Eco-friendly storage solutions

Eco-friendly storage solutions

Organizing a home in an environmentally-friendly manner may help you develop some healthy habits and routines. Although you are probably familiar with the most common green practices, there are still plenty of small changes you can introduce to make your living more sustainable. Those who want to transition into a green home should definitely start by applying eco-friendly storage solutions.

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Opting for eco-friendly storage solutions may be beneficial both for your personal and environmental well-being

If you are like most people, chances are the consumerist lifestyle has taken its toll and left you with too many items and too little storage space. As it turns out, for many NYC dwellers, small space living is the only option. So, whether you are trying to make the most of every inch of your tiny apartment or just want to lead a low-impact lifestyle, you should start consuming less and reusing more. There are ways to reduce your footprint, so why wouldn’t you start with your home and your day-to-day habits?

Low-impact living is not equally accessible to every person. They understand it differently – some of them are riding their bike to work or buying second-hand items, others are keeping their lights off or turning down the heater when possible.

Learning how to be happy with less stuff is probably the first step toward having an organized and tidy apartment. Hopefully, the following tips will help you achieve balance at home while reducing waste and saving money during the move.

Tidying up your green home starts with decluttering

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Learn how to be happy with less

Unless you want to spend a small fortune on renting storage units NYC, fitting your items into a limited space calls for some creativity and resourcefulness. But, only after you’ve purged your home thoroughly! If you want to give your place an eco-friendly touch, start reorganizing it. Remember that clutter may put a lot of mental pressure and drain your energy without you even noticing it. It weighs you down and creates an unhealthy living environment and unbearable burden.

Sorting through your earthly possessions gives you a unique opportunity to identify unnecessary items and get rid of them for good. There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing your place tidy and well-organized after a long time. Establishing smart and sustainable home organization may help you reduce your waste and consumption in the long run. So, donate, recycle and give away as many items as possible.

But, boosting your home’s eco-friendly appearance doesn’t end when you complete purging. A clutter-free place is a solid foundation for starting a new, more environmentally conscious life.

Eco-friendly storage solutions at home

As we all know, tiny yet impactful changes can make all the difference when it comes to protecting the environment. Small and gradual adjustments performed around your home can go a long way towards reducing your carbon footprint. You’ll be doing both the environment and yourself a huge favor by slightly changing your habits at home.

Eco-friendly storage solutions usually come as a result of a series of thought-out green strategies.

Repurpose already existing storage supplies instead of buying the new ones

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Repurposing already existing household items may save you some space and money

Empty shoe boxes can fit perfectly under your bed, which makes them ideal for storing out-of-season items, holiday decorations or clothes.

The space beneath your bed may keep less used items safe and out of sight. Also, consider reusing glass jars to organize small household items or to transform them into vases and planters.

Set up a handy container to store used boxes and gift bags. Furthermore, wooden crates are sturdy and versatile enough to accommodate pillows, shoes, books or kids’ toys.

Reorganize your pantry

If you are like most people, chances are your pantry hides a lot of half-empty containers, spare plastic bags, cans… A properly organized pantry may set you up both for successful cooking and sustainable living. Opt for glass over plastic when storing food for the sake of personal and environmental well-being.

As we all know, the constant use of plastic may result in increased greenhouse gas emissions. Having sorted all your food into categories, make sure to add proper labels. It will help you keep track of already existing products, thus avoid overbuying.

Also, consider adding some stackable, eco-friendly bamboo shelves to make the most of the available vertical space. In addition to that, always look around your home for any reusable containers instead of buying the new ones.

Invest in multipurpose furniture instead of buying extra plastic bins or shelves

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Purchase or make multipurpose low-impact furniture pieces

Sourcing environmentally-friendly and non-toxic pieces of furniture that also have a space-saving feature may be a bit overwhelming. When shopping around for furniture and other items make sure to know what you are actually looking for.

  1. Natural or recycled materials with low impact
  2. Quality, vintage pieces made of real wood with zero-VOC finishes
  3. Avoid plastic furniture as it’s typically not accepted by recycling centers
  4. Opt for glass, metal and certified or salvaged wood
  5. Use natural fabrics like cotton or linen

Platform beds with built-in storage capacity are perfect space and money-saving solution for tiny apartments. When purchasing dressers and side tables you will get a great opportunity to get creative.

Instead of buying traditional furniture pieces, you could use and personalize wine crates in order to add some charm and green touch. Also, by going vertical you could make the most of commonly overlooked eco-friendly storage solutions.

Hiring environmentally conscious movers

The mere thought of packing and downsizing can be truly daunting, no wonder why so many people decide to go about it with the professional movers’ help.

However, when researching the best moving and storage companies NYC, you should definitely focus on finding one with the environmentally-conscious vision and clear goal to reuse, reduce and recycle when moving.

As it turns out, movers who use reusable, non-cardboard containers, biodegradable packing materials and have proper recycling policies are your best ally. But, you should also think green when you pack.

Keep in mind that you can cut down on the number of boxes by using other handy, household alternatives like clothing, linens, pillowcases, towels, and suitcases. Partnering up with eco-friendly movers and using smart packing strategies may be beneficial both for the environment and your budget.

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