NYC moving tips - The best timing to move

NYC moving tips - The best timing to move

If you have the opportunity to pick the best timing to move house and plan it months in advance, you should take that advantage as you are among those few lucky people who can actually afford it. It’s no secret that most Americans move between May and September. However, you can expect that during that period movers get booked up fast and their prices tend to go up as well. Deciding on a moving date is no easy task, especially if you are moving with kids and have to work around their school schedule.

When you move is just as important as how you do it

A flexible schedule affects the overall moving costs, which can vary throughout the year. If you are not moving on a specific timeline, there are two factors you should consider in order to save some money – the season and the day of the week.

For some people, it is pretty obvious that moving during the peak season can be a bit complicated in terms of finding an available moving company in NYC and affordable rates. Picking certain days of the week instead of others can save you some money in the long run. So, rather than setting the moving day randomly, think about the most convenient options for you. The luxury of picking the moving date without any pressure proves to be stress-relieving and beneficial.

Here are several guidelines you may consider when deciding on the best timing to move. When and how far in advance to start moving preparations is one of the most common concerns. While the answer depends on your specific circumstances and personal needs, you won’t be wrong if you start as early as you can.

Timing matters when relocating

Timing matters in every life segment and moving is no exception. Considering all moving challenges and upcoming tasks, choosing a moving date may seem like an irrelevant step. But, sooner rather than later you will realize that this seemingly insignificant detail can make all the difference between a smooth and hectic moving experience.

When you will be moving house depends on several general factors and personal circumstances:

  • New job opportunities
  • End of the lease agreement
  • Relationship changes
  • Home selling process
  • Finances
weekly checklist with the best timing to move
Select the most favorable moving date

Starting your move on the right foot means choosing the ideal season, time of the month, week and day. As soon as you figure out these tiny, but significant elements, you will set yourself up for a smooth move in terms of convenience and cost. You shouldn’t be postponing this task for too long considering all the benefits of an early start and timely planning.

There are several good reasons why scheduling your move in advance is a good idea. Having confirmed the exact moving date, you can focus on other aspects of the move. The earlier you start planning, the higher are the chances of finding quality yet affordable moving services. Having a large selection of moving companies to choose from may reduce the chance of coming across fraudulent movers. Also, you can expect some special offers and moving deals if you schedule your move for the off-season.

When thinking about the best timing to move, there is no one general rule. You should do it when it’s best for you and your family. If you have the liberty to plan it according to your own preferences, it pays off to know both the pros and cons of each option.

Moving during the peak season – advantages and disadvantages

As we all know, summer is the height of the moving season and arguably the most popular time to move house. It’s famous for being the busiest period in the moving industry. Here are some of the reasons why people find summer as the best timing to move house.

With the kids out of school, most parents choose to move house during the summertime to ease the transition. Once the move is over, everyone will have enough time to unpack, settle and get familiar with the new surroundings. Since most leases typically end in summer, you will be glad to know that there are more housing options for renting and buying during the summer months.

Last but not least, the most obvious benefit is the nice weather. With favorable weather conditions and longer days, your local NYC move can be a one-day event. Those extra few hours of daylight can allow you a smooth and stress-free completion of the moving day.

Some of the major downsides of such a decision are associated with the pricing and movers’ availability. Peak season in the moving industry is usually during the spring and summer. During that period movers tend to charge the highest rates for moving services. In addition to that, weekend moving rates are very high as well as the rates of the first of each month. So, if you have a flexible moving timeline, set a moving date during the off-season, avoiding the beginning of the month, weekends and summertime. Since there’s a high demand for quality movers, you’ll be faced with a limited choice of top-rated long-distance movers. Furthermore, moving in the heat can cause major health risks. So, keep an eye on the weather forecast when moving in the summertime.

Setting a moving date during the off-peak season

Merry Christmas postcard
Spend holidays with your friends, not on the road to a new home

Holidays are a great opportunity to spend some quality time with your loved ones, so avoid moving during some major holidays like Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving. Move afterward if you like, but save that moment to say goodbye to your friends and family. Also, bear in mind that moving on slower days (Wednesday or Tuesday) will allow you to score better pricing for quality moving services.

Unfortunately, not many people actually have the opportunity to choose the season when they will perform the move. There are certain circumstances that affect your decision – kids and their school calendar, job changes, other family matters. If you have kids, you should create moving plans according to their school calendar. The summer holiday would be the perfect time for moving as long as your child has enough time to say goodbye to his/her old friends and adapt to the new environment, friends. Although most people choose to move in summer, there’s a number of those who are forced or willing to do it during the less popular season – late fall or winter.

Aside from the obvious disadvantages associated with the possible risks and health hazards, the truth is that there are several pros that prove to be worth the hassle. Without a doubt, there will be less demand for moving companies Long Island, hence their rates will be considerably lower. Since they won’t be particularly busy, you are likely to get some really good offers from top-rated long distance movers NYC. However, in spite of the appealing moving rates, many people are hesitant about moving in the cold and unpredictable weather and decide to postpone the move for a couple of months. As you can see, clients’ personal circumstances and requirements are what determines the best timing to move house.

Choosing the best timing to move – important considerations

Off-season moving can bring many financial benefits

According to many people, moving in fall or spring seems like a more appealing idea. It’s much easier to hire quality movers then. Due to the lack of competition, you will have the chance to negotiate the moving costs with your moving company and about the rental costs with your landlord. On the other hand, your school-aged children certainly won’t like the idea of moving in the middle of the school year. To be honest, depending on how adaptable your kids are, it may not be the best timing to move house.

Although no one likes moving in winter, some people are forced to do so. An absolute lack of competition allows you to negotiate and bargain with the movers. The same goes for buying an apartment/house because housing costs are much more affordable during the winter months. Bad weather conditions may cause a lot of trouble while moving.

Severe climate changes may damage your wooden and plastic items. Therefore, consider moving items into storage for a while until the weather gets better. If you are moving with school-aged children in winter, ask yourself if you want to do it in the middle of the school year. Also, you may think that winter holidays can be a great opportunity to move, but wouldn’t you prefer staying with friends and family and celebrating Christmas instead?

Bonus timing tips

When planning the move, you will most definitely do everything you can to make it work the best way possible. Aside from taking care of the logistics of the move, some people believe that setting an auspicious moving date may affect the outcome of the move. Although there is no such thing as a lucky day, there are various pros to choosing a favorable moving day. Moving at different times of the week may come with different challenges.

Moving during the weekend is the most common choice due to many conveniences.

  • Kids are home.
  • You don’t need to take days off.
  • Ideally, you will be all set at the start of a new week.
  • Friends will be available to help.

On the other hand, if you are moving between Monday and Thursday, you will avoid overcrowded streets and get much better moving deals. And remember, the best timing to move house is whenever it suits you and your family.

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