Moving to the Bronx made easy

Moving to the Bronx made easy

A bird's eye view of the Yankee stadium in the Bronx
Moving to the Bronx gets you closer to one of the biggest local attractions which is home to the NYC Yankees baseball team

Given the overall living and moving costs in Manhattan and Brooklyn, chances are you will get a lot of bang for your buck after moving to the Bronx. Each NYC borough presents a set of advantages and disadvantages. In spite of a few discouraging and negative stories, there are a lot of people who have never regretted moving to the Bronx.

As it turns out, the article in its name is not the only particularity that makes the Bronx a special place. It’s the northernmost of the boroughs and the only one that’s physically connected to NYC. Aside from the Yankee’s stadium and the Bronx zoo, there are a lot of breathtaking attractions that catch the eye of many future Bronxites.

Although often referred to as New York City’s hidden gem, the reputation for being a notoriously tough place to live in dates back to the dynamic 1960s. An economical decay along with a high crime rate have had a major impact on the development of the borough over the years. However, in spite all those difficulties during the turbulent past, the Bronx has been undergoing a significant revival ever since. Nowadays it’s considered one of the fastest-growing boroughs in New York City.

In case you are having second thoughts about making a big transition to the Bronx, we’ve come up with several helpful pointers.  As we all know, finding the most suitable neighborhood for you and your family is not easy. As counter-intuitive as it may seem, even in NYC you might come across some affordable housing options that happen to meet your safety requirements as well.

Why moving to the Bronx may be a good idea?

Once the most problematic NYC borough, the Bronx has survived a gradual cultural and economic revitalization during the last 20 years. While some people move to the Bronx willingly and intentionally, others just can’t afford relocating to Manhattan or Brooklyn.

But, regardless of whether it’s your first choice or not, if you’ve never lived in NYC before, make sure to take our suggestions to heart.

  • Proximity to a green area

Moving to the Bronx will allow you an access to a lot of green space. If you’ve decided to make a big transition to NYC, you may want to ensure there are parks nearby. A green oasis in the middle of a concrete jungle may be beneficial for your well-being and mental health. Not to mention the possibility for getting your daily dose of green space whenever you feel down.

  • Real-estate affordability
red-brick apartment building with a fire escape as a great option for people who consider moving to the Bronx
More affordable rental market in the Bronx seems to attract lots of future residents

More affordable housing options are one the major incentives for prospective residents. Although it’s still the least popular and the most underrated of the five boroughs, people decide that it’s worth taking chances. Having decided, after careful consideration, that this is the city you wish to call your home or make an office move to, it is time now for you to pick the most suitable neighborhood.

  • Many attractions and cultural events

The Bronx is home to some of the NYC’s largest parks – Van Cortlandt Park, Pelham Bay Park, Barretto Point Park. A lot of tourists seem to be fascinated by a beautiful landscape in Botanical Garden, Bronx Zoo and Poe Cottage. Even though the borough doesn’t get the spotlight it rightfully deserves, over the years it has risen to be named as one of the friendliest NYC boroughs.

How do you go about your big Bronx move?

Being a part of the city that never sleeps and the captivating lifestyle is a lifelong dream of many aspiring New Yorkers. Often bewildered by Manhattan’s stunning lifestyle and Brooklyn’s adventurous vibe, people happen to overlook the opportunities that this northernmost borough has to offer. The number of people moving to the Bronx with an intention to explore its hidden treasures is constantly increasing.

green moving truck and two green cars with dumbo moving and storage logo
Moving to the Bronx made easier with Dumbo moving and storage

However, bear in mind that moving to NYC is much more challenging than any other average move. As soon as your move becomes imminent, you will need to decide whether you will take the entire moving task upon yourself. Considering the complexity of the job, a DIY move to NYC seems to be a very bold undertaking. Therefore, unless you are moving locally, it’s highly advisable you start hunting for affordable moving services as soon as possible.

Also, if you are moving from a big house, consider renting a suitable storage facility for the items that your tiny NYC apartment cannot accommodate. It’s no secret that the relocation process can be a pricey endeavor, so if you have no moving experience, the ideal would be to leave the logistics of the move to the professionals.

Luckily, there are lots of NYC moving companies to choose from so as to ensure a seamless relocation experience. Getting an in-home moving estimate is a good starting point for your upcoming adventure. That way you will have a clear idea of overall costs you are about to incur.

Which neighborhood to call home after moving to the Bronx?

Fordham university building surrounded by trees
Young people moving to the Bronx can choose from a variety of local universities

While real estate prices in outer boroughs are constantly rising, in the Bronx you can find a perfect fusion of affordable apartments and dazzling NYC vibe. Depending on the city you are coming from, settling into NYC may require certain changes in your money management routine.

If you are moving with kids, then calm Riverdale scenery will most certainly catch your eye. Along with a community-oriented spirit, this family-friendly neighborhood has also quality private schools.

Fordham is home to the famous Paradise Theater, Bronx Zoo, NYC Botanical garden and it has a dynamic nightlife due to its young population attending Fordham University.

Due to the cultural diversity of the borough, you will be able to enjoy the authentic Italian culture and high-quality restaurants offered in the charming Little Italy. If you are an Italian-culture lover, then Woodlawn is the right place for you to start afresh.

One of the best traits of University Heights is the real-estate affordability and the short commute to Manhattan.

Also, renting a property in Grand Concourse allows a constant access to different green areas and some of them (Franz Sigel Park) offer a great view of the Manhattan skyline.

Planning a move?

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