Preparing for your college move

Preparing for your college move

There are few things more stressful than moving house especially if you happen to be relocating to college at a young age. It’s a huge transition and only a thoughtful organization of each step of the moving process will ensure a smooth experience.

Moving out of your parents’ home means starting a new life on your own and taking on new responsibilities. While you are excited about getting accepted to the college, the very thought of moving can become overwhelming at some point, and the only thing that you can do to handle this better is to higher experienced NYC movers and to prepare yourself as mush as possible.

Leaving your loved ones and starting an independent life can cause mixed emotions and no matter how you feel about this life-changing event, you can count on the support of your family and friends throughout the entire process.

Tips for moving into a dorm

Hopefully our comprehensive guidelines will help you stay organized in a small dorm space.

– Start moving preparations as early as possible. If your college town happens to be far away from your parents’ home, you should plan your move well in advance so as to make sure to pack and move everything that you will need there.

– Take care of the paperwork as soon as possible and have all the documents in order before the moving day.

– Be realistic while packing – not everything you own will fit into a tiny dorm room, so try to stick only to the essentials. Let the idea of downsizing be your mantra when preparing for the college move. The dorm will most likely provide basic furniture – bed, desk, closet, drawers and if you would like to bring the extra stuff, make sure that you are allowed to do so and there will be enough space in the room for additional furniture pieces. Overcrowding the space is not an option, since you will probably share it with a roommate, who will bring his/her own belongings. Also, if you intend to bring electronic appliances, make sure to get permission beforehand, since some of them may be considered as a potential hazard. In most cases personal heathers and candles are not allowed in the dorms.

Make your dorm space feel comfortable as soon as you move to college

– Decide how you will travel to your new college home, since it will affect the amount of items you can bring. If your dorm is located within driving distance, then you have the luxury to pack up your earthly belongings in the car and drive safely to the dorm residence. On the other hand, long-distance college moves usually involve flying to your new home, which is accompanied by certain luggage restrictions. Also, the more additional bags you have, the higher your traveling cost is going to get. Therefore, if you are looking to cut NYC moving costs, the ideal would be to pack and move only the essentials, since most of the items can be easily purchased once you settle into the dorm.

– Coordinate your needs with your roommate. Get in touch with your roommate before the day of the move so as to establish list of things to bring to the dorm. Also, by communicating with your roommate in advance, you will struck up your first acquaintance before your even move into a dorm.

– Label your boxes properly so as to avoid getting your personal items mixed up with other students’ belongings.

– If you are prone to homesickness make sure to bring mementos from your family home that will remind you of your loved ones during challenging times. The sooner you make your college dorm space feel like home, the more comfortable you will feel in it.

– If you don’t have enough space for one trip, have your items shipped with a reputable shipping company in advance. Contact the residence management to check if they will receive the shipment before your arrival.

– Whether you are shipping or moving your items yourself you will want to keep your belongings safe all along by getting a proper moving insurance.

College move-in day made easy

The big day has finally arrived! The truth is that you are about to experience an extremely hectic moving day and a potentially difficult period of transition. Hopefully the following suggestions will help you stay on track in terms of your move-in day tasks.

– If you are instructed on the check-in time, make sure to get there on time and know your plan of action and move-in policies.

– Fill out all required forms and documentation in order to complete registration procedure once you arrive.

– Inspect the entire space and report any kind of damage that you notice.

Make arrangements with your roommate and set some ground rules in order to make sure both of you are comfortable in your space. Discuss some basic matters:

  • sleeping and studying habits and schedules
  • cleaning arrangements
  • room decoration
  • use of belongings
  • having friends overnight
  • security measures
  • possible health issues
Establish some ground rules with your new roommate after you move into a dorm

– Have an essentials kit on hand that contains everything you may need during the next couple of days.

– Unpack the most important items first and be respective of your roommate’s private space. Take into account your roommate’s needs and act accordingly.

– Make a list of things that you should buy.

– Make the most of your dorm room by implementing some space-saving strategies. If all of the drawers, shelves and closets are full, but you haven’t nearly finished unpacking, think of some creative ways to store your belongings without overcrowding the space.

– Take your time to adjust to a dorm life and to the fact that you are sharing your living space with a person that you barely know.

– Take your time to relax after a daunting college move-in day and celebrate a new beginning.

Planning a move?

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