Creating positive energy when arranging your new home

Creating positive energy when arranging your new home

stones stacked on top of each other as a symbol of balance in your new home
Keep feng shui elements in balance in your new home

Moving to a new home has brought about a new opportunity to start afresh and breathe a new life into your new living environment. It’s also an ideal time for you to apply some new ideas and maximize the flow of positive energy in your new home.

And guess what? The way how you arrange your living space may significantly influence your mood. As it turns out, stimulating positive vibe in your house doesn’t require spending too much money. With a bit of arranging, de-cluttering and reorganizing you can make a perfect harmony after settling into a new home.

By implementing principles of feng shui you may align your home interior with your personal energy and attitude. Creating a happy and healthy environment that makes you feel comfortable is crucial to your emotional well-being. Aside from decorating your new home, feng shui techniques may help you achieve balance and bring happiness and good fortune to your new home.

Creating a clutter-free new home

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Introducing feng shui principles means reducing clutter in your new home

Leave enough space for a proper energy flow. Since clutter and chaos are usually accompanied by bad vibes, you may want to free up some space in the first place. Starting over in a new house offers a perfect opportunity to let go of all those unnecessary or unwanted things.

Surround yourself with the objects that bring you joy and nice memories. If something triggers bad memories or uneasiness, do not hesitate to get rid of it for the purpose of your emotional well-being. On the other hand, a clutter-free home looks tidy and induces peacefulness and positive energy.

Home storage is often considered as an obstacle for the energy flow. Therefore, if you are moving to a small studio apartment, take advantage of the space-saving, multipurpose furniture.

Interestingly enough, some simple changes of your home’s interior may offer some life-changing benefits. Not only will you create an eye-catching environment, but also the one that appeal to all senses.

Room layout and furniture placement does matter

blue arm chair, wooden dresser and colorful jar
Create an efficient floor plan that allows flow of positive energy

Living room is arguably one of the most important premises in the house each family member seems to gravitate to. As it turns out, it tends to be the first room we get in touch with after entering the house.

When deciding on the best arrangement of the furniture, you may want to determine the main function of your living room. Will you be using it for socializing with your guests, eating meals, watching TV, relaxation? In order to create harmony and balance around you, make sure to

adjust your living environment to your personal needs.

The right choice of colors may emphasize a specific feel of the room

While most people opt for neutral shades of white or beige, introducing some vibrant colors may give a powerful look to your new home. In case you decide to align your preferences with best feng shui color choices, there’s something you need to know.

Creating a harmonious home by implementing colors that represent the elements you want to attract to your sanctuary can be a very rewarding task after all the moving hassle. So, according to the feng shui principles, red brings happiness, green represents peace, freshness and growth, while white symbolizes cold energy.

Let natural light into your new home

Whatever your interior design, use your windows to their full potential in order to let some fresh air and natural light in. After all, it’s an important yet inexpensive design element anyone can incorporate after moving to a new home.

As we all know, there are a lot of physical and psychological benefits of the direct sunlight. Exposure to sunlight may boost your mood and help you stay focused and motivated throughout the day. However, if your room doesn’t have direct access to natural sunlight, you may opt for various indoor light sources so as to welcome good energy.

Put up some artwork

Interestingly enough, the position of your artwork may be directly associated to the state of your emotional and physical health. Choose art according to the purpose of the rooms: relaxing and sensual pieces for bedrooms, while lively artwork should be placed in living room or office space. Meaningful pieces are supposed to evoke happiness, comfort and deep connection with your living space. Also, bear in mind that finding a perfect balance between artwork and empty walls can make or break your feng shui concept.

Entrance is a focal point

green front door and window
Learn about the power of colors when arranging your new home

Keeping the front door clear is essential when trying to arrange your place in the feng shui spirit. Therefore, store your shoes elsewhere and avoid piling up coats and jackets close to the entrance.

Instead, you may opt for more welcoming solutions like lamps or plants. Also, a path leading up to your home should be tidy and easily accessible so as to allow a healthy energy flow. Add a touch of color to your front door and make sure the area is well lit. Also, a colorful mat may generate a positive impression and emanate beauty of your home.

A powerful front door is more likely to attract a strong Chi in your new home. As it turns it, your entrance reflects the aura of the entire home, so make sure your home leaves a lasting impression only by looking at the front door.

Energize your new home with plants

When thinking of creating a harmonious and warm atmosphere, you can start with adding household plants. Aside from the aesthetic benefits, plants can improve the quality of indoor air and provide calm and relaxing ambiance. However, not all plants are believed to generate specific energy and maintain the flow of positive Chi through the house.

As your front door happens to be the mouth of the Chi energy, by placing some of the welcoming plants (succulents, lilies, bamboo) on both sides you will invite positive energy to your new home as well as improve your spiritual state.

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