How to Save Time, Money and Hassle While Packing

How to Save Time, Money and Hassle While Packing

Moving can be stressful and sometimes presents quite a hassle, especially if you don’t plan on time and organize it correctly. Packing is an essential part of the entire process, meaning it will certainly cost you some time and inevitably money. As said before, besides the mere time, it’s a very costly manner for first-time movers and most will probably want to hire professionals who can often overdo it when it comes to pricing. There is no need to worry since we came up with a list of tips on how to save time, money and hassle while packing before hiring movers.

Packed Household Stuff for Moving Into New House

1. Eliminate Unnecessary Stuff

We all hold onto many things we don’t need like old college textbooks, concert tickets, worn-out furniture, old clothes, etc. You’d be surprised that most of us could fill up a storage NYC or two with things we don’t actually need.

  • Consider reviewing all of your stuff and throwing out things you don’t use.
  • It’s best to start from the closet as most of us have a habit of piling up unnecessary clothes. We also recommend donating as someone’s trash is surely another man’s treasure. Many charities and unprofitable organizations would gladly put those unwanted pieces of clothing to good use.
  • Sort out all of your belongings, implying it’s probably best to get rid of old textbooks, and put them out in the recycling bin. You will even contribute to helping and preserving our environment.
  • It is quite hard to pack and move bulky furniture, so we advise selling it and saving up some money. Besides throwing out all of the unwanted stuff, organizing a garage sale might be the right idea easily killing two flies with one blow.
Organizing a Garage Sale

2. Wrapping Material

Investment in wrapping material can be quite expensive and take up a lot of time. Try to use objects you already have like laundry baskets, bedding sheets, trash bags, etc. For instance, use bedding to pack fragile items and laundry baskets if you plan on making multiple trips since they are very easy to load and unload. Trash bags can even replace a wardrobe box if you pierce a hole at the top and string hangers around it. Ask your local grocery store, family, and friends to give out boxes they don’t need.

Packing Fragile Items

3. Pack by Yourself

As said before, packing can be quite frustrating; hence no wonder some might want to skip it. However, try to evade paying the movers to pack up your stuff since this service is an avoidable expense as long as you have time to do it yourself. Glassware is moderately hard to pack, but there is no need to worry because there are many tips and solutions online on how to pack fragile items. On the other hand, those who decide to hire professional service should do a background check on the company as there are many uncertified and shady companies out there. Additionally, moving companies also have a discount season during fall and winter up to thirty percent.

4. Pack Early

Please don’t make the mistake of packing in a rush since shoving stuff in boxes when the movers show up will prolong the whole process and make it way more stressful. Besides the unnecessary hassle, it will be very hard for you to unpack and sort out your belongings. Plan out and organize your time properly in order to pack efficiently. We recommend that you segregate a couple of days for packing everything right and on time.

5. Put it On Paper

It is impossible to plan out where to pack every single belonging if you don’t write it down. Try to systemize the whole packing process on paper as it will surely help you organize better. Also, it is highly recommended to label all boxes accordingly. Moving checklist is the best way to go here since it will help in the long run. Remember that fragile objects present a specific group of items; therefore, you will need to pack them with extra care. If you are packing glassware for the first time; there are many tips regarding the subject online.

Lebel Moving Boxes Accordingly

6. Small and Large Items

Try to pack smaller items inside of bigger objects. This way, you are saving up a lot of space while avoiding unnecessary boxes which will only take up room.

7. Keep Your Essentials Near

Make a list of things you need by your side at any given moment. Putting needed essentials in various containers is the most common mistake you can make. Pack your laptop, phone, money, chargers, toothbrush, and essential belongings in one bag as you’d want to keep them near at all times. This way, you won’t need to think too much and will be able to grab them in no time.

Summary on How to Save Time, Money and Hassle While Packing

Generally, packing certainly represents a tiring process; most of us would gladly avoid it. However, there is no need to hire costly professionals as long as you organize your time properly and follow the tips mentioned above.

  • First and foremost, eliminate and clear out unnecessary items, including unused clothes, old college textbooks, bulky furniture, etc. We recommend organizing a garage sale as a mean of profiting and not just throwing it out in the trash. Also, you can donate usable stuff to various charities and unprofitable organizations.
  • When it comes to wrapping material, don’t waste money on buying boxes and simply use old laundry baskets, trash bags and bedding sheets for packing up your belongings.
  • Next, pack by yourself and enforce friends and family to help as most professional companies overcharge this specific service. If you decide differently, don’t have the will and time to pack yourself, most movers offer discounts for up to 30 percent offseason.
  • Don’t leave packing for the last minute and organize the process in a timely manner even if it takes a couple of days.

Also, proper organization is probably the most important part of packing, meaning you should make a checklist and label every box and container accordingly.

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