What are the hidden costs of moving?

What are the hidden costs of moving?

If you hired a professional relocation company to help you relocate, you may soon encounter some additional relocation costs that you did not expect at all. That’s why we put together a complete list of all the hidden costs of moving. Which may reduce your chances of an affordable moving. After all, residential relocation can only be considered successful if all relocation costs have been minimized.

Here at Dumbo Moving, we want to provide you with the cheapest move we can. So we want to let you know about all the extra fees that moving companies could add to the cost of your move.

Increasing costs
Check out these 8 hidden costs of moving with a professional moving company

What are the hidden costs of moving when using a transport company?

Of course, the main expenses when moving with the help of professional movers are the costs of hiring the moving company itself. First of all, you should receive several cost estimates after surveys at home from at least 3 full-service Bronx moving companies. Although the cost of hiring a professional relocation company is one of the most typical relocation costs, there are a number of hidden relocation costs that you may not be aware of until you familiarize yourself with the final relocation bill.

1. Packing labor and packing materials

Packing services and packing materials are an additional service that full-service moving companies offer. You decide whether you want to pack your things yourself. Or you prefer professional packers to take care of your household items.

Necessary packing materials may or may not be included in the cost of packing services. Carefully review the cost estimates for details, or simply contact the mover for confirmation. To increase the cost of packing, some movers may try to assure you that most of your items require special packaging materials and more packaging boxes than are actually necessary for their safe packaging and transportation.

2. Relocation insurance

When you sign a bill of lading, you automatically receive basic coverage (the so-called basic protection with limited liability). You do not have to pay for this basic type of insurance – it’s free. But the meager coverage of 60 cents per pound per item is absurd. This means: if something really bad happens to your flat-screen TV, you’ll get about $18 for damaging or losing it.

Flat-screen TV
And that’s not even close enough to compensate for your precious TV

One of the most often forgotten relocation costs is proper relocation insurance called Full Value Protection. Thus, when moving valuable items, consider buying this type of insurance. Because this will give the obligation to the moving company to reimburse the replacement value of any damaged or lost items.

3. Fee for disassembling and assembling furniture

Assembling and disassembling is an extra service that the moving companies usually offer. If you want any furniture assembled or reassembled like a bookcase, bunk beds, Murphy beds, or an entertainment center. So make sure to take stock of everything that needs to be disassembled or would like to be disassembled for you when you do your moving consultation so the movers will know beforehand what tools to take on their job.

Furniture movers may surprise you with the additional cost of disassembling large pieces of furniture in your current home and the subsequent assembly of these items in a new house or apartment. In addition to the hidden costs of moving, you may not even know that beds, wardrobes, chests of drawers and sofas often need to be disassembled so that they can be easily wrapped and transported safely.

4. Fee for handling bulky or heavy items

If your items seem heavier or oversized, you may be charged extra for moving. This is another hidden expense that you should know in advance. Unexpected transportation costs will occur if you move pianos, pool tables, a jacuzzi, heavy metal safes.

Harp in library
Or other difficult to transport items that take up a lot of space in a moving truck

If you have any items that need special handling, make sure to inform your moving company before your moving day. There is usually an extra fee for certain items because they are more difficult to move and protect. For example chandeliers, pianos, or pool tables request special handling and crating.

If you don’t inform your sales representative, you will not only be looking at an extra charge. But you will also have a problem because the crew will not have the necessary equipment and protection materials to conduct your move. So either the move will have to be in two parts (leaving the particular item behind and moving it at another time). Or the movers will have to wait for another crew to drop off the special equipment for your particular items. If some of these items cannot fit the elevator, movers will have to take it by stairs and you will be looking at an additional charge as well.

5. Extra services

Take a look at your contract. Then talk to your moving consultant to make sure you understand what is included in the price you are paying. Here at Dumbo Moving it includes basic protection for the furniture, basic insurance, bed frame disassembling/assembling, and free rental of wardrobe boxes.

Every moving company has their own particular policy and make sure you review it before the day of the move. You may have to empty all the furniture (drawers, dressers, etc.), buy boxes, and pack them before your movers arrive. If you are not ready, they will charge you either for the waiting time until you finish it or for a packing service.

Time clock
So make sure you start your moving preparations on time

If you think you have no time to pack and unpack, let your moving consultant know before your move date. So they know to prepare all the necessary packing material you need for your move. You will be charged for the moving materials used and for the packing service provided if that is the case.

6. Late minute cancellation

Moving companies usually require a least a 4-day notice for a cancellation of the move. Towards the end of the month, moving companies are at their busiest and may require more days’ notice to avoid a cancellation fee. To avoid a cancellation fee double-check with both apartments so that you can reserve your movers. Otherwise, it would be a smart decision to hire last-minute movers NYC.

7. Flights of stairs

The hidden costs of moving a home come in many shapes and sizes. If your old apartment and the apartment you are moving in to have stairs, there will be a fee for the flights of stairs the movers have to walk up. Which will be factored into the price of your move when you get your quote but will be added on the day of your move if you do not mention it. However, if your building has an elevator, you will not be charged for how many staircases it takes to get to your apartment. If this elevator does not work during the move, you may be charged a one-time fee of about $ 75.

This cost is only a rough calculation – the actual amount will depend on the moving company itself. In some rare cases, the mover may prefer not to charge for the flight. Even if the carrier has to carry household goods up and down the stairs due to an absent elevator.

So, if you live in a multi-story building, be sure to talk with the administration of the building. And reserve the elevator exclusively for moving, so that you will not be overwhelmed by another of the hidden costs of moving.

8. Excessive carry charge

Carrying furniture
One of the hidden costs of moving is the fee for a long transfer. They will charge you extra if the movers cannot park the moving truck close enough to your doorsteps.

If your movers cannot park their moving truck in front of your building or house and they have to carry your items down the street, you could be looking at an extra charge. The longer the distance the movers have to carry your items is, the longer your move will take. That means that the move becomes more difficult. And that will cause the movers to be late to other moves that day.

It is difficult to rely on free parking spaces in large cities, such as New York. To protect your budget from being hit by hidden transportation costs, see if there is a way to reserve a parking space for a moving truck. You can also try to get a parking permit for your movers on a specific day and time of moving. If this is not possible, talk directly with your movers to find out their payment terms for excessive carry.

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