Know how to store your belongings in the winter

Know how to store your belongings in the winter

Every once in a while, there comes time to go through our wardrobes, lockers, and cabinets in order to clean them, tidy them up as well as to classify and sort out our belongings. If you are in a group of those people who tend to pile up many unnecessary things, perhaps this is the time to change the habit, and start decluttering your living area. This will give you more space to arrange your apartment or a house. However, if you are worried that you need to wait until spring to begin with this activity, let that not be your excuse anymore, for we’re about to show you some useful tips how to store your belongings in the winter and preserve them in a good state until you need them again.

Selection’s first on the list

The prime step of this task is going through those closets, shelves, and drawers around the house in search of things you want or need to store during winter. You will probably need a few days to complete this task, so make sure to have that time. It is important to prepare yourself for this since it can be a very demanding and time-consuming assignment. So, keep in mind that as soon as you begin to work out on this task, the sooner you will finish.

a wardrobe with clothes
Choose what you’ll pack.

Although we know how tiring this can be, we can suggest you keep your eyes on the prize. In this case, there are so many benefits why you should store your belongings in the winter. For starters, you will save a lot of space in your apartment. Moreover, you will preserve the items you are not using for a moment and keep them in good condition by the time they are of use to you.

Break the task into particles

Everything is easier if taken in smaller portions. Look at this task as a big chunk of meat. You certainly can’t eat it all at once, right? Well, you need to cut it and take it piece by piece. The same can be applied to any kind of comprehensive of a job. In your case, you can make such a plan where you will leave time for, let’s say, two rooms a day. See what are the things you need to put away and move on. With every task finished, you’ll feel better and you’ll feel as if you have taken a great load of burden off your shoulders. Make breaks in between, and then move on to the next one.

To store your belongings in the winter you need to clean and dry them

This step is very important. Imagine putting something wet in some storage for a long time. Those items will be like a magnet to moisture and will be susceptible to rot. This will entice all kinds of pests and rodents which will eventually make huge damage to items you intended to keep safe. And getting rid of pests will take a lot of your time, and money.

A bug on a leaf
Keep the pests away.

Therefore, do not think about packing anything before it is properly cleaned and dried. Wipe your belongings and it will definitely prolong the life of these items. In case you have many things to put away, you can always look for free boxes and bags. This will save your budget a lot, and you’ll still complete the job.

Climate-controlled storage is a must

One of the best ways to be sure that your items will survive this winter is checking climate-controlled storages. These types of storages provide a higher level of protection. Not only will they keep your things safe from snow and rain, but they will provide better conditions inside the unit. So, even if you need to pack an item which is sensitive to low temperatures, this is the perfect option.

On the other hand, since you will probably be storing different kinds of items, it might not be a bad idea to inquire this matter with the manager/owner of the storage units and see what this person can tell you about it. After that, see what you can do to use most of the free space inside your storage unit.

Use proper materials to protect your items

In order to store your belongings in the winter the right way, you need the right materials, besides the tips, we provided above. So, make sure to obtain enough of those depending on the number of items you have. Some of the very good materials for preserving items are:

  • Wool
  • Cotton
  • Tissue paper for wrapping delicate items
  • Cedar balls and lavender sachets which will help your garments stay fresh and pest-free

Materials which you need to forget if you want to store your belongings in the winter and for a longer time:

  • Plastic bags and covers
  • Vinyl
  • Mothballs

Note: Although plastic bags are generally great for keeping your items safe, they do not allow your items to breathe, especially if being made of natural fiber. If some of your clothes are not really delicate and do not require special treatment, then a plastic bag will do just fine. The same goes for vacuum bags which save a lot of free space. So, if you do not intend of keeping your clothes and other items inside a storage unit for a longer time, go ahead with vacuum bags.

Before and after compression - it makes a difference when you store your belongings in the winter.
Vacuum bags save a lot of space.

Pay attention to electronics

Now, one of the most delicate things to store is electronics. So, if you still want to use your electronics when the snow melts, remember to keep them off the ground. The cold temperature coming from the floor can mess with wires. This is why it is so important not to leave them on the cold ground. Instead, lift them on some shelves. Hiring a crew of experienced movers in winter will shorten the process of packing and moving all of the items. They already know how to deal with this matter.

Hopefully, after reading these tips, it will be easy for you to store your belongings in the winter and keep them safe for future usage. And even if you need to store your vehicle, such as a car, bike, etc. just make sure to empty the gas since it is very susceptible to cold temperatures. Then, remove the battery, and inflate the tires. For all of these things, it is wise to take your time when packing in order to do this right. After all, the security of your belongings depends on it.

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