How to save space in your apartment

How to save space in your apartment

Are you thinking about moving to NYC? Maybe you already live here? Either way, you can consider yourself lucky since there are so many good sides of living in New York. It is one of greatest cities in the world, and it is not in vain that many see it as the center of the Universe. However, it seems that most people in New York have a similar problem. Namely, people struggle with the lack of free space in their homes. Soon, with time their living space becomes cluttered with stuff that they simply cannot get rid off. Lucky, there are ways how to save space in your apartment. In this article, we have decided to present you some of the most efficient ways how to maximize your living space.

Choose multifunction furniture to save space in your apartment

In order to maximize space in the best possible way, you can look for furniture that can serve multiple purpose functions. These pieces of furniture can really change and improve the functionality of your apartment or house. For instance, a simple coffee table that you would be using during the bigger time of a day could easily be transformed into a full-size dining room fit for the whole family. Or, you can get one of those folding wall tables. These tables are such a great solution when you live in a small apartment. By just lifting it up you can create yourself a lot of free space and make the room look so much bigger. It is especially convenient if you are into parties and want to invite some people over.

a small bedroom
Be creative and use the pieces of furniture with multi-purpose.

Think about getting a wall bed too

Wall beds are also one of the brilliant ideas that do not take away a lot of space but actually give a lot. Nowadays there are so many wonderful designs that you can choose from and fit into your living area. These beds are easily raised up. When you do that, they free up space they previously occupied. In return, they could have an inbuilt storage area. You can use this area to put away a lot of stuff from the site. When the bedtime comes, you just pull it down, and there you go.

How about a bed with hidden storage?

If you are truly craving for additional space but there is no room for large closets, then be creative. After settling into your new home, which happens to be lacking in space, you have a custom-made bed in which you can install drawers or even an additional sitting area and a table. Just be creative and you can make the most of the available space.

multi-functional bed
Have a custom-made bed and turn it into a multi-functional piece of a furniture.

Make use of room dividers

If you have moved into a studio apartment, then it only normal that the total floor area is not very large. On the other hand, that does not mean that there are not some tricks that you can’t use in order to save space in your apartment. If you want to separate your living from the dining area, you can manage that by using room dividers. Actually, you can configure space according to your needs. You just have to figure some flexible options that will allow you to get as much free space as possible.

Folding screen as a way to save space in your apartment

We recommend you use folding screens to divide the area you prefer. It is even better if you have them on casters. In this way, you can move them as you please. This is truly an elegant solution that could really come in handy, especially if you are sharing the apartment with another person, but you still want a private space just for yourself.

a room divider that can help you save space in your aparment
A folding panel is truly a great way to save space in your apartment.

The best part is that there are so many beautiful panels that can even emphasize the beauty of your apartment. Or if you are more of an artistic kind of a person, you can buy a simple white panel and create your own art. It is just one of the ways you can make your NYC home more inviting.

Have you thought of using curtains?

Maybe this sounds a bit unusual, and it is so simple, yet highly functional. If your apartment comprises of only one room, you can be your own architect and separate your bedroom area from the rest of the apartment by placing a curtain around the bed. This way you will completely isolate it and create a comfortable atmosphere. Another advantage of this is if you have a friend or a family member overnight, he/she can also have his/her privacy since you will be hidden behind the curtain. If you are worried about how to pull this out, don’t worry. You can easily install curtain rods and hang curtains you like.

Build a loft

If your apartment has high ceilings, you can do wonders! The best way to make your living area more comfortable and save space in your apartment is to build a loft and use that space as a separate room where you could also put some shelves or even place a chest of drawers where you could put whatever you find necessary. It is an investment that could really change the overall perception of the apartment. Furthermore, you can also use the stairs as the additional storage room.

As you can see, there are numerous ways to help you make your tiny apartments look bigger. Even if you don’t have such as small home, you can still use some of these ideas to save space in your apartment or a house. It just takes a little bit of creativity and voilà!

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