Guidelines to moving oversized items

Guidelines to moving oversized items

Have a strategy when moving oversized items
Professional moving company will gladly assist you with moving oversized items

Unless you have moved several times, chances are that you may be unsure as to how to handle moving oversized items. The good news is that you can rely on a professional moving company throughout the relocation process, since they have a lot of relevant experience.

When moving oversized items, your main goal is to keep them in top condition as well as protect floors and walls in both homes. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to lay down cardboard pieces and plastic sheets to keep your wooden floors safe and unharmed.

Comprehensive introduction to moving oversized items

Oddly shaped pieces of furniture and large appliances require special care and extra labor during the household move. Therefore, you can expect to incur some extra charges if you decide to entrust your cumbersome household possessions to the professional movers. Also, if your large furniture pieces and appliances happen to be very valuable and fragile, consider getting proper insurance coverage.

Movers will ensure your peace of mind when it comes to moving bulky and oversized household items
Reliable and professional assistance is always a good choice when moving oversized items

For Dumbo moving and storage crew there is no such thing as a complicated move. Moving oversized items to a new home may cause large amount of distress for everyone involved. Luckily, our professional movers will ensure your peace of mind when it comes to moving bulky and oversized household items. Moving large appliances to a new home, office or storage unit is something they do on a daily basis. So, once you reach out to the affordable movers and ask for help, you can rest assured that they will take care of each moving stage in a timely and efficient manner.

After you get several moving estimates from different companies you will be able to narrow down the list and choose movers that meet your needs and requirements. Have them visit your home and assess the complexity of the move. Whether you are moving long distance or just a couple of blocks away, lack of an on-site moving estimate may result in unexpected additional moving costs.

Tips and tricks for moving large household items

– Plan ahead the moving strategy. When you will be moving and which route you are going to take will mostly define the outcome of the move. Obviously this daunting task involves an extra pair of hands, so get as many volunteers as you can in order to do it right.
– Measure both your appliances and doorways to check if your fridge, piano, sofa or king-size bed will fit through. The truth is that some items will be better off with the professionals, so save yourself the stress of dismantling, packing and heavy lifting and allow your moving company to do the job.

– Use a variety of packing materials to protect your household items against possible accidents while in transit. In case you haven’t obtained an on-site moving estimate, make sure to inform your movers about the unusually large and bulky items in advance, so that they can bring necessary equipment and packing supplies. Make use of furniture blankets, padding and bubble wrap to keep your possessions safe.

– Essential moving equipment will help you carry heavy moving boxes and large items. If you decide to perform a DIY move for one reason or another, don’t even think about moving without the following:

  • moving straps and ropes
  • furniture dolly
  • stair rollers
  • sliders

Safety measures while moving oversized items: part 1

Moving house involves a lot of heavy lifting and, so, aside from helpers and volunteers, you will have to take advantage of the relevant moving equipment. It’s essential to reduce the chance of getting hurt while carrying and moving oversized items.

– Secure all the loose and removable parts (doors, drawers,…) at the early stage of packing process. Alternatively, cupboard or desk drawers may slide out while you are carrying them to the moving truck. When possible, take some objects apart and move each component separately. It may take less time and effort to put them back together at the new place than to try to move them in one piece, intact.
– Establish a safe moving route, free of any obstacle. Plan for all kinds of difficulties that you may encounter on the way to the moving truck. There should be no surprisingly uneven floors or stairs. Examine both your potentially problematic items and each corner of the property so as to plan the most convenient route in advance.

Safety measures while moving oversized items: part 2

Mind your lifting techniques when moving oversized items
Proper lifting technique is a prerequisite for a safe and efficient handling of large household items

– Keep your kids and pets safe on moving day and out of the way. While hauling heavy objects to the new home, having your little ones and pets around can significantly add to the chaos.

Make sure they are away from the action, safe and sound in a safe room. Let them engage in their favorite activities in a separate room in your own house or with a reliable friend or relative. Whether you are moving long distance or just a couple of streets away, prepare funny games to keep your kids entertained while on the road as well.

As far as pets are concerned, make them feel happy and comfortable on moving day by providing them with enough food, entertaining products, water,…
– Mind your posture. Use your leg muscles to lift and carry heavy items always keeping your back straight throughout the process. Avoid rush moves – keep your steps slow and smooth and your shoulders in line with your hips.
– Stretch as if you were about to exercise in a gym. Warm up properly before the tedious task so as to avoid muscle pulls and strains. It is always a good idea to stretch major muscle groups before lifting oversized loads or heavy packages.

Take your time to plan each step thoroughly. Rushing the move of oversized objects can lead to both personal injuries and damage to the item itself. Hopefully you will find our tips helpful and you will move all notoriously large items smoothly.

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