Choosing moving partners: what you need to know

Choosing moving partners: what you need to know

Moving is a tricky business, and it comes as a no surprise that most people just back out. Rather than going through the complicated process of finding a  new place, organizing the move, packing and unpacking from dusk till dawn they opt to stay in their current residences, even if they are not satisfied. But, you are not one of them. You are here, which means you have already made the first step. As one of the best moving companies in New York, we can help you with your relocation. As always in life, it is very important who do you choose to partner up. Choosing moving partners is the most important step in your relocation.

choosing moving partners for your relocation
Hiring the best moving partners can significantly help your relocation

There are various segments of your relocation. It can be argued which one is the most difficult one. Some parts may be easier than others, but all of them will require a lot of time and dedication. In order to go through this experience as carefree as possible, you need to partner up with the right people and companies. Let’s see first who can you partner up with and why.

Choosing moving partners – what are my options?

  • Real estate agents – In case there is any property to buy and sell, chances are you won’t be able to do it alone. The real estate world is pretty complex and full of confusing documentation. That is why choosing your real estate agent is a very important decision.
  • Packing companies – most people don’t even think about this option. Packing is something you can easily do at home, with a couple of good packing tips you picked up online. And usually it will do the trick, but in some cases, asking for professional help is necessary. If you have a large garage, or you are moving an office consider choosing moving partners that can take care of the packing. This can make a big difference.
  • Moving Companies – Well, this is the most important partner almost no moves happen without them. Unless you are moving down the hall, consider hiring a professional moving service that will transport your things for you. Hiring respectable movers isn’t always easy, but it is important, so take your time with this decision.
  • Storage facilities – If you have way too much stuff and your new place isn’t really that spacious than you might consider renting a storage unit. They are especially popular in the big cities. Choosing moving partners also means renting a storage facility, before or after the move.
  • Decoration services – This is a bit of a stretch, but it is equally important to make the right call. If you have decided to hire someone to make your new place stylish, make sure to give them all the info first. They should know your taste, as well as your budget.

What is your responsibility towards your moving partners?

Although we often talk about what it is that we expect from people we hire during our relocation, it is also important to mention what is our role in responsibility. Taking time choosing moving partners that suit your needs won’t mean a thing if we don’t treat them with respect. That means giving them all the necessary information in advance, do not miss the deadlines and do not leave the things for the last minute. They will be much better in doing their job if we don’t prevent them from doing it. Trying to cut corners will only hurt our relocation in the long run.

What to look for in a moving partner?

choosing moving partners
These tips can help you choose the best moving partner

Regardless if you are choosing the company that will transport your belongings, or you are deciding between two real estate agencies, you should have in mind a couple of things. First, have in mind that you need to trust your moving partner. This isn’t an easy thing to establish. It is easier to do it if you maintain open channels of communication and start every deal with the same respect. Negotiating the prices, services and deadlines will be that much easier.

When choosing moving partners, you need to trust your gut as well as the facts. Always double check the info provided, and if something feels sketchy back out of the deal. No matter how good the offer is, make sure that you have verified that you are dealing with a respectable moving company. This means checking their references, verifying their service and always making sure they have a proper license. This especially goes for real estate, because real estate licenses aren’t that easy to get.

Another important thing when choosing moving partners is that you should always get a second opinion. This doesn’t just mean getting a different price, but also getting a different approach. For example, if you are moving delicate art, you should seek different solutions for transportation before you make the final decision.

Stay away from these types of moving partners!

avoid these types of moving partners
If you are informed enough, no one will be able to scam you.

Trying to avoid moving scams will probably be a big part of your relocation. It is not a subject people like to discuss, but it is important to do so. Moving scams are often and they impact everyone. In order to make sure you are safe, as well as your money and belongings, be extremely careful when choosing moving partners.

If you are informed and cautious enough, no one will be able to trick you. Start with getting all the necessary information from your company – their data, licenses, previous customers, initial contracts etc. Check to see if they are registered. If all of that seems in order pay attention to their behavior. Being late, not respecting the deal, doing a sloppy and irresponsible job… After a few of these red flags, it is time to look for another moving partner. Keep your eyes open, be o

Keep your eyes open, be optimistic but cautious and always treat the moving partners with respect. Have a great relocation!

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