Guide to moving with dogs

Guide to moving with dogs

Moving house without stressing your pet out may seem like a complicated affair. New situations and sudden changes may escalate your pet’s anxiety level in ways you can’t imagine. So, when moving with dogs and kids, you should tend to their needs no matter how busy you are.

a white dog in the yard
One should be properly prepared when moving with dogs

If you are a proud dog owner who is planning a household move, you should know that it will affect everyone involved, including your pet. Some of them may have a strong reaction to the routine disruption caused by the move. Although there is no one generic solution that is applicable to each situation, here are some suggestions on how to calm down your pet companion. Leaving a familiar environment may lead to depression-like reactions. However, you can make the entire experience a little less painful by soothing your dog’s unsettling feelings right from the start.

If your pet could talk, he would most probably tell you that your current home is the only safe place he could possibly think of. However, since some changes are inevitable and in most cases for the best, the only thing you can do is to adjust and navigate the situation in the best way you can. Although your pet won’t understand your reasons, he may need some kind of reassurance that everything will go back to normal pretty soon.

A household move is not a walk-in part, but it’s not a disastrous event either. There’s no way you can circumvent some of the hiccups, but you can most definitely consider this change as a positive one while anticipating what your new life would look like.

Moving with dogs made easy

Without a doubt, moving may put a great deal of stress on your dog as your new home won’t look, smell, and sound familiar. Everything they are used to will suddenly change, which might cause some health issues as well. Keeping your dog as stress-free as possible and chasing away his fears before, during, and after the move should be an important task on your moving checklist. When it comes to overcoming logistical issues of moving with dogs, you may want to consult professional movers to check how it’s done. If you are unsure about the prices, use a moving cost estimator available on their websites to get a big picture of their pricing and services they offer.

Take your dog to the vet for a check-up

a dog visiting a vet
Check your pet’s health condition before moving

If you are moving long-distance, your vet may suggest behavior modification strategies and medication that can ease the transition for your pet. Also, if your new area has some specific pet rules or requires additional vaccinations and certificates, you should know about them in advance.

Also, discuss getting your dog micro-chipped. Locate the new vet clinic in advance and have your pet’s records transferred there. Your current vet may be able to recommend colleagues he knows in your new area. In case you are moving internationally, make sure your dog’s medical condition allows him to fly to a new home.

Keep your pets away from the moving chaos

By keeping them in a quiet and isolated area, you will significantly reduce the stress level. Also, find a friend who is willing to take care of your pet on the day of the move. Keeping them locked in a small area may cause tremendous stress. But, if you are forced to do so, at least put there their favorite treats and toys to recreate familiar surroundings.

Try to stick to your dog’s daily routine

Keep your dog’s routine unchanged, as they strive for stability and consistency. Although a household move is notorious for being a major routine disruption, try to maintain your pet’s sleeping and eating schedules in spite of the hectic pace. Few life events can be as stressful as moving, but don’t let its negative effects ruin the special relationship you have with your pet. Your pet will need a lot of love and attention, so spend some time with him playing, walking in the park and cuddling.

Pack up your dog’s necessities

Your pet’s needs during the move are just as important, so you may want to keep his essentials handy at all times. Prepare an easily accessible essentials box that has your dog’s favorite toys, food, grooming tools to keep him comfortable until completely settled into a new home. Your animal friend should be in perfect health to be able to face the challenges of the transition.

Travel with your pet

moving with dogs in the car
Make your dog feel comfortable in your car while driving to a new home

Unless you are moving to another state and need to make special travel arrangements for your pet, you should keep them safe in your own care while on the road. Your dog will feel safest and calmest when you are around, so make sure the family’s together when traveling to a new home.

Furthermore, make sure he has his tag or collar on so that you can locate him easily if he gets loose during the move.

Bear in mind that the Bronx moving companies will most probably refuse to transport your pet, so you will have to make additional arrangements if relocating across the country.

Helping your dog adjust to a new home

Moving with dogs can hide a lot of unpleasant surprises if you are facing it unprepared. But, once you reach your new home, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that your journey is over. Well, almost over, since you are likely to experience a new set of challenges. Helping your kids and pets adjust to the new environment will be one of them. Ideally, your new home will feature a spacious yard where your little ones and animal friends will feel at home.

On the other hand, if you’ve moved to an apartment, take your dog for a walk as soon as possible to explore the new territory. You may also want to take a walk around your new neighborhood to locate the nearest grocery store, supermarket, pharmacy, restaurants, and schools. There’s a whole new world to get to know, so be patient and gentle with yourself and your pet. Help your beloved dog overcome the emotional shock and make sure he is getting your attention and love.

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