NYC Moving Tips - How to prepare for the move

NYC Moving Tips - How to prepare for the move


A solid moving plan should be made in stages and a few weeks in advance. Only detailed moving strategy can help you perform an effective and a smooth move. The transport of your goods might be the easiest part of the move, compared to all tasks you should take care of before and after you have your belongings transferred to the new location.

– First of all, establish your moving budget. Whether you are moving on your own or hiring professional assistance moving process could be really expensive. So, organize the move according to your current financial situation.
– Unless you are moving few blocks away, hire professional moving company. Sometimes moving on your own may seem like a cheaper solution, but not necessarily, especially when it’s a long-distance move. In order to calculate the moving expenses, consider all possible costs that might appear, like costs of renting a truck/van, moving supplies, fuel costs, insurance, truck maintenance before a long-distance move,…
In order to cut your moving expenses consider finding packing supplies for free. There are many moving boxes available in the furniture, liquor or grocery stores. You just have to get informed about the day they receive the shipment and pick up the boxes. Alternatively, if you opt for more ecological move, instead of cardboard boxes you can get plastic containers and reduce the amount of waste and negative impact on the environment.
– Once you decide that you do need a professional assistance, book a moving company as soon as possible, especially if you are moving during peak season.
By hiring the movers you will simplify the whole moving process. However, there are still a lot of tasks to be accomplished prior to the moving day.
Sometimes you should think ahead. Once you have solved the transport issue, what would make the unpacking easier?
It’s certainly the way you manage the inventory and label your moving boxes. Make sure to keep track of your belongings by labeling the boxes properly. It would mean a lot to you when you move in your new home and start unpacking and to your movers as well, who will load and unload the truck. So, inspect your new home and plan ahead the position of your belongings.

Get your home ready for the movers’ arrival


As the moving day is only a few days away, you want to make sure that everything goes smoothly. Movers will be fully equipped, but if your home isn’t prepared for their arrival, the process may take more time and effort than expected.

– First of all, double-check with your moving company terms and conditions of the move, prices, addresses, inventory list and exact date and time of the move. Confirm the move with your representative.
– Inform the management of the building about the move and check if there are any restrictions related to the move.
– Provide your moving company with the name of the additional insurance certificate holder and fax or email address of the building management or your landlord.
– Have your goods insured. You can get the insurance offered by your moving company, but you may have to buy an additional one in order to have your goods fully covered and protected.
-If there are some items that you couldn’t pack, put them in an easy-accessible place where your movers will be able to handle them.
– All of the boxes and containers should be placed in the middle of the room, because movers always load boxes first.
– Empty nightstands, cabinets and drawers.
– If you are moving with Dumbo Moving and Storage, you can get free wardrobe boxes for your local move, so leave your hanging clothes in the closet.
– Take down all mirrors and pictures and lean them against the wall.
– Unplug all your electronics.
– Take with you all the valuables – money, personal documents, jewelry,…
– By following your movers’ instructions, decide which of the items can or cannot be moved. Movers usually are not allowed to transport: chemicals, solvents, oils, batteries, paints, so you should find another way to move them to your new home.
– Children are likely to become rather upset when facing unknown persons. So, in order to avoid unnecessary delays, find a trustworthy person (a relative or a neighbor) who would look after them. The same goes for your pet.
Keep your pet at the neighbor’s house in order to prevent them from interfering when movers arrive.
– Pack an overnight bag and keep it available anytime you need it.

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