Moving to a studio apartment

Moving to a studio apartment

If you are moving to a studio apartment you may be interested in maximizing your new space.
Make the most of moving to a studio apartment by applying some creative and innovative ideas

If you are moving to a studio apartment you may be interested in maximizing your new space. Sometimes people choose to trade space and comfort for location. At some point they realize that relocating to a more affordable neighborhood or smaller apartment makes sense given their current situation. Instead of being dissatisfied about moving to a studio apartment, try to make the most of your rather tiny new home.
Depending on your personal circumstances, downsizing to a smaller apartment can actually be beneficial for several reasons.
Finding an apartment in NYC that accommodates all your needs in terms of location, square footage and overall comfort is not a simple task.

Unexpected benefits of moving to a studio apartment

If you are about to move to NYC for the first time, chances are that you will end up with a studio apartment as your first home.
Contrary to popular belief, you can actually benefit from moving to a studio apartment in some interesting ways.

– You will be spending less on a monthly basis. After moving to a studio apartment, you are likely to save a lot of money on your rent, monthly utility bills, decoration and home improvement projects. However, don’t be disappointed when you find out that renting a studio apartment in Manhattan is as expensive as renting a large house in a less attractive area. If you are not ready to settle for a less desirable neighborhood, moving to a studio apartment can save you some money. Try to make the most of your new budget-friendly home.

Contrary to popular belief, you can actually benefit from moving to a studio apartment in some interesting ways.
Key to a successful move to a studio apartment is a good organization and proper time management

– You will be forced to de-clutter. Finally you will be able to start over in a clutter-free home. As we tend to pile up unnecessary stuff, at some point our homes become overcrowded with things that we barely use. Letting go of some special items is difficult, but sometimes this is what it takes for a smooth household move. Chances are that you won’t have a spare room to store your belongings, so make sure to move with you only what’s necessary.

– Be creative with space-saving and room management solutions. Come up with some new ideas on how to maximize your space and make it feel bigger and brighter. After moving to a studio apartment you will certainly realize that every inch counts. Add some wall shelves to store and decorate your small apartment. Also, bright colors and large and multi-functional furniture pieces make your space feel more spacious.

More benefits of moving to a studio apartment

– Less cleaning, decorating and organizing. The truth is that you won’t be spending a lot of time cleaning and arranging your household. As a result, you will be able to use your free time more productively and to spend it with your loved ones.

– Make use of creative storage ideas. If you are moving from a larger home, chances are that you will need more than just a few closets for your personal items. Use your vertical space to store your belongings and to ensure a smooth traffic flow through your apartment. Also, a pull-out couch with the ample under-mattress storage space offers an ideal space-saving solution.
After all, regardless of size, you can still make your place feel like home with some creative and innovative ideas. If you are not emotionally prepared to let go of certain items forever, rent a storage unit nearby.
– Avoid accumulating too much stuff after you settle into your tiny studio apartment. Refrain from purchasing items that you don’t need.

– Organize as you go since small places may easily become overcrowded and messy . It’s no secret that even a little bit of clutter in a tiny space may seem like a lot. Set aside a couple of minutes each day to keep your space clean and tidy.

Sharing a studio apartment with your significant other

Try to make the most of your new budget-friendly home.
Moving to a studio apartment with your significant other may involve major challenges

Whether your small studio apartment will work for you depends on your personal circumstances, attitude and adaptability. Moving in together can be fun, but there are still some specifics to learn about sharing a living space with a partner.

Can you enjoy your new life in a small apartment without driving each other crazy? How will your different personalities fit into a tiny studio apartment?
The good news is that you will get to know each other very well. But the bad news is that things may not turn out the way you expected. At the end of the day, it’s all up to you and your emotional and communication skills.

Hopefully these tips will help you keep the good vibes with your partner after moving to a studio apartment.

How to get along with your partner in a studio apartment

– Talk about your expectations. Sharing a small studio apartment with your partner poses many challenges. A limited private space is usually the main reason for increased tension and irritation between couples who share a studio apartment.
An open communication is the key to a harmonious cohabitation and lasting relationship in a small apartment. Problems may arise if couples have unreal expectations.

– Be ready to compromise on your preferences, but let your partner know what your non-negotiables are.
– Combine your lifestyles and routines so as to create an eclectic appearance of your new home. However, do not give up on your personal interests. Spending some time on your own or with your friends will make you feel more comfortable in your new home. Give each other some time apart once in a while even if you are in the same room.

– Discuss some important issues like finances, cleaning schedules, responsibilities and duties. As it turns out, finances can be a major cause of conflict between couples, so make sure to tackle that issue well in advance.
– Show patience and respect and talk, talk, talk! Sooner or later you will realize that communication is everything.
Throw a housewarming party to celebrate your new beginning. It’s a great opportunity to meet your new neighbors as well as gather your old friends and relatives.

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