The best ways to find NYC apartment

The best ways to find NYC apartment

We could bet that the majority of the world’s population has at least once in their life thought about living in New York. And who wouldn’t? New York is one of the best cities on the planet. It offers endless possibilities regarding career and life in general. Its culture and fashion scene is one of the most thrilling and sensational ones, while the nightlife is something everyone is dreaming about. There are so many great reasons to move here. However, you’ll first need to find a place to live. If your dream is to move to Big Apple, then we’ll show you the best ways to find NYC apartment. Hopefully, you’ll find them useful, and you’ll soon be able to enjoy the first day in your new home after relocation.

NYC skyline
New York has always been a dream city for many people.

Start preparing in advance

Serious business requires a serious approach and a lot of preparations. That’s how you should also perceive your moving venture, as well. Definitely one of the best ways to find NYC apartment is to start researching some of the reliable real estate websites. These can actually give you a hint of the latest situation in the world of real estate, that is, the situation on the territory of New York City. Also, you can turn for help from a reliable NYC moving company and seek advice. You can’t expect you will be able to find an apartment right away. Not because there are not many available apartments on the market, but because it’s hard to encounter the one that fulfills all of your desires. Therefore, it’s wise to start preparing at least one-two months before the relocation day.

Decide how much you are willing to spend

It is only logical to mention this, as it is probably still one of the biggest issues while apartment hunting. Not to mention the huge competitions between the renters. Everyone is trying to get the best deal for their money. The struggle to find something affordable can be quite huge. So, one of the best ways to find NYC apartment is to be realistic with your budget and to check with the bank regarding the possibility to use the credit. Most usually, landlords require from tenants to have a stable income and to earn 40 times above the monthly rent on an annual base. This will give them a piece of mind that you will be renting the property for a longer period of time. Also, this way, they know they will have guaranteed rental income.

Choose where you would like to live

The next step, once you have determined your budget and settled everything with the bank is to look for the right NYC neighborhood. You’ll see that some will be more affordable than others. It merely depends on the location of the property, its rentability rate, whether it has additional amenities, security or a doorman, etc. Your task is to set your priorities and see what is truly important to you. Remember that you may have to alter your initial plans to fit the budget. It is extremely important not to fall under budget, as life in NYC is expensive. There’s no doubt in that.

NYC neighborhood
Opting for an appropriate neighborhood to fit your budget is one of the best ways to find NYC apartment

Luckily, there are many wonderful neighborhoods to choose from, so we are sure that with a thorough research and with a little bit of professional help by your side, you’ll be able to find something that will tick most of the boxes from your wishlist.

Transportation matters

Since New York is also one of the busiest cities in the world, you’ll often find yourself stuck in traffic jams. This can literally “eat” your time more than anything else. This being said, we can recommend you to consider finding an apartment which is close to public transportation. One of the best things would be to live close to metro stations, too. This way you’ll never be too far away from your office. The connectivity between these two dots should be one of the deciding factors when choosing a property where you will live.

Approach to restaurants, stores, market

In order to fully enjoy your NYC life, it’s also worth to mention that the closeness to conveniences such as parks, shops, malls, restaurants, schools, etc., is quite important, too. Of course, it’s probably not realistic that you will find all of these places on your street. That’s why we will go back to the importance of the access to public transportation. Reaching these places fast will largely improve the quality of your life in New York. We suggest you create a weekly budget planner where you’ll keep track on how much you’ve spent so far, and how much you are allowed to spend by the end of the month. Consider cooking sometimes at home, instead of eating out. That way, you’ll save some money.

Prepare documents

signing documents
Get all of the documents ready before signing a contract

Once you reach this stage, get prepared to have all the necessary documentation, such as your personal documents, bank listings, certificate of employment. In most cases, landlords will also ask you to provide your guarantor’s documents as well. Before you start asking why just bear in mind that this is a usual procedure. We would also advise you to make several copies of these documents and to keep them somewhere safe.

To sum it up, one of the best ways to find NYC apartment is to take everything into consideration. Be aware of the monthly rent, availability to other important places such as school, office, hospital, and such. Furthermore, make sure to find a neighborhood that will fit your criteria but that is also within your budget.

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