First time movers mistakes to avoid

First time movers mistakes to avoid

Not knowing what are you doing is hard in any situation and relocation is no different. Researchers show that moving is one of the most stressful things people experience. That is even more true for people who are doing it for the first time. There are many things that can go wrong and a lot of them do. But, don’t worry, like we often say, there is a solution for every problem. If you are moving for the first time, you are probably scared and stressed. The important thing to know is that a lot of people went through the same experience. And what you can do is learn from their mistakes. We came up with a list of the most common first time movers mistakes to avoid. Make sure that you know all of this before you start planning your relocation. And we will be here for any doubts you might have.

1. Not getting any professional help is one of the biggest first time movers mistakes you should avoid

first time movers mistakes to avoid
If you are not sure what to do, perhaps you should hire the experts and help yourself

They say that if you want something done right you should do it yourself. And that is true most of the times. But, it is most certainly not true when you are relocating for the first time. It might seem like you know where to go and what to do but when the ball starts rolling you might find yourself pretty lost. That is why you should seek for help ahead of time, and not when you are already in way over your head. Preparing for the move, buying a new property, selling your old one… As well as transporting, packing, organizing, and decoration. You can find a moving partner to help you with everything. If you can’t afford to hire someone to do everything that prioritize and see which parts of your relocation might be the most difficult ones if you are moving for the first time.

2. Not having a plan is a pretty big mistake, although most people make it

Winging it, improvising, going with the flow… That isn’t really something you should do when you are relocating for the first time. Why? Because relocating is complex, stressful and expensive. And every unplanned event only makes it more. More complex, more stressful, more expensive… If you have already done it, you might be able to wing it, but for any first time mover, the advice is simple. Grab a notepad and a pen, and start writing. Consult calendar and weather patterns and your own needs and wishes. That is the only way to relocate in a successful way.

And once you have the plan, revise it, update it, change it and modify it in any way possible that suits your needs in a better way. You will thank us later.

3. Doing your research will help you avoid a lot of typical mistakes

What do you really know about moving? Are you ready for a local move? Do you know how to negotiate with moving companies? Do you even know how to pack your clothes for a move? It’s okay. We didn’t know either.

That is why we are here. On our blog, you can find a lot of useful articles. In addition to this, you should talk to your friends and family. Don’t forget to include your co-workers, colleagues, and neighbors. Ask them about their experiences, reach out with questions and be ready to listen. People who went through something similar will most certainly give you a lot of useful advice.

first time movers typical moving mistakes
It’s okay to don’t know. But it is not okay not to ask.

This doesn’t mean that you should change your mind and plan according to what someone else tells you. Not everyone needs the same things and requires the same service. But, you are a first time mover and hearing about other people’s mistakes will help you avoid making a few of your own. In the end, you will have your own opinions that you can share with others that are struggling like you are.

4. Get a second opinion and avoid first time movers mistake number 1

When you start planning your move and contacting your moving partners, you might hear a lot of things you like. Conditions, fee, additional benefits… Unfortunately, the moving industry is full of scammers. Almost 40 million moves happen all across the United States in a year. The demand is high. But, that also means that there is a lot of room for people only looking their own personal gain. Not to frighten you and make you back out, but you should be careful. If a deal is too good to be true, it probably is. If a company is too eager to take your money, there will be a good reason behind it. First time movers mistakes are not getting a second opinion. Getting your quote from a couple of different companies means being able to compare and make the best possible decision. Evaluate all of your options and then choose the best one. Choosing a good moving company is extremely important for any relocation.

relocating mistakes
Packing you bags and leaving is hard, but there are ways to make it better.

Moving for the first time is something you will probably remember for the rest of your life. There is no need to remember this experience with anxiety, missed deadlines, broken belongings and a large bill. You can make it easier and less stressful if you avoid typical first time movers mistakes. Of course, you are bound to make some of your own, but they don’t have to be big and so memorable. Do your research, double check everything, be alert, patient and careful. Stop every once in a while to catch your breath and take a couple of pictures. In the end, your first moving experience can be a funny Instagram caption instead of a horror story you don’t want to remember.

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