How to overcome moving anxiety?

How to overcome moving anxiety?

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Will you let moving anxiety hold you back from accomplishing your goals?

While getting ready for the big moving day, the uncertainty of a new path along with a moving anxiety may become too overwhelming. It’s no secret that moving across country may pose a number of challenges down the road. So, it’s not uncommon to overlook some tasks or underestimate their importance.

In theory, the more time you have left until the day of the move, the better prepared you are going to be. Venturing into a completely new environment will most likely cause a great deal of excitement and fear. Unless you are a moving pro who has moved already several times, chances are it will drain both your energy and wallet. Even if the upcoming move is a dream come true for you, there are certain side-effects you may have to deal with eventually.

For most people, moving is regarded as one of the most stressful life events, along with losing your loved one and going through a divorce. Everyone who has ever moved house knows how challenging it can get, both physically and emotionally. Coping with any life-changing event is anything but easy and it’s only normal to experience a whirlwind of emotions down the road. Feeling stressed or anxious is an understandable reaction to the cross-country move. Moving away from your loved ones, handling all moving tasks and expenses, transitioning to a new job have proven to be major moving anxiety triggers.

Hopefully our guidelines will help you identify those unsettling feelings as they appear and deal with them in a healthy and timely manner. Before you let the anxiety take control of your life, take a moment to learn how to fight those unpleasant feelings.

How to identify moving anxiety symptoms?

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Resist the urge to panic when things get tough during the move

With so many moving activities on your checklist and so little time leading up to moving day, feeling uneasy or apprehensive should come as no surprise. But, the worst thing you can do is to ignore those anxiety signals. Oftentimes anxiety is a logical response to stressful events. There are some common moving anxiety symptoms you should be aware of when facing a household relocation. Stepping out of the comfort zone is an intimidating change that’s difficult to process and here’s what you can expect:

  • Irritability
  • Fear
  • Restlessness
  • Paranoia
  • Dizziness
  • Sweating
  • Stomach issue
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Increased heart rate

As we all know, alternations in the fixed schedules and major routine disruptions are likely to cause some of the above mentioned symptoms. Let alone additional mishaps and unexpected difficulties typically involved in the moving process that may also affect the anxiety level.

How to beat moving anxiety?

In order to ensure an anxiety-free start of your new life you need to build a positive mindset. Needless to say, the more time you have for moving preparations, the lower the stress level will be. While it seems like a pretty straight-forward statement, sometimes it’s easier said than done.

To be able to create a more promising future for you and your family you need to be able to fight the fears and anxiety that are holding you back. Moving is a perfect opportunity for you to start afresh, so make sure to remind yourself why the upcoming move is beneficial for you.

As it turns out, the greatest fear is associated with the uncertainty and unpredictability of the new path in your life. Although it offers plenty of new opportunities and adventures, sometimes the negative aspect of the move threatens to outweigh the positive side. You may realize that you have no idea what your new life will look like and that seems terrifying all of a sudden.

Am I going to like my new area and neighbors? Will I like my new job? How long it will take me to fit in my new community? Will my kids be happy in their new school? How often will I be able to see my old friends?

These are just some of the most common concerns, but guess what? Each decision has its pros and cons. Assuming that you’ve already gone through that list several times, there are probably a lot more reasons in favor of the move. Always keep in mind that moving is more likely to help you accomplish your goals and have a happier life. Whatever the reason that prompted you to move is, try to focus on all those advantages and opportunities.

How to stay calm during the move

However terrifying the prospect of moving to a new city may be, diving into the unknown can be beneficial for multiple reasons. Knowing what challenges you are about to encounter during and after the move, you will be able to prepare for them properly in advance. It’s no secret that a good organization can ensure your peace of mind along the way. So, do your homework and plan out the upcoming move carefully! A foolproof plan proved to be the best calming technique during the moving process. So, here’s what you can do to make it easier on yourself.

Allow yourself enough time

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Have a timely moving strategy in place

Not having enough time to prepare for the move both logistically and emotionally may eventually result in a number of difficulties and even in moving anxiety. By starting the preparations as soon as the move becomes imminent you may be able to stay organized and keep your cool throughout the move.

  • Have professional movers involved

A poorly organized household move is prone to various mishaps and disasters. With all the risks and dangers that threaten to jeopardize the move, do you still consider doing it all on your own? As it turns out, professional movers will minimize the stress level by keeping all moving-related tasks under control.

  • Take care of your needs

While it can be tempting to push yourself too hard in order to complete moving preparations as soon as possible, think twice before you decide that by spending sleepless nights you will get more work done. Moving house is a delicate transition, so you may want to take care of your needs as well. A consistent bedtime and a balanced, healthy diet may help you get through the mental and physical challenges of the move.

Planning a move?

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