Moving in less than a week

Moving in less than a week


The moving process can be both physically and mentally exhausting. Even if you have enough time to prepare for the moving day, moving still takes a lot of effort, patience, and time.
But what if you receive news that you have to move out on short notice? Unfortunately, similar situations happen more often than you think, so it’s better to be informed about them.

Job relocation, family emergency or some difficulties with a landlord may result in you having to move in a few days.

Unexpected moves are certainly doable and it is absolutely necessary to plan and organize it thoroughly from the very first day. Follow this handy guide to move like a pro in less than a week.

Tips for moving in less than a week

DIY or Hire Movers

Decide whether you are going to hire professional movers or you are going to move on your own. This decision depends on several factors like money, your availability, time, etc. If you can afford it, it is certainly advisable to hire a professional moving company. They will perform the move successfully in such a short period. However, finding reputable movers also takes time. If you are not moving during the peak season, you are likely to find high-quality NYC movers and also get a discount for moving services.

The same goes for the truck rental. Moving trucks are hardly available during the high season, so you may be forced to use your car as a moving vehicle. Since you are moving yourself you will need all the available help, so don’t hesitate to call friends or relatives to help you out.

Communicate about your move

Inform your landlord and utility companies. Have your current services canceled or transferred to the new home so that you won’t receive bills for the services you no longer use. Think of everything, such as water delivery, internet services, basically all services that you are using.

Get moving supplies

Get Supplies for Your Moving In Less Than a Week

Free cardboard moving boxes NYC are usually available at the nearest grocery or drink store. You just have to ask around and find out when you can pick them up. But, being short on time, you may opt for purchasing moving boxes and containers at a local moving store.

Alternatively, your friends who have moved recently may be able to provide you with moving containers or plastic bins. By renting plastic bins you will save both time and the environment. They are easy to use and simple to bring back after the move is done. Eco-friendly options are also available like boxes made of recycled plastic. Don’t forget small things. Have enough packing material – packing tape, bubble wrap, markers, labels, etc.

Find help

When moving on short notice, you will need all the help possible. Ask friends or relatives to help you. For sure some of them will be available to assist you with some part. Ask out and assign tasks to all your helping hands.

Plan packing

Efficient Moving Checklist

Start packing the most demanding room. Some people think it is a kitchen, while others think it is the living room. Both rooms contain a lot of fragile items, so arm yourself with patience and get to work. Focus on one room at the time because you can easily get overwhelmed if not taking small steps.

Make necessities box

When you are packing with such a close deadline, you might oversee some logical steps. Remember that you will need certain things until you move out. Put aside items you will be using during the week. Separate some clothes for changing, bedding, clean towels, kitchen items, etc.

Do a quick declutter

Declutter Before the Move by Organizing a Garage Sale

Make a storage area for the items you no longer need. Afterward, you can decide how to dispose of them. Try to get rid of the items that were not used in over a year. You can donate them or sell them later on.

Empty the kitchen

All kitchen cupboards, drawers, and pantry should be empty and ready for packing. Remember to sort kitchen items. Pay attention to what can’t be moved. Movers usually refuse to move perishables, so use perishable products before the moving day.

Pay special attention to appliances

Moving large appliances is really demanding and special moving equipment is often required. It is extremely important to pack them properly so that they can be delivered in one piece.

Proceed to the next room

After you are done packing your kitchen, proceed to pack other rooms. The next one could be your living room or a bathroom. Whichever plan you make will do, as long as you pack strategically one room at the time.

Protect fragile items

The living room and dining room contain a lot of delicate items like mirrors, frames, pictures, lampshades, electronics, glassware, figurines which need special attention. Purchase a lot of bubble wrap and padding so that you can protect fragile items properly and ensure they reach the new home without damage. On the other hand, items like pillows, blankets, and cushions are easy to handle, since those can be transported in cardboard boxes or garbage bags.

Declutter the bathroom

Packing a Bathroom

Bathrooms can be packed quickly. Dispose of expired medicine or empty shampoo bottles and remember – not each item you own should be moved to your new place.

Sort out clothing

Packing Clothes for Moving

Organize your bedroom and sort content of wardrobes, drawers, shelves, nightstands. There are for sure clothes that you won’t wear anymore, so don’t hesitate to donate or sell them. Last-minute moves are a perfect time for quick decisions, and this is one of them. Linens and bedding shouldn’t be packed before the moving day.

Don’t forget the essential bag

Also, do not forget to pack the essentials box with all items you may need during the next few days. It can contain snacks, meal kits, basic personal hygiene items, your documents, etc.

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