Choosing storage - what to pay attention to?

Choosing storage - what to pay attention to?

Choosing storage has become one of the biggest and most frequent issues for an incredibly large number of people all around America. The problem lies in the fact that the total amount of their belongings does not match the size of their storage space in their homes. At some point, sooner or later, they come to a position where they simply don’t have any other solution but to pile up their stuff on one another, thus creating a clutter in the middle of their living rooms. One of the best ways to avoid this situation is to either throw away certain things…or put them in storage. If you are one of those who is more likely closer to choosing the latter, then we will give you useful pieces of advice on what to pay attention to when looking for a storage unit.

What is important when choosing storage?

When it comes to moving your items into storage and choosing an appropriate storage unit, you will need to do it carefully and wisely. Simply put, there is no much room for making mistakes. Even the smallest of details make a difference. That is why we are here to point out the most important ones. Therefore, when choosing storage never forget to think about the following:

  • The size of a storage unit
  • If it is climate controlled or not
  • The price of a storage unit
  • The safety
  • How far is away from your home
Make a checklist of the most important things when choosing storage
Write down on a piece of paper your top priorities when choosing storage

Choose the right size of a storage unit

One of the first concerns regarding the choice of a storage magazine is how much space you’ll need. Therefore, we advise you to consider what things you plan to put in a warehouse. The next thing you should do is take the measurements of the biggest items. Based on this, you’ll have a good idea of how big a space you will need to rent. Also, while you are thinking about what to store away, think whether you want an indoor or outdoor storage unit. Both have its advantages and it’s only up to you which is more suitable for your particular need. It’s important to mention that some NYC moving companies offer the option to pay only the used storage space.

Pay attention to how to pack things in storage

In order to use as little space as possible in a storage unit, it is very important to know how to use that space. You won’t do much if you don’t make a proper organization of the available space. Therefore, think things through before you act. In this way, you will do yourself and your budget a favor. The less space you use, the less you will pay. Let this be your motivation. If, however, you think you won’t be able to pack everything properly, then we suggest you hire professionals to help you pack your things for NYC storage. They’ll know how to best use the space

A very untidy and unorganized storage
Making an order inside a storage unit will help you save a lot of money.

Choose storage which has a climate controlling system

We will be straightforward with this one – don’t rent storage which is not climate-controlled. Now, we do not know how long you are planning to use the services of storage, but we know that the next time you check the warehouse you will want to find things exactly the way you left them. To ensure this, rent a storage unit which offers this amenity. In this way, even the most sensitive items will endure harsh weather conditions from the outside. Furthermore, you will have more peace.

A HVAC unit on a rooftop
Do not leave your precious items in storage which is not climate-controlled.

So, before signing a contract, do make an effort to check this out. By using HVAC technology it helps to reduce the level of moisture and is resistant to dust, pests and many other things that can harm your belongings. Only then this storage is suitable for storing many different types of items such as:

  1. Valuable family heirloom
  2. Fragile items
  3. Old furniture
  4. Fooden and leather furniture
  5. Appliances for the household

The ratio between price and quality of a storage unit

When opting for investing money in something like this, you want to make sure that the price is in accordance with the service. Of course that everyone wants to pay as less money as possible. But, don’t be fooled by the price. Inspect that storage unit. Check if it has everything or, at least, the most of things from your wishlist. On the other hand, the price can vary depending on some other factors. You must take into consideration that the location, size, and special features can also affect the price. Hence, don’t make decisions hastily. It might cost you so much more than money.

Is your storage unit safe enough?

One of the reasons why people choose to rent storage is because they will be away from town, or country for some time, and they don’t want to worry about their precious belongings. The point of renting a storage unit is to keep your items safe while inside storage. Nobody wants to be under stress and think about whether something bad might happen while they are away. When choosing storage it is important that it at least has:

  • A surveillance system
  • A person in charge of the storage park
  • Good quality security locks
  • Secured gates around the warehouse

This should be also listed in the contract and you should also look for an insurance of your property.

Location also matters

For some people, this is actually one of the most important items on their list of priorities. Thinking about how large New York area is, it is not even a surprise. If you think you will be using storage often, then having it closer to your home is necessary. However, if you don’t believe you’ll need it that often, then you might consider opting for storage somewhere a bit further from your location.

When choosing storage, there are many things to consider. Therefore, take some time and think about the priorities before signing the contract.

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