How to avoid additional moving costs

How to avoid additional moving costs

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Plan your move and weigh your options ahead of time to avoid additional moving costs

You’ve probably heard that moving always costs more than you think, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With so many services and small projects to cover, you may start wondering if there are ways to avoid additional moving costs. And rightfully so, given the fact that they can quickly skyrocket if not appropriately managed.

Relocating is notorious for being a costly project. But, the good news is that there are ways to keep those costs under control. If you’ve already moved house before, you probably have an idea of how much it will cost you. There are significant expenses such as renting a moving truck, packing services NYC, and purchasing packing supplies. But, what you may overlook are hidden moving expenses that may quickly pile up. Once you learn about those costs, you may add them to the checklist and plan your budget accordingly. As a matter of fact, a budget-friendly move comes down to some insightful planning.

The secret to keeping your moving expenses low is a timely organization. Investing a little extra effort during the time leading up to moving day may keep more money in your pocket. From the moment you decide to move to the day you are fully settled into a new home, there will be a lot of (un)expected expenses. Hopefully, the following guidelines will help you manage them carefully.

Strategies that will help you save money on your move

With the moving day approaching fast, your primary concern will be how to stay on track in terms of your budget. Unfortunately, moving costs tend to add up quickly and hence create a gap in your budget.

Make money when moving – start decluttering

Inventory all your home possessions and gather old, unnecessary items that could be put to good use or repurposed. Consider selling everything that’s not worth the time, money, and headache to move. Getting rid of your precious belongings is probably one of the toughest decisions you will have to make. Once you’ve made a list of the items that are not going to travel to your new home, make sure to say goodbye to them mentally. Although with no monetary value, certain sentimental clutter is not easy to let go of. However, if you are ready for a quick pre-move sale, have a proper strategy in place.

  • Organize a profitable garage sale – Don`t put a price that is too high, though. Organize the items according to categories, and inform your neighbors that you will be hosting a garage sale.
  • Advertise your items on social media – Social media is a fantastic way to reach a larger number of people. This is the easiest way to let everyone know you are selling your items.
  • Use online platforms to list your belongings – You don`t have to even organize a garage sale at all. Instead, you can sell your items online. Take photos of them and list them online. The buyers will pick them up and pay for them, so this is perhaps the most convenient way of selling your items.

Furthermore, consider donating items you cannot sell, but still are in the right condition. For a greener move, contact a local recycling center to arrange a pick-up.

Avoid additional moving costs by cutting unnecessary extra services

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Gather your physically prepared friends to help you out with heavy lifting and hauling

The more extra services you need, the more expensive your move will turn out to be. It mostly depends on the time leading up to moving day, budget, and your (lack of) expertise whether you are going to need them or not. The truth is that an extra pair of professional hands can make your life easier when moving. However, if you start preparing well in advance, you can set the stage for an affordable move.

To begin with, pack your belongings yourself. Having gathered several strong and patient friends, you can go about packing and heavy lifting without spending any money. Furthermore, free moving boxes are available at local grocery stores, bookstores, bars, and restaurants, so make sure to schedule a pick-up well in advance.

Organize a packing goodbye party

If you want to organize a goodbye party before your relocation, you can actually avoid some additional moving costs. Organizing a party can get expensive as well, but if you gather your friends to help you pack and do this while listening to great music and enjoying delicious snacks, then it is a win-win combination.

Avoid additional moving costs by saving on packing supplies

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Use free moving boxes or get them for cheap with your local movers

As we already mentioned, you can take free moving boxes from a local grocery store, or liquor store, for example. You can also visit the Craigslist site, and search for the section on free items. Usually, someone is offering free moving boxes that you can take. Additionally, you could ask your friends or family members who have recently moved to provide you with some moving material.

Furthermore, you can use your bags and suitcases as moving boxes NYC as well. You could move all of your clothes inside the bags you already have, and avoid additional moving costs. Additionally, you could use your old blankets as moving blankets. Cover the items of irregular shape with your old moving blankets and use packing tape to ensure they will not fall off the item. Also, use crushed newspaper and towels instead of bubble wrap.

Book your movers early

When you move is just as important as who you are moving with. Your choice of movers will largely determine the outcome of your Flatbush moving experience if you happen to be moving within NYC’s most populous borough. The earlier you book your movers, the lower the moving costs will be.

Also, if you schedule a move for the off-peak season, you are likely to save some money and avoid additional moving costs. To attract customers and secure a moving job during the slow season, moving companies usually offer promotions and discounts. Also, negotiating never hurts, so try to get the best possible deal on moving services. Furthermore, know that a good moving service Brooklyn are in high demand and their pricing tends to skyrocket between May and September. Ideally, you will opt for a weekday in the middle of the month during the off-season if you are flexible to move whenever you want.

Most common extra moving services

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Customize the moving strategy that will set you up for an affordable move

Here are some of the most popular additional services that people choose to make the entire experience more bearable.

  • Professional packers and moving and packing supplies such as special crating, plastic bins, and other specialty supplies and equipment for packing delicate and valuable items.
  • Disassembly and reassembly of bulky furniture may also come at an additional cost. So, if you want to avoid extra charges, you’d better look for those online tutorials.
  • Packing and moving heavy items such as pianos, pool tables, or hot tubs may require special tools and more manpower. So, to avoid additional moving costs gather strong volunteers who happen to be experienced in heavy lifting.
  • Purchasing appropriate moving insurance will prove to be beneficial if something terrible happens to your precious items while in transit. As it turns out, basic limited liability protection offers coverage of 60 cents per pound per one item, which is out of the question when moving valuable items.
  • Elevator fees are usually applied if the elevator is out of order or non-existent. In that case, your movers will be forced to carry the entire moving load up and down the stairs.
  • Long carry costs are charged if movers cannot park the vehicle in front of the property, so they need to haul your items longer than agreed. To avoid additional moving costs like this, consider reserving a parking spot well in advance.
  • You will incur storage expenses if you need to store your belongings for a while until your new property is completely ready. The final price will be based on the time and special features that you may require.

Planning a move?

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