Things to Know When Moving Large Items

Things to Know When Moving Large Items

Things-to-Know-When-Moving Large-Items

People aren’t concerned with moving boxes, it is the large heavy stuff that causes all the worry. When moving items, the weight of something is rarely an issue (to professional moving companies) it is more the length of something that causes problems and the length and width of your door frames and hallways. The dimensions of the hallways are more important because you can angle furniture out of or into the door frame to the hallway. Let us walk you through the thought process of moving large pieces of furniture to help you on your moving day.

First of all, an average 3 seat sofa couch is 7.5′ in length, 2.5′ in width, and 2.2′ in height. As mentioned earlier, if the couch is taller or wider than the door it is still fine as long as the hallways outside the apartment and the hallways inside the apartments are taller and wider than the couch’s measurement.

-If the item won’t fit through the door or hallway then see if you dissemble the piece. The smaller the item, the easier it is to get in your door. Your movers will automatically dissemble the piece if possible before wrapping it.

– If you do not want to dissemble the piece (for example it is already pretty light) then ask yourself how sturdy is your furniture piece? If it is made from pressed wood it will be likely damaged if not taken part before it is moved. (On a side note, Ikea furniture is usually made from pressed wood.)

-If you aren’t moving yourself, let your foreman (The person in charge of your move.) know before your move starts what are the heaviest pieces of furniture that are being moved. This way your movers can coordinate the best possible plan to move your items and avoid damages.

– Also let your foreman know if the location you are moving to has smaller hallways and smaller doors than your current location.

-If your sofa or other large piece of furniture doesn’t fit in your new apartment, here are your options:

  1. Movers will be happy to take it to storage while you decide what to do with it.
  2. Remember that movers can deliver furniture to different addresses. So feel free to sell your items and have your movers drop off furniture at its new home.
  3. It might be worth it to just leave some of your old furniture at your old place. Ask your building management if this is okay. Most building managers won’t mind.
  4. Carpenters can help take items apart for you and put it back together for you at your new apartment (Even sofas!).
  5. Have your mover drop off the item at the Salvation Army. For an added incentive you get a tax benefit receipt.

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