How to Move a Desk: Step-By-Step Guide

How to Move a Desk: Step-By-Step Guide

Moving isn’t a universal process meaning you will need to take care of particular objects differently than others. Most general categories include glassware, fragile items, valuable possessions, furniture, etc. As for furniture, there are different subcategories, one of them being desks and furniture made out of wood. One of the most common problems regarding this specific issue is that desks are hefty and bulky. Mishandling can result in injuries and damage to the actual desk, and there are things to know when moving large items. If you plan on moving soon and need to take care of your desk correctly, please read the following step-by-step guide we made on how to move a desk.

1. Make the Decision

The first step on this list includes deciding on is it really wise to move the desk. There are a couple of things to think thru when it comes to this matter. Does the value of the desk exceed the cost of transportation? Especially because there are some hidden costs of moving, such as a fee for handling bulky or heavy items. Or, is moving a desk worth the time and the effort, or can you purchase a new one for the same price?

Keep in mind that we advise leaving it behind when it comes to used up furniture, especially if the cost is overwhelming.

It doesn’t make sense for you to pay big bucks if the piece of furniture is replaceable. There are a couple of factors to take into consideration when deciding on this matter:

  • The actual value — Is the desk you want to move functional, replaceable, and comfortable for use?
  • The condition — Is the desk in any remarkable consideration or bad shape? If you’ll throw it away in a matter of months, we don’t recommend making this expense.
  • The look of it — Is the desk valuable in an aesthetic sense? Or do you hold some sentimental value to it?
AA Work Desk With A Laptop On The Top
If your desk is valuable to you, be extra careful when moving it

2. Packing Materials

Now, if you decide to move the desk by yourself, you will need a certain amount of packing supplies you’ll be using in the process, including:

  • Blankets — You will need a couple of protective layers(blankets). We recommend choosing thick ones, but anything you own will do.
  • Bubble wrap — You will also need multiple sheets of bubble wrap for covering delicate areas of the desk
  • Packing paper — Make sure to obtain some sheets of soft packing paper
  • Tape — Duck tape, packing tape, or even some type of stretch wrap to fixate the blankets
  • Sliders — One of the essential moving elements is obtaining furniture sliders to move and slide the desk easily, quickly, and without damaging the floor. Getting sliders is one of the main tips because you’ll avoid having to lift and carry the desk.

If you haven’t seen these things before, they present small plastic and rubber pieces in combination. This helps minimize the damage while eliminating friction. Different sliders are made for different surfaces depending on the characteristics. Is it hardwood, the carpet, hard and soft tiled floors?

scissors and a duck tape on a bubble wrap
Make sure you get all the necessary packing supplies

3. The Packing Steps

Remember to pack the desk safely and then follow the next steps:

A. Disassembling the Desk

Detach every section of the desk safely as long as possible to do it without damaging the object. The main goal of this step is reducing the size of the desk and lowering the weight.

Take out all the drawers from the desk and trays with or without leaving all of the content inside, depending on the type of the desk. If the table parts are made out of glass, make sure to remove them safely and wrap them up to prevent any possible damage.

Some desks (mostly L-shaped ones) can be disassembled into two sections for more accessible transport. We recommend using a screwdriver to remove metal elements and remember to keep all the parts you removed in a deportable bag.

Movers Disassembling A Desk
By disassembling a desk, you will reduce the weight and bulkiness

B. Wrap Desk Elements and Pack the Drawers

For this step, you’ll need packing paper and bubble wrap. Wrap the elements you have detached in wrap paper, then in bubble wrap, and finally blankets for maximum protection.

Avoid wrapping the desk directly in bubble wrap first since this mistake can damage the edges of the object. Instead, use packing paper.

If the items contained in the drawers are not heavy, you can wrap the whole drawer in the moving blanket.

If the elements contained in the drawer are heavy, we advise getting them out and packing these items separately in f.e. a plastic sealed bag.

Moving Blanket
Use moving blankets or a quilt to protect your desk

C. Protection

It is vital to put an accent on protecting the whole desk. Suppose you followed the steps mentioned above and instructions. In that case, the next thing should be taking care of the mainframe by using thick blankets and tape without leaving any visible area unprotected. Also, the tape shouldn’t be in direct contact with the surface of the table.

4. The Execution

If you have already followed all those steps regarding disassembling and packing up, the next thing is to plan out how to move it. Gather your friends, and before the actual moving process, make sure you cleaned out your exit route of any obstacles that might interfere. Slide the desk as long as you can, and then lift it with your crew. Please pay attention to how you’ll be lifting it and do it slowly to avoid any injuries that might occur. Also, make sure you follow general safety measures when moving oversized items. If by any chance, the desk won’t fit thru the door, you will have to move the door frame. Carry to the transporting vehicle, load, and unload.

Professional Movers Carrying Heavy Furniture
Professional movers are the best help when moving heavy furniture

5. Hiring Professional Help

Now, if you read this complete step-by-step guide, you may conclude that moving your desk by yourself or with your teams will require a lot of money, time, and effort. Logically, some might argue many things can go wrong here, resulting in the damage of the actual desk, overspending, and in the worst case, injuries.

Luckily, there is a wide range of moving companies that can work for you at a fair price. However, keep in mind that numerous shady moving companies on the market might even damage your object.

If this is your first time moving similar objects, we recommend hiring a reliable NYC moving company to help you pack, load, move, unload, and unpack the desk as long as you choose a trustworthy firm.

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