Piano moving companies

Piano moving companies

Save yourself an enormous effort of moving a piano yourself by contacting several piano moving companies in advance
Accurate piano moving companies know how to approach a fairly tricky piano moving task

It’s no secret that moving large pianos calls for a professional assistance of the reputable piano moving companies.

Due to its particular shape and weight, piano is one of the most difficult items to handle when you are moving house. For obvious reasons, moving a piano is not nearly like moving any other piece of furniture. You need to take care of each component so as to keep your valuable and expensive piano safe during the relocation process.

Also, given its weight, you should think twice if you plan to move it yourself. Although reducing moving costs seems so appealing, DIY move may cost you even more eventually.

Depending on the make and model of the instrument, upright pianos can weigh more than 1000 pounds. Therefore, you will come to realize that hiring specialty piano movers is a worthwhile investment in the long run.

Hiring piano moving companies

Research several moving companies before you decide to move a piano yourself
Moving a piano successfully takes more than a couple of volunteers and proper equipment

Moving a piano successfully takes more than a plain manpower. Getting as many assistants as you can is essential, but they should be properly equipped and trained for this kind of job so as to avoid some serious injuries. Furthermore, cumbersome as it is, your piano might not fit through the door at first. On top of that, knowing that you will have to take the piano up and down stairs may make the idea of moving it yourself even less appealing at this point. Luckily, movers who specialize in piano moving know how to take the instrument apart safely and then reassemble it at its final destination.

By using moving dollies and special board your NYC movers will make sure that your piano gets to the new location safe and sound without any scratches. Lifting heavy items is always tricky and incorrect managing can be dangerous for your health, so hiring professional piano moving company would be the best thing to do. They will certainly know how to minimize the risk of damage.

Provided that you can afford it, hiring one of the best NYC moving companies specializing in moving pianos is the most convenient thing to do.

Also, replacing any of the components or the whole piano due to the damage is much more expensive than hiring professional movers to take care of it. Once you have your piano safely delivered you will realize that the investment was worthwhile.

How to choose reputable piano moving company

If you live in a small town chances are that your choice will be limited to a couple of local moving professionals, let alone reputable piano movers. On the other hand, large metropolitan areas offer a wide range of moving companies you can rely on when trying to move your piano.

Here at Dumbo Moving and Storage we completely understand that pianos have great sentimental and monetary value and we treat them accordingly. We realize that a piano is not just a piece of furniture. Due to its unusual shape and numerous components something can easily go wrong if it’s not handled professionally with an appropriate equipment. If your instrument get damaged during transport, repairing and replacing certain parts can cost you a small fortune.

Dumbo moving and storage is one of the leading piano moving companies in NYC
Dumbo moving and storage crew will help you move your precious piano at a reasonable price

Therefore, take your time to research piano moving companies in the area in order to get the best possible deal for quality services. Request several moving quotes from different moving companies in order to get a clear idea of how much the entire piano moving endeavor will cost you.

Is it hard to find reliable piano moving companies?

As a matter of fact, finding reliable piano moving companies shouldn’t be difficult if you take the task seriously. If you look carefully, you will realize that there are a lot of decent companies that offer quality moving services with no strings attached. Here are some suggestions on how to make a wise decision:

– Local piano teachers or vendors may be able to provide you with some referrals.

– Doing a background check on several piano moving companies will help you identify reputable movers and keep you away from the fraudulent moving companies as well.

– Reputable movers will gladly provide you with their license, insurance and USDOT number. Although hiring trustworthy piano moving companies is not a cheap affair, choose your movers according to the references and their expertise. Only highly reputable moving specialists will appreciate your belongings and make a great effort to accomplish the task successfully. Trying to save money on such an important event can lead to a series of wrong choices and bad decisions. While it’s always tempting to hire movers that offer the lowest moving quote, you should find a balance between good quality services and reasonable pricing.

Consult online reviews and testimonials to be able to find the most reliable piano moving companies
Online moving reviews and rating may point out trustworthy piano moving companies

– Reach out to the previous customers so as to find out whether they were happy with the service. Other people’s experience and testimonials may be really valuable during the selection process. Also, online ratings and moving reviews may reveal a lot of helpful information about the most reputable piano moving companies in NYC. But, on the other hand, online resources can point out fraudulent moving companies that are looking to take advantage of your household belongings.

The cost of hiring piano moving companies

The chosen piano moving company should provide written moving estimate stating the exact costs and other terms of the move. The overall cost of piano moving services will be based on the size, weight, moving distance, date and time of the move, possible obstacles that may complicate the move as well as flight of stairs,… In order to get an accurate moving estimate you should provide your movers with the correct information or, even better, let them assess the piano and your home themselves.

There are several factors that will affect the final cost of moving a piano:

  • make and model of the instrument (upright, grand piano,…)
  • size and weight
  • moving date
  • moving distance (local, long-distance, international move,…)
  • potential obstacles and additional moving services (long carry fees, elevator fees, storage fee, extra stops, express delivery fee…)
Keep your piano safe on moving day by purchasing a proper insurance coverage
Purchase an appropriate insurance coverage when moving your piano to a new home

Also, when you get in touch with the moving company, find out whether you need to purchase an additional insurance or your homeowner’s one will suffice. Before signing any contract discuss with your moving company basic terms and conditions of the move as well as the moving insurance matter. Make sure your insurance policy provides an appropriate coverage in case of any damage during the relocation process.

Find out what you can do to make the process easier and less expensive if possible. The more tasks they have to complete, the higher the moving quote will be. However, if you are hesitant whether to reach out to the piano moving companies or not, just remember that they are completely competent for that and no one but them will be able to provide such an efficient and reliable service.

Moving a piano on your own – is it really possible?

– Chances are you won’t be able to manage the entire moving process without the assistance of reliable and strong helpers. So, gather as many volunteers as possible to help you move your precious piano to the new location. As it turns out, you will need at least four people to be able to handle the instrument the right way.

– Proper moving equipment is one of the essential prerequisites for a successful outcome of the move. So, get hold of the following tools if you are moving without an assistance of the piano moving companies:

  • moving dolly
  • heavy duty furniture straps/ropes
  • furniture blankets

– Prepare your piano by taking its legs apart and packing them separately. Also, close and lock the lid and wrap the body of the piano with durable furniture blankets.

– Last but not least – make safety your primary concern when moving a piano. Do not underestimate the importance of an appropriate dress code on moving day. Make sure both you and your helpers wear the right type of comfortable clothing.

Just to conclude….

Some pianos weigh more than 1000 pounds and deciding to move it yourself with a couple of friends would be just reckless. Bear in mind that not every household moving company specializes in moving pianos. Piano movers know how to disassemble, pack, protect, load and unload the instrument. But, more importantly, they will ensure your peace of mind by doing their job with the utmost care and precision.

If you happen to underestimate the challenge of moving a piano and decide to move it yourself, you should know that it takes more than a couple of volunteers and proper equipment. However, having your treasured piano safely delivered to your new home is priceless, so if you are not up to the piano moving challenge, leave the task to the professionals with an extensive relevant experience. And it goes without saying: don’t forget to reward your movers and tip them for doing an outstanding job so skillfully and professionally.

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