NYC parking rules to know on moving day

NYC parking rules to know on moving day

New York is one of the most hectic cities in the world. Traffic is so terrible that many people who live in Manhattan choose not to own a car. The streets are filled with cars, both private, corporate, taxis, Ubers, and lyfts. So, why would you own a car after all? Add to that the drag of finding a free parking spot and you will realize why citizens of Manhattan prefer to suffer in the crowded subway over being stuck in traffic. On the other hand, from time to time you are going to need to use a car. Sometimes you may borrow it. Other times you may rent one. Therefore, it is important to get information on NYC parking rules. The last thing that you would want is to get a parking ticket the first time you decide to invest in your own means of transport.

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Be mindful of alternate parking rules

What you should know about the NYC parking rules

In order to make sure that you receive the information that you are interested in, and not to waste your time trying to figure out whether this article contains what you are looking for, here is an overview of what we are going to get you familiar with:

  • Alternate side parking rules
  • Different blocks have different parking regulations
  • Parking tickets
  • Stopping standing and parking
  • Parking sign regulations
  • T intersections
  • Curb cuts
  • Parking in school zones

Alternate side NYC parking rules

Being one of the largest and most condensed cities in the country, New York needed to come up with a way to regulate its street maintenance. In order to make sure to keep the streets clean, the government decided to implement a solution which has proved its usefulness in other cities as well. Therefore, the alternate side parking rules have been implemented.

Alternate side parking rules mean that you cannot park on one side of the street certain days because that is the time when the street cleaning will be taking place. Therefore, if you are planning on renting a moving truck for more than one day, make sure to check whether alternate side parking is on. Getting a parking ticket or having your rented truck towed is not the way you would want your move to begin.

NYC parking rules differ between blocks

Depending on which part of NYC you are moving to or from, you may experience different rules. Therefore, in order to prepare for your move, make sure to consult the New York City Dot Map before you start moving.

Parking tickets

You will not want to have a parking ticket in your moving inventory. Why? Parking tickets are a serious thing in NYC. The Department of Finance collects them and is very strict about enforcing them. For example, you can get a ticket for parking illegally. Also, should you break the law and the camera films it, you may expect to get a ticket in your mail. You will have 30 days to pay the ticket or challenge it. It is very important to do one of these two actions in order not to suffer any other consequences. If you are innocent that is.

Stopping, standing, and parking

Given the fact that you will need to park your moving truck in order to load your items, you need to find out the closest place where you can park legally. Bear in mind that you must not stop or park in the bus lane, in the construction area or in a bike lane. If that was your idea, to park until you are able to load and unload your items, you will need to come up with a different plan. If you are going to have professional help with you, make sure to have good communication with your movers. They can give you very good tips on parking rules in NYC since they need to follow them on a daily basis.

NYC parking rules allow commercial vehicles like taxi in this image to double park in order to let people in or out
Commercial vehicles can double park if needed

The good news is that in the case that 100ft of curbside parking either way from where you need to park has been taken, commercial vehicles are allowed to double park in order to load or unload the cargo. You can use this information to your advantage.

NYC parking rules – sign regulations

There are three different parking signs that you may encounter:

  • No stopping –  you should not even think about stopping at that place for whatever reason.
  • No standing – you may make a quick stop in order to pick people up, but that’s it. In and out and off you should go.
  • No parking – you may stop to pick up someone or load and unload your items. However, you must not park here.

T intersections

There are streets in New York City where you may park all the way to the beginning of an intersection. Actually, you can park to the point of the stop sign. Even with a curb cut, you may park there. However, the law allows this kind of parking only on those intersections without the red light.

Curb cuts

The curb cut is a portion of the curb that has been lowered in order to enable easy access to the street. You cannot park here. However, there are many people who fail to comply and park on such places. If you do that, bear in mind that the owner of the designated parking space whose driveway you are blocking can call the police on you. After police write you the ticket, the owner of the parking space can get a towing company to tow your vehicle away. With the ticket already written, you will have to pay for the services of the towing company.

Lone car parked on a public parking
Designated parking spots in NYC are great but can be a drag as well

Parking in school zones

In general, you cannot park in the school zones. However, NYC parking rules allow you to park there when the school is in recess. Still, it is up to you to remain informed. It is important to check whether the school closes for holidays or summer vacation. There are some of them that remain open at that times as well.

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