What are the best ways to organize a storage unit?

What are the best ways to organize a storage unit?

Renting storage units is becoming a growing trend globally since it presents a great way to put away stuff you don’t use daily. Likewise, the use of storage units is increasing day by day all over America. Many people find it highly useful for various reasons. Among some reasons, we singled out that storages are mainly used when people lack space in their homes or simply want to downsize. Also, storage turns out to be very useful for a lot of people during a more extended trip. Suppose you are in that kind of situation, meaning you will want to put valuables and other essential items into a storage unit. In that case, you will be less worried about leaving your home and would be more in a position of enjoying a long-awaited vacation.

Storage Units
Renting a storage unit is usually the best thing you can do if you have a lot of items when moving

Of course, there are so many other situations in which the use of storage simply makes life easier. On the other hand, if you are having problems organizing a storage unit so that everything could fit in, we will give you a hand to avoid making common storage mistakes. If you are planning on renting a storage unit and aren’t sure how to properly organize it, please read the following text.

The best ways to organize a storage unit

Organizing a storage unit might seem like a complicated issue. However, you don’t have to be a wizard to have all of your stuff packed into one room. To prove us right, we present you with some of the most efficient ways to have a storage unit organized.

Make an inventory list

Before you take any other actions and start putting things inside storage, this is from where you should start. You can’t possibly begin looking for the right size of a storage unit if you don’t know precisely what you want to place there. Therefore, step number one is definitely compiling a list of everything you’re planning to put away. This should take you some time, but it is better to be sure about the numbers rather than just making a general guess of what size you need.

A blank sheet of a paper.
Write down the list of items you’re planning to put in storage.

Write down the list of items you’re planning to put in storage.

If you make the mistake of skipping this crucial step, it will be quite confusing to organize the storage properly, resulting in a lot of wasted time.

Make categories within the list

To save yourself some time by making that list, we suggest you create a sort of method that will help you stay organized during the press. For example, why don’t you make categories of items? Or better yet, put the names of each room you have in your home on a piece of paper, and place the items from each into their respective column. That way, you can go one by one and have fewer chances of leaving something out of the list. Plus, since you’re already in that particular room, it will take less time to remember a specific item. The good thing is that you can create your own checklist the way it suits you the best.

Besides, it will be way easier to look things up if you apply this method. If you aren’t fond of paper, there are a couple of online applications that might help make a list.

Sorting items in boxes

If you want to organize a storage unit in the best way, it is crucial to get appropriate packing materials. Look around the house, and you might find something that could come in handy. One of the most critical things is to remember is that you need a good quality of supplies and preferably of different sizes. This way, you can sort items more accessible and have a better overview of them. Typically, you would put larger items into bigger boxes. However, please note that one of the biggest mistakes is that people usually overpack boxes and generally make mistakes when using other packing supplies. Therefore, if you don’t want this to happen to you, we suggest you learn how to pack things properly or have a team of professionals do it for you.

boxes of different sizes
Make use of boxes of various sizes.

Besides, there is a bunch of packing guides and tips online, so feel free to look them up.

Make use of boxes of various sizes

Now, we assume you might think it’s an additional cost to call for the professional packers. But look the other way. If you don’t hire them, and you’re struggling to pack things right, you’ll end up using a lot more boxes and other packing materials, and you’ll need bigger storage in place of it. Furthermore, you’re certainly not planning on using storage for a couple of days, so this is a long-run investment. Besides, you’ll save yourself some time for finishing other tasks as well.

Just make sure you explore the market and hire a certified packing service since there is a lot of shady companies out there.

Do not forget to put labels on boxes

The holy grail of moving and packing is labeling those boxes and bags properly. Make sure to write down accurately what each box contains. Write the name of a room those items belong to. If you own some valuables, label them under a code name just to be safe while moving them.

This step is significant when you want to organize a storage unit, especially if you need to find something quickly or when you simply want to use something more often, but for some reason, you needed to put it in a storage unit. When packing your storage comes, do not forget to position a box/bag on a side on which you had put a label. Overlooking this step might result in a lot of confusion when it comes to finding the desired objects.

Be systematic when putting boxes inside a storage

No matter if you’re intending on paying a visit to a storage unit often or not, eventually, you will need it. Then, we are sure you won’t be happy if you see a mess. If you want to organize a storage unit in the right way, make sure to know how to place all of that stuff you have brought. Start by placing large boxes on the bottom of the floor and then put those smaller ones on them. Also, make some space between each portion of boxes to have a more manageable approach. You don’t want a mess. Therefore, place the boxes close to the storage walls.

Have some shelves

Shelves and drawers have always been a great solution to gain some space. If you’re using the storage unit for a longer time, ask if you could install some shelves on the walls. Shelves are very useful, especially if you need something more often and you need to take it right away. See if it is possible to install shelves in your storage unit to maximize the space.

use shelves to organize a storage unit in the best way
See if it is possible to install shelves in your storage unit to maximize the space.

And one more thing, in case you decide to take something from storage, make sure to write it down in order not to get confused about where it is now. Also, make sure to keep the storage clean and tidy, especially if you don’t plan on visiting the storage often. Those who are too busy or simply don’t want to waste time can hire professional cleaning help. Some of these pieces of advice have shown to be pretty efficient and will serve you the next time you decide to rent storage. Therefore, invest some time organizing a storage unit and keeping it tidy to have easier access to the desired item. There is a wide range of companies that rent storage units. You shouldn’t have issues as long as you explore all of your options.


As mentioned before, storage units are becoming a growing trend, especially in the US. User reviews state that these types of containers are very effective for various reasons, including lack of space, extended trips, placing valuable items, etc. If you decide on renting one, note that the most important thing to remember is the proper organization of the storage unit. There is a couple of steps we advise following in order to organize the storage properly.

First, make an inventory list containing all the stuff you want to put away. This step might take some time, but it will ease the process in the long run. We also advise making categories within the list alongside labeling the boxes, which is important for transparency and easier managing.

Next, sorting boxes might sound easy. However, you’ll need proper packing materials. There is a bunch of guides and tips online if you need help. If you have difficulties with packing, you may wanna hire a professional service to ease the whole thing and save up some time. Also, get some shelves as they represent quite a space saver.

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