than a perfectly clean window. Especially with spring sun rays coming through, your home will get that extra finishing touch that may be a deal maker for potential buyers.


If there’s one thing that makes your home look unattractive, it’s dust. When you’re doing a spring cleaning, make sure to dust books, heirlooms, decorations, and shelves.


While most of your household items need only a bit of cleaning to look new again, some will need a bit more help than that. Go ahead and wax your wooden furniture and breathe a new life into it.


Give a deep cleaning to your carpets and curtains. Luckily, most of the curtains and draperies are machine washable. Sometimes, vacuuming doesn’t seem to be enough to make a spotless effect. Consider having carpets in the high-traffic areas professionally cleaned then.


The next step on your spring cleaning adventure is making floors clean. Simply wipe the floor with a mop to make it perfectly clean and spring-ready.

Mopping a Wooden Floor

Make your kitchen shine

Clean all areas of your kitchen, including stove, worktops, sink, and taps. Clean everything that you are using on a daily basis. If anything’s damaged, make sure you have it repaired sooner rather than later. Ovens, microwaves, and fridges seem to be the most commonly ignored kitchen areas, therefore the most problematic ones. Don’t forget about appliances – make your stainless steel look bright and shine again.

Sort out your clothing

Organize your closet by packing your winter clothes away and making more room for your spring and summer clothing. Also, now that you are about to move, it’s a perfect moment to say goodbye to the clothes and accessories you haven’t been using for ages.

Clean your beds

This step is often overlooked but it’s necessary for a deep-cleaned house. It includes cleaning mattresses as well. Once the sheets and comforter are removed, clean and vacuum your mattresses thoroughly. Who doesn’t enjoy the smell of freshly washed linen?

Arrange books

Nicely arranged shelves immediately change the way you see your space. Why not use the spring cleaning moment to arrange your books neatly. Clean your books and bookshelves and line them according to the size and subject.

A Couple Packing a Home Library for Moving

Some of the chores should be done seasonally, and there’s no better time than spring. Clean your outdoor furniture and make your garden and patio look more attractive to prospective buyers or renters. While you’re deep cleaning your current home and getting ready for a new one, get in touch with Dumbo movers to get a free Brooklyn moving quote.

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