Moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan

Moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan

To some, moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan might not be a logical step. Also, it might not seem as if you are making any significant changes. But, trust us when we say that moving from Kings County, which is the most populous New York borough, out of 5 in total, to Manhattan will bring many changes to your life. If you are preparing for such a step or at least thinking about making it, we believe that this article will be of great use to you. By reading about things you will experience in the nearest future, you’ll be able to prepare for your relocation easy way and avoid moving anxiety. This is something we believe is very much important. By having a negative moving experience you will have a somewhat difficult time to relax and start enjoying your time in a new borough.

Moving preparations save the day

Everyone who’s moved before will tell you how having a well-thought-through plan is of utmost importance. When moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan, even though it’s practically considered local-moving, you cannot wait until the last days prior to your relocation to begin with applying the plan. Therefore, if you want to welcome the moving day without stress, and avoid it largely, which is more than possible, we suggest you begin with making a plan this very day.

Here’s what you should plan thoroughly when moving to a new location

Making a plan
Construct a good plan when moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan
  • Budget planning is one of the initial steps. So start saving on time. Moving can be a pretty expensive venture. It is advisable to set a budget limit. This way you will avoid the risk of going over budget which can only make it more difficult for you.
  • Choosing among many NYC neighborhoods for a new home. One of the greatest things about Manhattan is that no matter what neighborhood you choose, it won’t fail your expectations. It only depends on what is that you want, what is your lifestyle. But also, it is important to choose a neighborhood which is not too far away from the office.
  • Making a list of items to pack. Even if you are geographically not moving far from your old home, it would still be a waste of time if you would have to go more than once to transfer your belongings. This is why you should do yourself a favor and try to make a cut. So, which things go, and which ones stay behind.
  • Should you hire moving professionals or go DIY? Both options have its advantages and disadvantages. But if you are moving for the first time, but you also want to transfer some fragile items or the ones then hiring a moving crew is a safer solution. Now, for those who are worried whether they could afford it, rest assured that you can still find cheap movers in NYC who can do their job by the highest standards.

Figure all of these and we guarantee you will prevent stressful situations during the days of moving.

Learn to swim in the sea of tourists

There are some people who would say that one of the biggest disadvantages of Manhattan is that is swamped by tourists. And while all of that is true, it still brings some unique charm. There is a reason why Manhattan never seizes to be the most popular tourist place in the world. It’s been the top location for decades, and the population is ever rising. Well, if you don’t mind seeing so many people on the streets, public transportation, or just about everywhere, on every step, then this is the place to be. And, if there are places in Manhattan you haven’t visited before, or it’s been a long time, then you can join them. You’ll blend just fine.

Get used to smaller apartments

The thing about Manhattan is that the free space in apartments is limited. That’s just how it is. While you can easier find larger real estates, with a garage and attic in Brooklyn, that’s just something you can’t expect too much on the island. Or you can, if the budget is not a big problem for you. But, if you are moving into an apartment which is smaller in size, then you can use some tricks to save space in the apartment. This way you will make the most of the space in the apartment.

a big apartment
Forget about spacious apartments

Think about having a roommate when moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan

Since you have already made a decision to move here, think about having a roommate. In case you are not particularly happy to rent an apartment of the size of a shoe box, this is an option. This way you can greatly unburden the budget. The life in Manhattan will definitely not be so cheap. By having a roommate, or roommates, you will split the costs. Also, you will even be able to rent a little bit bigger apartment. Furthermore, that will make your life on the island more comfortable.

The thing is, when moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan, you will have to make some compromises.

Public transportation is more useful than a car

If you own a car, good for you. Perhaps you can use it when you decide to take some days off from work and go on a short trip. However, while you are in The city we are afraid that you won’t have too many opportunities to use it. That is, it is more cost-effective if you would leave the car on the parking lot, or in a storage facility, and use public transportation to go around the city. But, before you do that, inform yourself about parking rules in NYC. That’s how you won’t experience any inconveniences.

Whether moving to Manhattan from Brooklyn is the right decision or not, the time will tell. As we said, there’s a reason why Manhattan attracts people so much. Although the prices are generally higher than in Brooklyn, it still opens the door to many possibilities.

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