Why moving to Brooklyn is always a good idea?

Why moving to Brooklyn is always a good idea?

There is a stereotype among Manhattanites that people are moving to Brooklyn because they can’t afford to live in Manhattan. But, what about those who are moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn willingly? What about those who are looking for some peaceful, family place to live, tired of the hustle and confusion of Manhattan? On the other hand, people who are fond of busy and exciting lifestyles can find someplace fitting their personal preferences.

A close up of the Brooklyn Bridge.
Across the Brooklyn Bridge, a fantastic world awaits.

Brooklyn is a lively home to young professionals, families, new grads, young artists, and other creative people. It is the most populous NYC borough with more than 30 neighborhoods, and some of them have become real estate hot spots during the last few years. Each neighborhood is unique and has something special to offer. So, what’s there not to love about moving to Brooklyn? Is it always a good idea? Let’s find out!

For starters, the price is right!

Even though the financial factor isn’t and shouldn’t be the primary reason why you decide to pack up your bags and move, it can’t be denied that it’s a significant one. No matter how big of a monthly income you have, by living in Manhattan, you will most likely have to live on the budget. Sure, when compared to other NYC boroughs, Brooklyn is a slightly more expensive alternative. But, when compared to Manhattan, it’s easy to see how Brooklyn is the apparent winner. Real estate is more affordable but so is everything else. If you live in Manhattan, chances are you have a small apartment with skyrocket rent but the good news is that you’ll find a much bigger space in Brooklyn for the same price. This borough has the best of both worlds – reasonable prices and hip and trendy places. What’s there not to love?

Plenty of neighborhoods

Moving to Brooklyn is always a good idea as you have plenty of neighborhoods to choose from! As a moving specialist in Brooklyn, we can testify that there is not a shortage of neighborhoods in this borough. What’s even more important is that all of them will be a match made in heaven for people of all likes, tastes, and preferences.

People who are pursuing their careers, for example, will undoubtedly be excited about moving to Park Slope, since this trendy neighborhood gathers young professionals, musicians, entrepreneurs, artists, etc. Also, Park Slope is ideal for families with young children, since there are a lot of quality public schools as well as excellent private schools. Furthermore, the crime rate in Park Slope is low, which is a crucial factor for everyone moving to Brooklyn. However, Park Slope is one of the priciest neighborhoods in NYC in terms of rental and real estate costs, so moving here requires specific financial stability.

Cheapest neighborhoods in Brooklyn

Dollar bills on a laptop to spend after moving to Brooklyn.
If the price of Park Slope doesn’t agree with you, there are always plenty of other options.

Not to worry! If the reason why you moved to Brooklyn in the first place was to save some money, you don’t have to opt for an option as expensive as Park Slope. You can always go for the following neighborhoods and not regret it:

And many, many more. Although, there is one thing to do before you make the final decision. If you have in mind to move to Brooklyn any time soon, visit the neighborhoods you are interested in to get a clear picture of what living in Brooklyn is like. Only then will you be able to decide which Brooklyn neighborhood you will call your home. Checking out these neighborhoods in person will give you an idea about how it would be to live there but it will also help you see how the commute is in case you still have to go back to Manhattan frequently for work or any other reason. You’ll also get familiar and make it easier on yourself once you move because you’ll already know what to expect.

The job market in Brooklyn has been flourishing

A man in a suit ready for a handshake.
You will have a plethora of business opportunities to choose from after moving to Brooklyn.

It’s safe to say that, lately, plenty of people have been relocating to Brooklyn in pursuit of a better job. And let’s be honest, if there is an excellent reason to move home, it’s this one. A better job means higher pay, which consequently has a good effect on the other aspects of your life. But, what sets Brooklyn apart as the mecca for business people?

People starting their careers in Brooklyn are attracted by numerous young companies looking for talented and energetic young professionals. In comparison with Manhattan, shopping, rents, entertainment, and many other things are less expensive in Brooklyn. Brooklyn provides a real sense of community, which makes it very attractive for families and young professionals. If you’re looking for that tight-knit community and a smile from your neighbor, then Brooklyn is your place. So, as soon as you settle into your new home, approach your neighbors and get to know everything interesting about the area.

Plenty of outdoor spaces

A lot of parks together with walkable sidewalks make Brooklyn a desirable, family-friendly borough. While you won’t be so close to the beloved Central Park, the good news is that you’ll have many parks t get some fresh air and spend time outside alone, with friends, or your family. It may not be as extravagant as Manhattan but Brooklyn will most definitely give you another type of luxury in NYC – the abundance of parks.

Hire professional movers

Are you relocating your business or your household? It’s best to get some help when moving to Brooklyn! Whether you are relocating the whole business or just a household, it is highly recommended to hire a professional moving company. NYC is a bustling city, and you certainly don’t want to get stuck somewhere with a rented moving truck full of your household items. Brooklyn movers know exactly how to handle the rush on the NYC streets, and they will make sure that your belongings reach your new residence intact.

The moving business is a prevalent one in the Big Apple, so there is a wide assortment of moving companies to research to find the most convenient one. No one says that this is an easy task, but make sure to do a background check of every moving company you are interested in. Check NYC moving companies reviews. Get several NYC moving quotes and compare the offers so that you can decide which one works best for you. In case you are moving on a tight budget, beware of extremely low moving estimates! Similar offers may be identified as a sign that something’s not right, that you are dealing with a fraudulent company. By being a victim of rogue movers, you are at risk to lose a lot more money than you have planned to invest in the move. You may even lose all your household items as well. Also, do not disregard the importance of a moving insurance policy. Purchase proper insurance that will cover any damage in case something goes wrong during the move.

DIY move?

Of course, you can also go for a DIY move instead but keep in mind that you’ll have to rent a moving truck and you’ll also have to pack and load/unload all of your belongings. That’s perfectly fine if you only have a few household items but if you’re moving furniture or other heavy and bulky items, things can get really tricky. Driving in NYC can be a real nightmare but especially if you’re driving a rental truck over a Brooklyn Bridge, you may regret the decision to move alone. So, make sure to consider your options carefully and find the best solution for your Manhattan to Brooklyn move.

Brooklyn’s diversity will amaze you…

Three women smiling and hugging after moving to Brooklyn.
Not only will you find a group of good friends, but you are also very likely to encounter your soulmate.

Brooklyn is all about diversity so that you can choose a neighborhood according to your lifestyle, personality, interests, needs, finances. Brooklyn seems to suit everyone’s taste, so those who move there have no trouble adjusting to a new environment.

And we are not just referring to the multitude of choices when it comes to picking a neighborhood – far from it. This NYC borough is known as a melting pot of nations. Here, everyone is welcomed with open arms and friendly faces. If you want to work on your multiculturalism, get to try out new cuisines, and meet people from all over the world, move to Brooklyn. Who knows, maybe after finding a roommate you will get to live with a Greek exchange student who can tell you all about his/her lifestyle. Or you may get to inhabit a place with a Russian ballerina. In Brooklyn, everything is possible!

…and so will its views!

Granted, by moving to Brooklyn, you won’t exactly be able to see nature at its best. Brooklyn is a concrete jungle but with a few places of greenery where you can go to unwind. But, when we say views, we don’t have nature in mind – we have all the beautiful rooftops that will allow you to marvel at a beautiful sight. Overlooking the entire Manhattan (from a good position, of course), you will get to wonder at how much humans have achieved. We’ve built these amazing and astonishing skyscrapers. You may feel sad about not being a part of the fabulous Manhattan at first but once you get used to seeing its skyline from across the river, you may feel quite the opposite. The gratitude will take over you, and you will realize how lucky you are to be able to live in the Big Apple.

Art and music

If you are an artistic soul, you will want to give moving to Brooklyn a thought. Neighborhoods such as Williamsburg are known as places for aspiring artists. That is where you go if you’re going to progress in life and your career. From various music venues to art galleries on every corner, Brooklyn has it all! And to make a good situation even better, it also has free festivals that you can attend. That’s right – no fee of any kind. And when have you heard that anything in NYC comes without a price tag attached to it? Only when living in Brooklyn! On other occasions when things are happening in Manhattan, you’ll still be quite close so you can attend any art event when you want to.

Brooklyn is a place with a soul

Perhaps, the best way to describe Brooklyn is by saying that it is a place with a soul. It has a certain vibe and atmosphere that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. And we are not just talking about New York – we are talking about the world-wide scales. By moving to Brooklyn, you will ensure you live amongst the elite. The elite of people whose primary worry is to lead a happy life and to dedicate their time to the things that really matter. A relocation to Brooklyn will change your life in more ways than once. And, every change will be for the better!

The never-ending debate between Manhattan and Brooklyn life will keep evolving and people will certainly choose one over another perhaps even a few times in their life. Keep in mind that moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn may not be what you want at the moment but may be exactly what you need to start feeling at home in NYC again. With great neighborhoods, affordable housing, and family-friendly options, Brooklyn is indeed a great place to call home. If you’ve made up your mind and the only thing that’s missing is the best mover, check out Dumbo Moving and Storage. Our company is based in Brooklyn and we understand better than anyone else how great this borough is. Let’s connect to chat about your upcoming move and create a personalized plan for your relocation from Manhattan to Brooklyn.

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