What can go wrong when moving house

What can go wrong when moving house

In case you were wondering how hard moving house can be, read on to find out more about possible challenges and difficulties that may occur throughout the moving process. Other that moving-related tasks and responsibilities, there are lots of unpredictable situations you may come across while organizing your big household move. Potential issues may arise at any stage of the moving process and factors beyond your control may jeopardize the whole undertaking.

While researching moving blogs and online reviews you have probably noticed some discouraging moving stories that other people experienced. Hopefully our suggestions will help you minimize risks and keep stressful situations at bay throughout the moving process. A household move is a constant decision-making process and as it turns out, a good organization is the key to a successful outcome. Even if unfortunate circumstances are about to change the expected course of events, knowing about possible issues in advance may help you deal with them more efficiently. And more importantly, even if something goes wrong during the moving process, it doesn’t have to necessarily lead to panicking and losing time and money. Here’s the list of common unfortunate events and disasters that may occur while moving house.

Wrong moving company

– Choosing the wrong moving company is one of those decisions that can have negative repercussions on the entire moving process. After you have arranged everything with the moving company and paid the requested deposit, you find yourself panicking because your movers did not show up at all. Hours and hours have passed and you realize that the moving company took advantage of you and disappeared with your deposit.

Rogue movers have several fraudulent strategies and if they show up on moving day and insist on some unusual charges that you haven’t agreed upon, chances are that you are dealing with a fraudulent company. If they manage to take your belongings before you realize their real intentions, they will hold them hostage until you pay the requested amount of money. This issue can be prevented with some simple safety steps that may require a little more effort and time, but will pay off eventually. Paying a little more attention while researching affordable moving companies can be go a long way toward having a stress-free household move.

Keep in mind the following signs of a reputable moving company:

  • positive reviews
  • valid credentials
  • license
  • FMCSA registration
  • BBB accreditations
  • professional attitude

Damaged items

Realizing that some of the most important and treasured items have been broken or lost during the transport is one of those moving disasters you were hoping you would never experience.

Unfortunately, even if you hire top rated movers accidents may happen during the moving process, but a great deal of moving disasters happens as a result of DIY moving, since people don’t put enough effort into organizing the move. Lack of packing skills, as well as improper packing supplies are some of the main reasons for packing mistakes. Also, if you happen to underestimate the complexity of packing process your items may end up damaged or lost, so allow yourself enough time to make a detailed schedule for each moving-related activity and tackle them one at a time.

Doing everything yourself

Even if you think that you are able to handle the entire move on your own, you probably shouldn’t take it so lightly. Moving house is not supposed to be a one-man show, since it involves a lot of heavy lifting and series of demanding tasks that are best handled with the assistance of friends, relatives and professional movers.

Safety issues

Make safety your top priority while organizing your big household move. After all, what’s the point of the entire move if you end up with a serious injury, which will complicate the whole process further? Getting hurt in the middle of the moving process is one on the worst-case scenarios that could happen during the household move. Hopefully you will learn beforehand how to keep moving injuries and accidents at bay on moving day. The best way to stay safe and uninjured would be to let professionals tackle all challenging or nerve-racking tasks.

Transportation and traffic issues

Heavy traffic may negatively affect the stress level on moving day
Heavy traffic may negatively affect the stress level on moving day

Moving day delays are usually caused by traffic jams and other accidents that that may happen on the way to the new home. Improper means of transportation or inexperienced driver may cause serious problem on moving day. If you are organizing the entire move yourself, you need to make sure all your household possessions will fit into the chosen moving truck/van. Renting too large moving truck means overpaying, while too small moving vehicle will be overloaded. Also, secure a parking lot in front of the residence so as to avoid additional long-carry charges. You may end up being charged for the time they were circling around trying to find a parking place.

Exceeding moving budget

Include all moving costs and fees when creating a moving budget

Setting up the moving budget immediately after you decide to move will help you be financially prepared for the upcoming move and avoid spending more than you really need to. In case you are moving on a tight budget, you may want to calculate moving budget carefully so as to keep track of your moving expenses all along.

Failing to label moving boxes

Labeling moving boxes properly has proven to be an important prerequisite for a successfully organized household move. Really simple, but effective task will save you and your movers a lot of hassle while loading and unloading moving boxes. As a result, an efficient labeling system may save you a lot of time and energy while unpacking and settling into your new home.

Planning a move?

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