Tips for Preparing Appliances for a Move

Tips for Preparing Appliances for a Move

It is only when you begin with packing that you realize just how many items you own. Appliances are no exception to this, especially kitchen appliances. Your TV, stereo, refrigerator, dishwasher, stove, and small kitchen appliances require careful preparation and packing. That is why we bring you the ultimate tips for preparing appliances for a move. The most important step in this process is to start with the preparations on time since you do not want to rush these things. Safely preparing and moving appliances is necessary because even a small mistake can lead to malfunction of electric devices.

Read the manufacturer`s manual or contact the manufacturer

In order to prepare the appliances for a move in the best way possible, it is necessary to read the manufacturer`s manual first. If you have thrown in in the garbage a long time ago, do not worry. You will be able to find it online on the manufacturer`s website. And if this does not work, you can always call them and tell them what is the item that you need to move. They will be able to give you some specific instructions about handling the appliances, which will help you avoid any possible damage. And if you decide that you will dispose of the item instead of using it, you will find the instructions on how to do it in the manual.

Store the items in original boxes

Search your basement for the original packages of the appliances that you will be moving. The original package fits the item perfectly, thus not allowing excess movement that could damage the item. If you are not able to find it, use the boxes that are closest to that perfect fit.

Moving Boxes

Take photos of the appliances before the move

If you are using professional services, it is a great idea to take photos of your appliances. In this way, if you have to make a claim in case some items got damaged, you will have proof and most likely win the claim.

Prepare the refrigerator for moving

Are you moving a refrigerator? First things first, clean the refrigerator with a mild detergent and dispose of all the food. Make sure to unplug the refrigerator 24-48 hours before the move. It is necessary to defrost the freezer and to let the fridge dry completely. Remove all the racks and shelves and pack them separately, or secure them from breaking by taping them firmly inside the fridge. Many refrigerators have an ice maker, and here you should disconnect the waterline and empty the water. Finally, tape the doors so they do not open during the move.

Preparing a Fridge for a Move


Just like with the fridge, clean it thoroughly before the move. If not cleaned, it can develop odors and mildew during the move. Remove the racks and pack them separately. The most important thing here is that if you have a gas stove, you should call the gas company to disconnect the gas line. There is no reason to risk doing this on your own. Once the gas line is disconnected, you can tape the doors and place the stove inside a box.

Prepare the dishwasher for the move

First, empty it and clean it. The easiest way to clean the dishwasher is to run a cycle with some detergent and hot water. Let it dry completely. Disconnect the hoses and drain them. Tape them on the side or the back of the dishwasher so that they are not loose. You can also place them inside the dishwasher, or pack them separately.

Washer and dryer machine

Run a cycle of water to clean the washer and use a mild detergent to clean the dryer machine. Once the machines are completely dry, unplug them and remove the hoses. Store the hoses inside of the machines, and tape the doors shut so that they do not open during the move. Check out the manual for additional instructions if necessary. Use original packaging if you have it.

Use furniture dolly for moving large appliances

One of the best tips for preparing your appliances for a move is using furniture dolly. In this way, you will prevent the item from damaging due to pushing or pulling it across the house. Additionally, when moving large appliances there is a risk of scratching or denting your floor. In order to avoid this, use the furniture dolly which you can rent or buy at DIY stores. They are specifically designed so as to pose minimum risk to both items and the environment. Plus, you will avoid moving injuries as well.

Furniture Dolly

Small kitchen appliances

Small kitchen appliances are much easier to handle and prepare for the move. Use original boxes for their packing as well, or small and medium-sized boxes. Clean them thoroughly and tape the cables so that they do not get damaged. Fill the boxes with bubble wrap or crumpled newspaper, and never leave empty space inside the box.

Electrical appliances such as TV and stereo device

Contact the manufacturer, ask for additional advice, and get some important tips on how to pack a flat-screen TV for moving, stereo device, etc. Moving appliances always comes with the risk of damaging the item and later malfunctioning. If you disassemble an item, make sure to have all the parts packed in a separate box. The less movement there is, the better.

Electric cords

Hire professional movers

You can prepare your appliances for a move on your own, and move them to your dream home. However, if you do not have enough time for this, ask your moving company to do it. Movers will prepare your appliances, but at an additional fee, so you should check how will that affect your moving budget. Your professional movers have years of experience in handling appliances and there is a minimal risk of damage.

We have seen all the steps that you should take when preparing your appliances for a move. The most important thing is to check whether your specific item requires special conditions for a move, which you can easily check in the manufacturer`s manual.

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