Getting to know your new neighbors after the move

Getting to know your new neighbors after the move

Once the task of moving to Brooklyn is over and you have settled into the new apartment, you should take your time to adjust to the new environment. Although you will probably remain in touch with the old neighbors and dearest friends from the previous neighborhood, your new neighbors can make your transition more pleasant and easier. Furthermore, if you want to get to know your new neighbors, this will make you feel like part of a community. It is very important to make a good impression on the new neighbors, but there’s always a dilemma about how to make the first step. Some people are shy, while others are concerned about the neighbor’s privacy. So how to it in the right way?

Let’s start with a moving day. Although you still don’t know your new neighbors, don’t hesitate to notify them in case of any inconvenience that can affect their daily routine somehow. Parking properly and not making much noise could be very considerate from your end. Also, they might be interested in getting to know you, but will probably think that you are too busy with moving to be bothered with some unexpected visits.

know your new neighbors
A smile is the best tool to get to know your new neighbors.

Getting to know your new neighbors takes time

Yes, getting to know new neighbors might take some time. Newcomers are usually overwhelmed with moving. Although a moving company can take care of your unpacking, you will probably be busy arranging the new home and starting with new jobs or schools. So you don’t really find time to greet people next door. So it is very important to form a positive relationship with the people who live around by following some guidelines.

  • Spend some time outside in shared, common areas, like the front yard, porch, balcony, neighborhood park, city bench. At the same time, you will do your regular activities and greet people passing by, which will probably lead to conversation.
  • Attend neighborhood events. Find out where your neighbors usually gather and introduce yourself properly without being invasive.
  • Depending on your interests or hobbies join a local club. Clubs are a great way to meet new people and find friends.
  • Offer some help. Find a local organization which shares your interests and offer your assistance. That way you will get involved and people will notice you.
  • Children and pets are always convenient reasons to strike up a conversation with the neighbors. This could be an opportunity to talk about local schools, playgrounds, dog parks, vets
  • Throw a housewarming party. Organize the party at the new home and invite your new neighbors, who will appreciate being included. Whether you are organizing an afternoon get-together or a party, it is a good occasion for you to start hanging out with your neighbors and for your children to meet their peers. you can also invite your old friends if they live nearby.

Your kids can help you with meeting new friends

Kids are likely to be confused or upset after the move. So it’s a good idea to combine your wish to know your new neighbors and make them feel better. As a parent, you should do anything you can to make them feel comfortable in the new surroundings and make the transition easier on them.

Children are always convenient reasons to strike up a conversation with the neighbors.
  • While the kids are usually shy in front of unknown people, you can ask around and find out if there are children in your new neighborhood. It would be best if children are the same age so they can get along better.
  • Find more information about the school system in the area. Choose the most suitable school for your children. Taking your children to school can also help you make new friendships.
  • Visit local parks and playgrounds, which are a perfect place to meet parents and their children.
  • Organize an afternoon party for the kids from the school and neighborhood. Call anyone that seems interesting to your children, but also call people that you want to hang out with.
  • Visit children’s stores nearby. Searching for toys and presents can be a great conversation starter.
  • Find out more information about local activities. There are probably education centers, recreation center or community club.

What if you’re single

It’s different if you want to know your new neighbors if you’re single and if you have a family. Maybe you moved your office to Brooklyn – or you are just planning to. Well, what to do once the best commercial movers NYC finish their work and you are all alone in your new place? Well, there are a couple of things that can help you meet new people.

Couple unpacking books
Ask your new neighbors to help you unpack.

Most popular are:

  • Going to local bars, cafes, and clubs. If you get your morning coffee at the same cafe every day, chances are that you will meet at least one new face. Nightlife also can help you meet new people, as people are more relaxed during nighttime.
  • Search for friends on social networks. Updating your new location online can help you meet new people. Search anyone that leaves close by and start a conversation.
  • Being spontaneous. Most of the times the best trick to meet new people is to be spontaneous. If you like someone, just approach them and say the first thing that comes to your mind. You will laugh for sure.

To sum up

New neighbors can help you adapt and get acquainted with the new home more quickly. Be ready to make the first step and approach them when you think it is the right moment. Both you and your neighbors are probably very busy, but always have time for a polite short talk at least. Your new life means new friendships as well, so enjoy the process. Good luck!

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