How to move house on a rainy or snowy day

How to move house on a rainy or snowy day

Ideally, you would wake up on your moving day to the sound of birds chirping and with the sun rays poking your eyes. That would make your relocation into a somewhat easier and more enjoyable process. But what do you do if the opposite happens? What happens when you wake up and realize that you will have to move house on a rainy or snowy day? Do you call up your local movers Brooklyn NY in complete panic or do you get on with your move as planned? While the answer depends on many factors, let’s try to arrive at the right conclusion with joint forces, shall we?

Moving house on a rainy or snowy day – yar or nay?

If there’s one thing that can make your Flatbush moving preparations come to a halt it’s extreme weather conditions. It goes without saying that you should never compromise your safety, even when an event as important as moving is in question. You can always reschedule your move but you can’t heal an injury overnight.

An image of lightning.
Don’t risk your safety or the safety of your movers – moving during extreme weather isn’t advisable.

With all the different safety hazards that surround moving, you really needn’t add any further complications into the mix. If the forecast is predicting any major weather disasters, like a thunderstorm or a blizzard, you really should think carefully about postponing your move. And if you hired movers who think that your move might be unsafe for anyone involved, they will cancel the move anyways. In all other situations, the show must go on! Little rain or snow won’t hurt your belongings – at least not if you properly prepare.

First things first – there is no room for despair

With the on-going moving preparations, everyone is hoping for nice weather on a moving day. If you have decided to save some money and move during the offseason you should be prepared for possible bad weather conditions.

Frustration and despair when you realize that there is an intense storm coming on your moving day should turn into an efficient plan. It is not the scenario you were praying for, but it is not a nightmare either. If you are moving by yourself, you might have the luxury to postpone the move until the next day. But if you have hired professional services and if the moving delay will affect other tasks in many negative ways, it might be a good idea to stick to the schedule. But, in case of a severe storm and heavy rain, the movers will certainly cancel the move.
If you are forced to move on a rainy or snowy day, make sure to keep yourself and your belongings dry, safe and uninjured.

Take care of yourself when you move house on a rainy or snowy day

We’ve already established that the most important thing is your safety. Even when it comes to us here at Dumbo NYC – we might be moving pros, but we care about our customers first and foremost. So before you deal with protecting your house and belongings from the elements, you should first protect yourself. And your family members, of course. Whether you are moving during a rainy or snowy day, something tells us the weather outside will be cold. Possibly even freezing. That’s why having the right gear will be crucial.

Pink rain boots and an umbrella for when you move house on a rainy or snowy day.
Forced to move house on a rainy or snowy day? Make sure everyone is protected.

While you might have local or long distance movers NYC who will worry about your belongings, you won’t have anyone else to worry about you but yourself. So, pay attention, because you will need to have the following clothing items in your closet. If you don’t have them, a good shopping spree is in order. Because rest assured that when moving during the cold months, you will need them!

  • A warm coat or a rain jacket
  • Rain boots (with an extra pair of socks)
  • Handwarmers, hats, and gloves
  • Extra towels ready for use

Extra tips: always have a few umbrellas at hand. We know that if you have to choose between protecting your items and yourself you’ll choose the former. But there might not be a need for you to choose!

How to protect your household items against the elements

Exposing your wooden furniture to the rain or snow may get them damaged, which is a pity, especially if those pieces of furniture are brand new. If you have hired a professional moving company NYC they will provide protective material and supplies suitable for these weather conditions (industrial plastic covers, mattress padding,…).

A stack of yellow towels.
What can be of better use than towels when you move house on a rainy or snowy day?

DIY movers can use any convenient material they can find at home (sheets, blankets, towels, plastic bags, trash bags,…) or purchase it at the nearest moving supplies store. Protect your furniture with water-proof material, because blankets or linens are just not good enough. Plastic or shrink wrapping would be more appropriate for a rainy day move. Also, make sure to seal the plastic with heavy-duty masking tape.

Follow the forecast when moving house on a rainy or snowy day

Follow weather reports and stay informed about the weather forecast a few days before the moving day. Bad weather may cause certain changes in your movers’ schedule, so minor delays are possible depending on the storm intensity.

Pay special attention to your boxes

Protect your moving boxes. If bad weather conditions are expected, make sure to use plastic or laminated boxes, especially for fragile items and electronics. Cardboard boxes should be properly shrink-wrapped and sealed with the masking tape. All it takes is one damp box containing valuable items to ruin your entire relocation. That’s why you should pay special attention to them when you move house on a rainy or snowy day.

Clear the pathways

Make sure your movers have access to your home. In case the snow is blocking the access to your current home, make sure to keep the sidewalks and steps clear of snow, mud or ice. Make a safe path from the moving truck to the house. The same goes for your new home. If your new home is inaccessible, movers won’t be able to deliver your household items, which will create further delays in your moving schedule.

The one thing you have to be very careful about is ice! You really don’t want to run into any ice patches while carrying a heavy moving box. And your movers won’t be the ones in charge of making sure your porches, driveway, and yard are ice-free. Rock salt is good at melting ice, so make sure you do it on the morning of your move.

Always have your gear with your when you move house on a rainy or snowy day

The gear when moving during the summer may be nothing more than a water bottle. But when moving during the winter, you’ll have to pack some heavy gear. Make sure you always have a shovel with you in the back of the trunk. You might need to dig out your tires if the snow falls overnight or your car gets stuck. If you are traveling by car, and you have to travel a bit before you reach your new home, you will have to compose an emergency kit in order to move house on a rainy or snowy day in a safe manner. Here’s what your kit should contain:

Roasted almonds.
Snacks are a mandatory part of your winter moving kit. You never know when you might get snowed in.
  • A lot of food and water
  • Warm clothing and blankets
  • A real first-aid kit
  • Batteries and flashlight

It sounds like you are going into a battle, doesn’t it? All interstate movers in NYC can tell you that these are just the necessary measures of precaution. You shouldn’t hope for the worst but you might as well prepare for it.

Extra tips for moving during rain or snow

  • Stay in touch with your moving team while on the road. They will keep you informed about their progress.
  • Have on hand hot beverages, water and snacks for you and your helpers during the move.
  • If you are moving in winter, make sure the utilities are set up in advance, so that you can turn up the heat once you reach the new home.
  • Lay down mats, towels, cardboard and keep mud and water away from your new home. A slippery surface may be very dangerous, so dry your shoes before entering the home. Also, too much humidity and dirt may damage your hardwood floors, so make sure to protect them properly on a moving day.
  • Rainy day moves may take longer than expected, so be a bit more patient.
  • Wear comfortable shoes/boots and clothes so that you can easily move while carrying your moving boxes. A raincoat would be a logical choice as well as a pair of gloves.
  • Have your movers park the truck close to the entrance so that your belongings won’t be exposed for too long while being loaded and unloaded.
A woman blowing snow out of her hand.
Even winter moves can be fun when you properly prepare for them!

The bottom line?

Just because you woke up on the day of the move and you see rain or snow, doesn’t mean that your entire relocation is doomed. Quite the contrary! You will probably be more careful about your safety and the safety of your items, so you could be less prone to making any mistakes. That’s right – some good can come even if you have to move house on a rainy or snowy day. So don’t let your West Village movers wait while you sit around and panic. Instead, put on some warm clothes and get the show on the road. And your bravery will pay off!

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