How to load and unload a moving truck

How to load and unload a moving truck

If you have decided to execute DIY relocation, go ahead and get some tips from professional movers. You can create a moving checklist, pack like a pro, and transport your belongings the easiest way possible. When moving house on your own one of the tasks you have to take care of is renting a moving truck.

A suitable moving truck is a very important aspect of a successful move, so there is a lot of information to learn before renting it. Carry on reading to find out how to load and unload a moving truck.

The size and the type of moving vehicle

Learn how to unload a moving truck
The most important step is to choose the right size of the moving truck

Choosing the right size of the moving truck can be quite challenging if you are performing a DIY move. You may be uncertain whether the effective capacity of the moving truck will be enough, so make sure you assess your belongings previously. Be aware that renting a larger moving truck will cost you more. Furthermore, unless you immobilize your belongings, they can get easily damaged during transport. On the other hand, too small moving trucks with insufficient space are a complete waste of time and money, since you are forced to get back several times or leave your belongings behind.

Depending on the load, there are several options:

  • A pickup truck for partial local moves
  • Cargo van for partial local moves or studio move
  • 10-12 ft. truck – small moving vehicles for studio or dorm moves
  • 14-17 ft. truck – a medium-sized vehicle for moving offices, small houses one or two-bedroom apartments
  • 20-26 ft. truck – this is the biggest moving vehicle for long-distance moves of big apartments and houses.

Tips for loading a moving truck

Cardboard boxes
Find enough moving and packing supplies for your your move

Supply yourself with the necessary equipment

Rent proper moving equipment. It’s very important that your items are packed safely and efficiently, so get moving suplies NYC at the nearest NYC moving company or moving supply store. Moving trucks are usually equipped with loading ramps which enable easier loading and unloading. Also, an appliance dolly is necessary for transporting heavy and bulky pieces – when moving kitchen appliances and furniture. Also, get some straps in order to attach your goods to the appliance dolly.

Get a few helping hands

No big event like moving house can be done without help. Reach out to some of your close people to assist you, especially with heavy items. When you are ready to load your household items, have one or two helpers in the truck, while others will carry your belongings to the truck. For sure there are friends who will be happy to help, just remember to treat them afterward to express your gratitude and celebrate completing your relocation successfully.

Start with kitchen appliances

Load the heaviest appliances, such as washing machine, refrigerator, stove, etc., and safely packed items first. The heaviest boxes should be placed at the bottom of the truck with lighter boxes stacked on the top. Put kitchen appliances in the upright position so as to ensure safe transport. Also, make sure to secure them to the sidewalls of the moving vehicle.

Loading a Truck With Kitchen Appliances
Large kitchen appliances need some special attention when it comes to moving

Leave heavy furniture for the end

Large pieces of furniture should be loaded afterward. Disassemble your furniture a few days before the moving day. Find the best position for your goods, so that space is efficiently used. Remember that cupboards, nightstands, and any other items with drawers should be placed against the wall so that those cannot open during the transport. Take pictures or videos while disassembling because they will be more than useful later on when you have to reassemble them.

Secure items and pack smartly

Protect each piece of furniture properly using a lot of bubble wrap and padding. A moving truck can easily get on a bumpy road and your belongings can easily get damaged if not secured properly. Additionally, take advantage of every single item in your household. Instead of packing linens, old clothes, and blankets, use them as packing material.

Put light items on top

Bags with clothes, linens, and shoes should be packed last. Use them to fill out all empty spaces and provide cushioning at the same time.

Tips for unloading a moving truck

Safety First Sign
Make sure that no one gets injured during loading a moving truck

Use equipment and tools

Engage the loading ramp again and open the truck doors slowly. Engage your helpers and a dolly while unloading heavy appliances.

Start offloading from the top

First, unload the last loaded items and lighter boxes placed on the large furniture pieces and bulky appliances.

Don’t forget safety

Pay attention to lifting and carrying strategies so as to make sure no one gets injured. Move slowly and take care of your back strain by using the strength of your legs and arms properly.

Make a layout in advance

Have a floor plan on hand and clearly visible so that every item is delivered to its designated place. You don’t want to have people standing around holding a heavy item while you are considering the perfect spot for it

Check whether everything is unloaded

Once all items are unloaded, take a look around the moving truck in case you have forgotten something.

Return the moving truck in a good shape

Clean the empty truck and return it on time as you have agreed with the rental company.

Go back to your photos/manuals/videos

Start unpacking. Reassemble your furniture using relevant manuals and photos you have made while you were disassembling it.

Fine-tune your new home

green Dumbo moving and storage truck
Hire professionals if you are not sure how to perform the move yourself

Arrange your new place according to your preferences and possibilities. Plan carefully every step and don’t rush things.

If you follow the tips above you should be ready to make a DIY relocation, with loading and unloading a moving truck. However, if you change your mind and prefer to hire professional movers, we will be happy to help. If you hire Dumbo Moving and Storage, our team will take care of driving a moving truck and dealing with traffic jams, as well as loading and unloading your items. Contact us today to create your relocation plan and get a free price quote. You can choose between several moving estimates – an onsite estimate, estimate over the phone, video moving estimate, etc.

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