Guidelines to moving during the holidays

Guidelines to moving during the holidays

In spite of the upcoming move, keep a cheerful holidays spirit in your family
If you happen to be moving during the holidays, make sure to keep a festive spirit alive

While moving during the holidays is not the scenario you had in mind when you were planning your festive activities, sometimes it’s absolutely necessary.

If your moving day happens to be scheduled during the major holidays, there are ways to make the entire transition easier on you and your family. Sometimes your moving date depends on circumstances beyond your control (promotion at work, unforeseen family situation, extended closing date,…).

Busy holiday schedules and unpredictable winter weather conditions are certainly not favorable circumstances for a household move. But no-one said that organizing a move and enjoying holidays at the same time is not possible.
While moving during the holidays may be daunting, there are still a lot of benefits of the off-season moves.

Benefits of moving during the holidays

Even if you are facing an unexpected household move, you can still spend some quality time with your loved ones. The holiday season is supposed to be a care-free period everyone is looking forward to.
A sudden move may cause a significant disruption to your big holiday plans. Planning a few steps ahead will help you stay on track during your household relocation. And believe it or not, moving during the off season has its perks.
So let’s take a look at some of the most convenient facts about moving during the holiday season.

-Competitive moving costs. Although moving during the holidays involves certain sacrifices, it may also generate major savings. As it turns out, even if you are organizing a last-minute move you are likely to get some really convenient moving quotes.
-Movers’ availability. At the time respectable moving companies happen to be available, therefore you may get a great moving deal. Not being too busy, your movers will be able to dedicate more time and attention to your move and create a unique solution for your household relocation.
– Family and friends are willing to accommodate you and your family thanks to the festive holiday spirit. If you need a short-term accommodation between your move-out and move-in dates, wouldn’t it be just great to spend that transition period with your close friends and relatives?

Tips for moving during the holiday season

It’s no secret that arranging for a proper assistance turns out to be the most important step when preparing for a move. Especially if the moving date happens to be scheduled for the holidays season.

Follow traffic reports since there might be some holiday events taking place on the day of the move
Keep an eye on the weather forecast before and during your big move

-Follow traffic reports since there might be some holiday events taking place on the day of the move. Talk with your movers about the most suitable route and make sure there are no obstacles on the way to your new home.
– Keep checking weather forecast all the time. Inclement weather is one of the most common reasons why people choose not to move during the winter holidays. Unfortunately, in some regions the weather can get worse in a matter of hours. A sudden and severe snowstorm may affect the outcome of the move and make it even more difficult to stick to and accomplish moving plans.

– Winterize your car for the upcoming move. Have your car serviced before moving day and load up all necessary winter supplies. Also, keep warm clothes, blankets, hats and gloves easily accessible all the time on the way to your new home.
– Arrange for a sitter to look after your children on moving day. You will need someone to keep your children busy and entertained. They can still enjoy the holiday festivities away from the moving hustle and bustle.

– Prepare your new home for your arrival. Make sure the outside area of your new place is snow and ice-free and easily accessible. Also, whether you are moving long-distance or locally, plan for the connection of utility services well in advance. Make sure your new home is set up and the utilities are up and running even before moving day.
– Keep hot beverages and snacks on hand. Take good care of your movers and helpers by offering a coffee, tea or hot cocoa. In addition to that, consider tipping your movers once the move is completed if you are satisfied with their work.

Safety tips for moving during the holidays

Keep your floors clean and dry on moving day
Wet and slippery floors can cause major personal injuries as well as damage to your goods

– Think about safety on moving day. Clear the snow from the walkways and driveways and sprinkle salt on each slippery surface. Simple and easy-to-follow safety measures can make a difference between a successful and disastrous household move. Also, line the floors and high traffic areas with old blankets, towels and cardboard sheets so as to keep personal injuries and potential damage to your goods at bay.

– Protect your belongings from the elements. Moving during winter months can be hectic and extreme temperatures can severely damage your possessions. In case you cannot afford full-service movers, take your time to pack your items properly. The last thing you want is to end up with a bunch of damaged and broken items. Therefore, take good care of the items particularly susceptible to temperature changes by investing in quality packing materials.

– Get helpers. Luckily, your friends are relatives will have more free time during the holidays, so you can both spend some time together and tackle the tiresome packing activity. You will ease the process significantly if you get moving boxes in advance. Bear in mind that there are a lot of free moving boxes available. Therefore, in order to save some money and avoid last-minute moving stress, gather quality moving supplies in advance.

-Wear proper clothes on moving day and dress in layers. Regardless of the fashion trends, you should choose comfortable clothes that will provide maximum flexibility and sufficient protection.

Celebrate holidays and new beginning after you settle into a new home
Take your holiday plans and good mood wherever you go

Don’t stress over situations beyond your control. Minimize your stress by planning ahead of time. Postpone your holiday celebration until after you settle into your new home. Take a deep breath and reward yourself with an amazing housewarming party, since you’ve done an outstanding job. It’s time for you to experience local holiday traditions and create new memories with your loved ones.

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