How to Avoid Possible Delays When Moving House

How to Avoid Possible Delays When Moving House

How to avoid possible delays when moving house

Putting down roots in a new city is a challenging process that starts with a life-changing decision to move house. A successful household move takes a lot of planning, so to have a perfect moving day you need to invest a lot of time and effort. However, sometimes no matter how hard you try, things don’t go according to plan. Some unexpected situations may arise during the moving process. It is important to learn how to avoid possible delays when moving house.

When you are about to move to another city, it’s crucial to be prepared for sudden, unforeseen, sometimes unpleasant circumstances that may occur. An unexpected change of plans or sudden delays may add to your stress and frustration, so make sure you are ready to face a series of challenges that may happen on a moving day. Read on to learn how to avoid possible delays when moving house.

How to avoid unexpected delays on moving day?

Keep checking the forecast

Follow the weather reports during the week before the move and see what kind of weather you can expect on your moving day. Bear in mind that inclement weather conditions may cause certain delays and rescheduling, which is why the move might take longer than anticipated. In any case, make sure you have all the necessary tools and supplies you may need in an emergency situation. Severe weather conditions may slow down the moving process significantly, but if your move is handled by a reputable moving company, the effects of moving rearrangements may be slightly alleviated. As the moving day approaches, keep checking the forecast daily to stay updated on the weather changes.

Check Weather Forecast Before a Move

Safety first

Make your safety a top priority during the relocation process. Protecting your household belongings from the elements is very important, but you need to take good care of yourself as well.

Clear the entrance

Make sure your movers NYC can park a moving truck close to the building/house entrance. Keep sidewalks and driveways clean and use salt to remove ice from the pathways. Also, if a moving day happens to be during winter, proper footwear will keep you safe while handling heavy moving boxes. Remember that possible injuries and health issues may make you change your moving plans, which will lead to even bigger stress and frustration. You should ensure that all pathways are clear and free of obstruction, so keep a shovel or another tool handy in case the path gets too snowy or slippery.

Clearing the Entrance Before Movers Arrive

Bring extra clothes

Prepare comfortable and warm clothes if you happen to move in the cold or snowy weather. Although it seems like an ideal time to spend indoors, a little planning in advance will help you get around any problem or delay you may face throughout the process. Furthermore, in order to provide the best possible protection, use waterproof packing supplies. This way, you’ll prevent your belongings from being damaged or destroyed. A few extra pieces of clothing will not take much space but can make a big difference if you get stuck in transit and have to wait for a couple of hours in the cold.

Gather all documents

Have all moving-related documents in order before your movers show up. You don’t want to waste their time arranging something that you should’ve done well in advance.

Start early

It goes without saying that you need to have everything packed by the time your movers arrive. Start packing as soon as you book an NYC moving company to prevent further moving delays and inconveniences. Besides packing in advance, you should also start moving as early in the day as possible to get the maximum amount of daylight – and have services available during business hours just in case anything happens on the road.

Start a Moving Preparation as Early as Possible

Label boxes

Labeling each moving box according to its content would be a smart thing to do – that way you will save a lot of time and energy when arranging your moving boxes and you will ensure that each moving box is placed where it belongs. By marking the content of the box, loading will go much faster, as well as unpacking at your new home.

Labeling Moving Boxes

Drive carefully

When driving in bad weather you should pay extra attention and respect the speed limits. Putting your belongings’ safety at risk is not something that a professional moving company would do. So, if you have hired reputable movers you can rest assured that they will do their best to transport your household goods safely to their new destination. They will also handle all the potential issues along the way. In case that you’re the one driving, stay alert and look out for extremely bad weather conditions or traffic jams. These are the most common reasons for delays. While there’s nothing you can do about the weather, you can definitely avoid a route that’s extremely busy or even closed.

Here’s how − download one of the free apps to get updates about the situation of the road. If part of the road is closed for some reason, the app will notify you. This way, you’ll save a significant amount of time. It will also serve for navigation and notify you when you’re near speed cameras or should slow down for any safety reason.

Ask for help

Have your friends, neighbors or relatives look after your children and pets on a moving day. Make sure they do not interfere or distract your movers from their job. While your children are taken care of, you can focus on your moving tasks and complete them as efficiently as possible. There’s nothing wrong with reaching out for a helping hand. By engaging a friend or a family member, you can rest assured that your little ones are in safe hands.

Mother and child sitting in front of a map

Hire professional movers

Even though unexpected situations do happen sometimes, some things keep that risk at the lowest level. The fastest and most efficient way to relocate and avoid delays is to hire a professional moving company. They have the experience and trained crew, and Dumbo Moving and Storage is your trusted ally. Contact us for a free Brooklyn moving quote.

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