Local moving do's and don'ts

Local moving do's and don'ts

Planning a local moving any time soon? Then you could use some guidelines that will keep you on track during this transitional period. Although it may seem like a hassle-free process, a local move requires serious approach and total dedication. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that it’s not that complicated like long-distance moves, but still you need to pay extra attention to some important steps.

Local moving do’s – everything you need to know

– Make a comprehensive moving checklist as soon as the move becomes imminent. No matter how straightforward the local move may seem, chances are that you are going to overlook some important tasks. Sometimes the very thought of moving may be so overwhelming that we fail to notice some obvious details. Use a simple week-by-week moving checklist to keep track of your moving and packing activities.

Local moving made easy with a timely preparation
Timely and accurate preparation is an important factor for a stress-free local moving experience

– Start moving preparations as early as possible. Local moving usually takes more time than expected, so planning ahead will take an excessive stress out of the equation.

– Decide whether you are going to hire professional local movers or organize the entire process yourself. Hiring professional movers will ensure a smooth and stress-free experience. Start researching them well in advance so as to get the best possible deal.
– Calculate approximate moving costs. Depending on your moving budget you should decide whether you will hire professionals to assist you with your household move. But first things first! Get several moving quotes from different moving companies to get a clear idea about the pricing.

Local moving guidelines – part 2

– Make an inventory of all household items before deciding what to move to a new home. Only then you will realize that either your new home cannot accommodate everything you own or that you simply don’t need all items you are planning to move. Be honest with yourself and get rid of items you don’t need or want. The sooner the better!
– Get suitable packing supplies and materials. If you are moving on your own stock up on quality moving supplies. While aiming to cut moving costs, you can look for free moving boxes available at the nearest grocery store, bookstore or restaurant. Aside from moving boxes, get plenty of:

  • plastic moving bins
  • packing paper
  • bubble wrap

padding materials

Quality packing materials will ensure a successful local moving experience
The local moving success depends on the quality of packing materials used throughout the process
  • packing tape
  • labels and markers

– Have your utilities transferred and the address changed. Get in touch with all your service providers so as to have the utilities cancelled at your old home and set up at the new one. And more importantly, make sure everything’s done before moving day!
– Organizing a DIY move requires an accurate plan. Lack of planning can cause major moving chaos. A good thing about local moving is that you can make several trips back to your old home either in your car or moving truck/van.
– Visit your new home before moving day and move items that you don’t need (like off-season clothes, tools, sports equipment, barbecue,…). Also, it’s advisable to get to know the new environment in advance in order to make the adaptation process much more enjoyable.

Local moving don’ts

Even when moving short-distance people tend to underestimate the importance of proper preparation.
Take the following tips and tricks into account so as to avoid some of the most common local moving pitfalls.

In order to have a smooth local move DON’T:

Get reliable friends or hire professional movers for your local moving
Gather friends and relatives to assist you with your local moving

– Suppose that local moving requires little or no planning in advance. As it turns out, the moving process may easily become overly stressful if not organized properly.
– Try to do everything on your own, no matter how simple the local moving may seem. If your budget doesn’t allow you to hire professional movers, gather friends and other volunteers to give you a hand on moving day.
– Assume that you have the luxury of leaving things to the last minute. Regardless of the proximity of the new house, you should take packing seriously as if you were moving to another state.
– Clutter up your new place with unnecessary items. Moving items that you will eventually throw out makes no sense, right?

– Over-pack your boxes. Pack light items like clothes and linens in large moving boxes and heavy items in small containers. Proper packing strategy will keep your items safe and undamaged during the transport.
– Fail to label moving boxes. Proper labeling strategy can go a long way towards smooth unpacking. While packing your fragile items make sure to clearly mark the box with the delicate content in order to prevent possible damage in the transporting.

– Forget to plan for packing and transporting bulky and large items. Handling delicate items always requires an extra pair of hands as well as experience, so entrusting your grandma’s piano to the non-professionals could be difficult, risky and dangerous.
– Forget to move plants and valuables with you. Even if professional movers are in charge of the entire process, certain tasks are up to you. Your movers will most probably refuse to pack and load plants and other non-allowables. Therefore, make sure you are well aware of your responsibilities and duties before you even start packing.

Final phase of local moving – what to expect?

Local moving allows you to make new acquaintances while staying in touch with your old friends and neighbors. You can both explore the new area and enjoy the activities you left behind, because your day-to-day life won’t suffer major changes. Presumably the adaptation period won’t take long for you and your loved ones. Try to concentrate on getting settled and keep up with the good mood.

Celebrate a successful outcome of your local moving
Throw a housewarming party to welcome your friends into your new home

In order to reduce the moving tension and celebrate the new beginning, throw a housewarming party as soon as you settle into the new home. Welcome both old and new friends and coworkers into your new home and reward yourself with a nice party after a demanding relocation process.

Once the move is successfully completed, take your time to write the review about moving services. Share your moving story online providing other people interested in finding affordable movers with all relevant information and guidelines.

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