Unpacking tips

Unpacking tips


After putting a lot of time and effort in packing, you may get discouraged when you realize that unpacking takes a lot more time. Reaching a new place is a huge relief, but the moment you will have everything arranged is still far away.

Provided that all of the boxes are properly labeled and that you have a strategy, unpacking process will go smoothly. However, without a plan, unpacking can become very difficult and unpleasant, because there are so many items that need to be unpacked, unwrapped, cleaned and put in the right place.

Arranging your home after the move If you have moved with your family, have them all do a certain part of the job. Try to motivate your children so that they help you unpack – go out and grab some pizza or ice cream or take them to the cinema. It’s very important not to disregard your children during the moving mess.

– Before you let anyone into the house, have it cleaned. Do the same with your old house before you leave.

– Have your movers place the boxes into the appropriate rooms. In order to help them, arrange a floor plan so that they know the position of each room.

– First of all, have the essentials unpacked first and then unpack each room at a time.

– Each family member should have his own essential box, so get them unpacked first. Essential boxes containing towels, toothbrush, toilet paper, pajamas, medications, toiletries,…should be moved with you so that you can have an easy access any time you want.

– In case you reach your new place at night, make sure to find your linens and prepare beds for all family members. After such exhausting day it would be best to go directly to bed and start unpacking tomorrow morning.

– Put large pieces of furniture where they belong. Decide in advance where huge items like pianos, double beds,… should be placed. Once the movers are gone, it would be difficult to move similar items on your own. – Switch the electricity on and plug in all major appliances. While hooking up the appliances, especially new ones, consult the manuals. If you do that while the movers are still it the house, you have a chance to complain if some of them were damaged during the transport.

– Provided that you already know the layout of the new house your movers can help you put the furniture in the right place. Make sure to save yourself from any further rearranging of heavy items. – Rather than having all of the rooms half-unpacked, make sure to unpack one room at a time. Each of the family members should unpack his own items and have some time to settle down and adjust to the new space. Your priorities will determine which room you will unpack first, so start according to your family’s needs. As much you want to put everything in its place as soon as possible, bare in mind that you actually don’t have to unpack everything in one day.

– In case you want to establish family routine as soon as possible, start with the kitchen. Again, set up appliances you will need first and unpack only essentials. Remember that preparing your family’s favorite meals will bring some pleasant memories, gather the whole family and make them relax for a while. In addition to that, eating out and ordering food require certain amount of money, so cooking at home can be much better option for your wallet. Maintaining family routine is especially important if you have kids and it makes them feel safe.

– Make your family feel comfortable in the bathroom. Clean it, organize toiletries, hung the towels and the shower curtains,… After organizing the kitchen, you may be pleasantly surprised how easy unpacking the bathroom is.

– Set up bedrooms. After putting your beds together, unpack the clothing. Start with seasonal clothing and unpack the clothes you will probably need in the next few weeks for different occasions. Organize your and your family’s closet properly, so that you don’t have to search several boxes in order to find your kid’s gloves.

– Go through each box. Maybe there is something that should be taken to attic or NYC storage facility.

– When trying to get rid of all those empty moving boxes, act in an eco-friendly way. Instead of throwing them away, check which materials can be recycled.

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