How to Use Moving Straps

How to Use Moving Straps

When planning a DIY move, you’ll want all the professional moving tools to make the job easier and safer. Gathering the right moving supplies is crucial and moving straps are one of them. They’re one of the most helpful tools of professional movers. Moving straps are also known as furniture straps. They’re quite easy to find and most stores specialized in moving supplies sell them. Of course, you can always order them online. Whichever way you choose to buy moving straps, you’ll definitely get great value for money. By using them you’ll avoid nasty back injuries. The good news is that this purchase will neither break your budget nor add too much to your moving expenses. So, whether you choose shoulder moving straps or forearm moving straps, you’ll benefit greatly. If you’re not sure about how to use moving straps, our handy guide will help you.

How To Use Moving Straps

Besides moving dollies, furniture straps are one of the most important pieces of moving equipment for a safe and smooth move. Making sure to avoid injuries when moving should always be your top priority. So, don’t consider moving straps as an investment. Look at it as an unavoidable part of safe relocation. Professional equipment will make your life much easier but can also lead to mistakes and injuries if not used properly. That’s why you should carefully read these guidelines and take all measures or precautions to make sure you’re doing it correctly.

Two Persons Lifting A Piece Of Furniture Using Shoulder Moving Straps
Using moving straps will allow you to avoid injuries while lifting heavy items

Step One: Prepare

Before the actual process of using moving straps takes place, you have to make sure that you’re prepared and have everything ready for moving. Since preparation is the key to success, here are all the things you must do before using straps for your move.

Read the instructions

Regardless of which type of straps you choose to use, they’ll come with instructions and you must read them carefully. The reason is that you have to be prepared in order to use straps in a safe and efficient way – by getting familiar with instructions you’ll also minimize chances of injury.

Remove obstacles

Those couple of feet from the starting point in your home to a moving vehicle can seem miles away if you have a heavy item in your hands. Naturally, you’ll want to go through those few feet as fast as possible. But, you must fight the urge and take one step at a time. Otherwise, rushing can lead to mistakes and injuries. One thing you must do in order to pass safely is to clear the pathway – remove any furniture pieces, home décor, or anything else that could get in your way and make you trip over it.

Measure the space

If you’re about to use moving straps, chances are you’re moving heavy and bulky items. To be on the safe side, you’ll have to measure the space and the object you’re moving so you’d be sure that it can fit through the door. If it doesn’t, you may have to remove doors or find an alternative way to take that bulky item out of your home to the moving truck.

A Guy Is Measuring A Door Frame With A Measuring Tape
Measure the door frame before you start with the lifting and carrying

Wear proper footwear

Before you start with moving oversized items, make sure to protect your feet. Flip-flops or high heels are obviously out of the question – always wear comfortable closed-toes shoes when lifting, carrying, or loading items. Your shoes should protect your feet in case anything falls but they should also provide enough grip so you don’t slip.

Step Two: Use Moving Straps

Once you’ve gone through all the tasks from step one, you’re well prepared for using straps and getting optimum results. When everything is set, you can go ahead and follow this step-by-step guide on how to use moving straps.

Place the lifting straps accordingly

The first thing to do is to place the lifting straps across your chest, shoulders, or forearms. It depends on which type of straps you’re using so place them according to that. Since forearm moving straps are designed for two people, your helper should do the same thing at this stage. On the other hand, shoulder straps can be used on your own or with someone’s help.

Position the carrying straps

The next step is to place the carrying straps on the floor, right in front of the item you’re about to move. That will create a solid base for your next step.

Movers Are Lifting A Sofa
If lifting heavy items is too much for you, hire professional movers

Tilt the object

Your next step is to tilt the item slightly so you can slide moving straps under it. Straps should be near the outside of the object but still slide under just enough to make the lifting possible.


Now you’re ready for the final step which is lifting the object and taking small steps towards the moving truck. The previous steps are pretty much the same for all types of straps. Choose the following method depending on whether you’re using forearm straps or shoulder moving straps. For forearm straps, you’ll have to adjust the length. You’ll do that by choosing the best arm loop and proceeding to carefully lift the item. For shoulder straps, adjust the length between the two harnesses. Then lift, but only after you’re sure that the harness system is secured and in place.

We hope that this simple guide helps you learn about how to use moving straps. If packing and moving heavy items seems like too much work or like something you’d rather leave to a professional NYC moving company, Dumbo Moving is at your service. Contact us via phone or email to chat about your upcoming move and receive free moving quotes.

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