How to de-stress after a move?

How to de-stress after a move?


Moving house is considered one of the most stressful life-changing events one can experience. With so many tasks to handle within a predefined time-frame, you are likely to end up both emotionally and physically drained once the move is completed.

Hopefully the following suggestions will help you find your own way to de-stress after the household move.

Relaxing after a household move

– Whenever you feel anxious and overwhelmed take a few deep breaths. Free yourself of nervous tension by focusing on your breathing. With every inhale and exhale your heart beats will be slower and slower and your muscles even more relaxed.

– Get back on track by taking back control of your health. Try to incorporate healthy meals and regular exercising in your day-to-day routine.

– Practice yoga in order to relieve stress and to maintain some healthy habits after you move to the new place.

– A good book is considered a significant stress-reliever, so find the most comfortable position and grab your favorite book, that will reduce the effects of the tiresome household move you’ve recently gone through.

– Meditation may help you deal with anxiety and post-move depression. Isolate yourself from the outside world just for a couple of moments and reach inner calm, emotional stability and awareness.

– Treat yourself to something that you really enjoy doing. Now that you have concluded your big moving project and started a new life, it is time for you to think about your well-being and satisfaction. Whether it is long walk in the woods, spa treatment, nice and relaxing bath or long nap, do whatever suits you at the moment. Moving an entire household has taken its toll on yourself, so now that everything’s completed successfully you can get back to your regular daily activities and do things that really make you happy.

– Invite your friends over and watch a good movie. Take a couple of hours after a long moving day to enjoy a good movie with your friends and family members. If necessary, have your friends overnight the first day at your new home to keep you company. If you want to spend more time outdoors, you can explore your new neighborhood with your friends, find some interesting bars and restaurants, have some fun and enjoy yourself – you’ve deserved it.

Sometimes planning ahead is the best way to prevent some major troubles and stressful situations. That way you can easily manage even some unexpected issues that may arise throughout the process. Now that your main goal is set, a household move is imminent, you should take all the steps to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. Having enough time to plan and organize your big move, you can think clearly and act wisely, which will reduce the stress level significantly.

Also, should you decide to entrust your household belongings to a moving company, you should know that the outcome of the move depends also on your choice. Moving experts can provide valuable assistance when it comes to organizing and doing all the challenging moving-related tasks. On the other hand, your poor choice may make you become a victim of fraudulent moving companies that can turn the whole moving experience into a nightmare. So, this is where planning ahead of time comes in handy. If you start your pre-move activities right on time, you will have enough time to inspect moving companies, check online reviews and ratings, get recommendations from your friends and decide which of them is most suitable. Furthermore, informing your close friends and family members that you are about to move away is never an easy task. It usually takes some time for both sides to get used to the idea, so give yourselves a chance to say goodbye properly so as to ensure your peace of mind.

Planning a move?

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