Downsides to moving heavy furniture by yourself

Downsides to moving heavy furniture by yourself

DIY moves may be convenient for several reasons. As it turns out, there is something rewarding in having complete control over your relocation process. Furthermore, people who decide to embark on the moving adventure without hiring professional local movers NYC are also looking to reduce moving expenses. So, DIY moves seem to be a more cost-effective option until you realize that you will have to deal with the most difficult aspects of the move by yourself.

a grey armoire
Make moving a heavy furniture a breeze by using right tools and assistance

Moving equipment makes a difference

Each household has a couple of tricky, oddly-shaped items that also happen to be difficult to pack and move. And moving heavy furniture by yourself is considered one of those challenging tasks. Ones that may require a systematic approach. If possible, don’t make the job harder than it has to be. The best way to move heavy furniture like armoires, king-size beds, bookshelves is to use the right equipment. You have to ensure enough manpower and proper tools. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get your furniture safely out of your home and avoid personal injuries.

Which tools to use when moving heavy furniture by yourself?

a bent silhouette with a backache after moving heavy furniture
Keep injuries at bay while moving bulky furniture and appliances

No matter how strong and equipped your helpers are, without a proper technique, the entire project may easily become a complete failure. Lifting with your legs, not with your back should be your mantra when moving heavy furniture by yourself. Instead of pulling your furniture pieces, it’s always a good idea to push them. For this, you have to appropriate equipment for the purpose of reducing the chance of injury and damage to your belongings:

  • A furniture dolly is an essential piece of moving equipment when moving bulky furniture without movers’ help. Granted, it is a bit difficult to maneuver and control. In spite of that, furniture dolly can be your best ally to move heavy items up and downstairs to the moving truck.
  • Moving straps will allow you to lift heavy items with ease without posing too much strain on your body. Forearm and shoulder moving straps can be very helpful when navigating through narrow hallways. Or several flights of stairs while carrying heavy furniture.
  • Furniture padding and blankets will keep your precious items safe from scratches and dents. Chances are you are going to bump into a doorway while carrying bulky furniture. So make sure your items are properly wrapped and secured.

What can go wrong when moving heavy furniture by yourself?

Now that you’ve decided to follow the path of DIY moving, it’s only fair to talk about potential setbacks you may encounter down the road. Everyone who has ever performed a DIY household move knows that it can be tricky for several reasons. Here are some considerations to bear in mind when deciding whether to move large furniture by yourself.


is moving by yourself really cheaper? Consider all expenses involved in organizing a household move. You can easily end up wondering why you didn’t hire an affordable moving company to help you out in the first place. Purchasing packing materials, tools, making transport arrangements may result in some unexpected moving costs. So you’d better calculate all moving costs in advance before to see which option suits best your budget.

Personal injuries

are your helpers physically prepared for heavy lifting and hauling? If you are not paying enough attention to the lifting technique and other precautions, you and your helpers may easily end up with severe injuries.

Damage to your property

as we all know gravity may take over quickly while moving heavy furniture by yourself. Hardwood floors and narrow hallways may be susceptible to damage. So make sure to protect them before your helpers arrive so you will avoid damage to your property.

Physical recovery

chances are you and your helpers will need a few days to heal after a back-breaking moving process. While appropriate clothes and closed shoes can keep you safe to a certain extent, you will most definitely end up with sore muscles. Moving heavy furniture by yourself is a major physical activity. It is a strenuous exercise, so you should allow yourself enough time for a proper recovery

How to gather your friends on moving day?

Now that you’re aware of the potential logistical issues, you can weigh your options and determine whether moving heavy furniture by yourself is the right thing to do.

four friends wearing blue and lifting arms
Ask your friends to give you a hand when moving

Let’s be honest – moving house is a dull and demanding task. While starting over in a new home or city is an interesting prospect, no one’s really looking forward to packing, heavy lifting, driving, and unpacking. Having decided to move everything by yourself without involving professional movers New York, you will have to gather enough volunteers to get the job done in an efficient and timely manner.

Moving day helpers

If you have friends you can count on, there is no better time to reach out and ask for help. Just make sure to give them plenty of notice. So that they do not plan anything else for your moving day. Let them know that aside from heavy lifting, you can have some fun and spend more time together. Just add some good music, food, and drinks to the equation. That way, a stressful moving experience can easily turn into an enjoyable event. Aside from physically prepared individuals, you will need reliable friends or neighbors. After all, someone will have to take care of your kids and pets on moving day.

Find someone to babysit your kids while you are moving heavy furniture by yourself

That way your little ones will be safe from harm and you’ll be able to perform all moving day activities without any distraction. Furthermore, it’s always a good idea to surround yourself with positive and cheerful people. Ones that will keep your spirits high all along. Also, they will help you maintain your sense of humor in spite of all difficulties and feel better about the move.

Family Carrying Moving Boxes
It is important to find someone to babysit your kids when you pack for moving

Moving is no joke. An efficient strategy in place can go a long way toward having a trouble-free relocation adventure. While stress is an inevitable part of the moving process, timely preparation can at least make it easier for you and your family. Moving heavy furniture by yourself requires a few precautionary steps. So make sure to weigh all options carefully before committing to such a demanding task.

What are the benefits of hiring professional movers to move heavy furniture?

We have mentioned quite a few downsides when it comes to moving heavy furniture. Of course, with the right preparation and organization, everything is achievable. Sometimes, however, this is not enough to perform a successful relocation. If you have to move on short notice, for example, or your friends cannot help you with moving heavy furniture, everything becomes much harder. This is when you should take professional movers into consideration. We will now lay out the benefits of hiring professional movers.

No risk of moving injuries

When you have trained personnel handling your heavy furniture, you are at no risk of getting moving injuries. Instead, you can focus on more things related to your relocation process. The moving crew has had plenty of training and years of experience when it comes to things like this. They know exactly what they are doing, while you, on the other hand, don`t even have to lift a finger.

It is more time-effective

If you decide to move heavy furniture on your own, you will need to spend time learning how to do this as well. Assembling and disassembling furniture is also part of the process that will take you a lot of time. Sometimes it is better to have the pros finish everything in a day or two, rather than you spending the entire afternoon stuck with moving one piece of furniture. You need to be rested and under less stress when moving, anyway.

You have insurance

One of the best things about hiring a professional moving company is moving insurance. During a DIY move of your heavy furniture, if something gets damaged, you will have no one to complain about it too. There will be no money compensation if something gets damaged, or lost. On the other hand, you have several insurance options to choose from when it comes to a moving company.

Moving Insurance
Have in mind moving insurance as the moving company ensures compensation for your belongings in case of damage or loss

Less stress

This is definitely one of the biggest advantages of hiring professional movers. When there is no risk of moving injuries, with more free time on your hands, and an excellent insurance policy, your stress levels will be as low as possible. Who says that moving has to be one of the most stressful events in your life? Turn it into an adventure by hiring someone to move your heavy furniture for you and just relax.

Make a decision based on your relocation situation

If you are in doubt whether to hire professional movers or move heavy furniture by yourself, just consider facts. Do you have enough time, and manpower to move the furniture on your own? If you are not in a hurry and have plenty of people to help you, then a DIY is a good option. If, on the other hand, you don`t have either the time or someone to help you, enjoy all the benefits of hiring professional movers. Good luck!

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