Is moving stress avoidable?

Is moving stress avoidable?

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With a proper preparation you may keep moving stress at bay when relocating

As we all know, household moves are notorious for posing a number of stressful situations. It’s a well-known secret that relocating brings a lot of moving stress and challenges. All those hectic activities, advance planning and coordinating may take a toll on your physical and mental well-being.

Under ideal conditions, moving preparation should start when the move becomes imminent. However, it’s not always the case. People seem to underestimate the importance of a timely and meticulous planning. As a result, an overwhelming, palpable moving stress tends to accumulate and threatens to create further headaches. Whether you realize it or not, a household move is a time-consuming endeavor. There’s no doubt that at some point it may occur to you that a lot of time and nerves could’ve been saved with a timely organization in the first place.

Top 5 stressors during the household move

Is it possible to make your residential move less stressful? While people may think there is no such thing as an enjoyable move, it turns out that a proper plan can make all the difference. Believe it or not, moving stress is perfectly manageable with a proper approach. So, you may want to learn more about the most common moving stressors. More importantly, knowing about them in advance may help you keep the issues at bay. The first step towards reducing the level of moving stress is to understand where it comes from.

Being behind on your moving schedule

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Stick to your customized moving timeline to avoid inconveniences and delays

An exhaustive packing checklist has proven to be a foolproof tool for an efficient packing process. By completing one task at a time and checking it off your list you may be able to coordinate remaining activities with the time you have left. Furthermore, you can consider it as a reminder of what should be done in order to stay on the right track. That way you will know which tasks to prioritize in order to make the most of the time leading up to moving day.

With all this in mind, you must be wondering how early you should start preparing for a move. While it largely depends on the complexity of the move, you should start making plans as soon as your move is definitely confirmed. Ideally, initiate the moving preparations at least 8 weeks before moving day.

Not setting a moving budget

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Calculate carefully moving costs before committing to a specific moving company

As it turns out, lack of financial resources may be a major stressor during the relocation process. You’ve probably heard that moving can be an expensive undertaking. At the moment when the moving is just an idea, you probably don’t even know how much it will cost you altogether. Once you set your moving budget, you will have a better understanding of the services you can afford.

Only by contacting reputable moving companies that offer in-home moving estimates you can be certain that you won’t be overcharged in the end. So, while shopping for movers pay attention to the services included in the final price. If you are moving on a tight budget, hidden moving costs may cause additional moving stress that could have been easily avoided in the first place.

Keeping your moving expenses to a minimum is a matter of making informed decisions. Also, it might be a good idea to adopt some ideas about how to cut moving costs during the move.

Thinking that DIY moves are cheaper

Some sorts of moves are perfectly doable without the professional assistance. Moving to a dorm or relocating a small studio apartment within the same city can be done even with your friends’ assistance. Needless to say, more complicated projects like long-distance moves will be better off with professional movers. Having a variety of moving options can be tricky sometimes. Hopefully the following guidelines will help you make a good decision, which should be based on the following factors:

  • Moving distance
  • The amount of your items
  • The nature of your belongings
  • Helpers’ availability
  • The amount of moving stress
  • Time before moving day
  • Moving costs

Deciding whether to move by yourself or hire movers is not a straight-forward call. There are a lot of crucial aspects to consider. The truth is that each option comes with certain pros and cons. No two household moves are the same and your personal situation and unique moving requirements will determine how you will approach this important task.

Keeping the clutter may generate additional moving stress

It’s no secret that the more clutter you move, the more stressful your relocation is going to be. Most people are emotionally attached to their belongings and they have trouble letting go of them. Moving unnecessary items to a new home means ensuring additional packing materials, an extra space and transportation costs. Without a doubt, clearing out the clutter prior to moving day is an absolute prerequisite for a less stressful residential or office move. Here we are sharing several good reasons why you should do it immediately.

  • You will have more free space in your new home.
  • By organizing a garage sale you can earn some extra cash.
  • Moving less items will save your time while packing and unpacking.

The less clutter you move, the less you will pay for transportation costs.

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There are multiple methods to get rid of everything you don’t need any more

It comes as no surprise that there are multiple benefits of de-cluttering. We all deserve a fresh start in a clean and tidy new home. With fewer boxes to deal with, you will have a more organized household move. So, don’t wait until moving day to start de-cluttering. Go through your belongings, make an inventory list and decide what stays and what goes.

Also, some of the items you no longer need may be put to good use elsewhere. As you are sorting out your items, chances are you will come across some items that you haven’t used or seen for a couple of years. Consider donating and giving away items in good condition. Also, in order to perform an eco-friendly move, recycling can be a viable option too. Contact local recycling center to find out how you can dispose of your belongings in an environmentally-friendly manner.

Planning a move?

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