9 Tips for a Successful Corporate Move

9 Tips for a Successful Corporate Move

Every relocation takes time, organization, and effort to be successful. But corporate relocations require even more time, organization, and effort as they affect your business. Whether you wish to downsize or expand your business, it is necessary to assess all the risks and potential benefits before signing a new lease. We want your corporate move to be flawless, and that is why we offer you the ultimate tips for a successful corporate move. One of the most important steps you can do is to start planning it as soon as possible.

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Start with the preparations on time

This is one of the key aspects to a successful corporate move as we already mentioned. It takes between 9 and 18 months to conduct research, find a new office location, organize a relocation, inform your clients, and do all that is necessary. You should make an extensive office-move checklist with all the tasks that you need to perform. Get into the smallest details, and as you tick one task off your list your confidence will grow and your stress levels will decrease. Once you start, stick to the plan and you will minimize the risk of things going wrong.

Hire movers

Hiring corporate movers NYC is one of the best things you can do for a successful corporate move. Having reliable NYC movers pack, disassemble, store, unpack, and assemble your furniture and equipment is priceless. Movers have the right skills, and they work fast. If you wonder how to handle an office move, you should know that this is not a simple task. But, having movers deal with the physical part of relocation makes it a lot easier. This leaves you with plenty of time to coordinate the rest of the move, deal with the paperwork, finances, your team, etc. It is why hiring a professional mover for your corporate move is the best choice. Before you hire a moving company, make sure that you compare at least three to five NYC moving companies reviews to see which one offers the best services.

Hire an IT service

An office move usually involves relocating plenty of PCs, laptops, printers, etc. To have everything ready after the move, you should hire an IT service to connect all of these properly. If your company has an IT expert, even better. It is also important to disconnect everything in the right manner and you should have an expert doing this. Relocating important documents and data is potentially dangerous. We recommend that you change the passwords before the relocation, and change them again after the relocation takes place. Back up all the vital data and store them on a cloud.

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Inform your clients about the relocation

One of the reasons for your corporate move is also the clients, as you want to be able to provide the best possible service. Inform your clients well in advance about the relocation so that they could also act accordingly. Announce the day of your relocation and also when will you start working from your new address. In this way, you will avoid any confusion with your clients. Update your website to reflect your upcoming relocation as well.

Assign tasks to everyone in your team

Your corporate move will go much smoother if you have your entire team working as one person. Assign specific tasks to each person from your team that is related to moving. All of your employees should be in charge of moving their items, for example. It is wise to appoint one person to be a moving manager. This person will coordinate all the moving-related tasks and oversee whether everything is going according to schedule.

Declutter your office space

Before any relocation, it is important to declutter your office. If you’re wondering how to declutter before the move, follow our tips. Go through all the items and get rid of the items you no longer need.

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Check out whether there are any broken phones, PCs, printers, old pieces of furniture that cannot be used anymore. These items should go straight to the recycle bin. Furthermore, old paperwork that you have stored online can be shredded. In this way, it won`t occupy too much space, and you won`t have to go through the trouble of relocating it.

Label all your boxes properly

Labeling your moving boxes is crucial. You must know what is inside each moving box to have a successful corporate move. If you can’t decide what’s the best way to label your boxes, follow our pro tips for labeling moving boxes, and we’re sure you’ll do it without trouble. Write the contents on each of the boxes, so that you know exactly what is inside them. This can make a difference when you need something important and when you need it fast. Your IT equipment should be labeled as Fragile, and Handle with care.

A Moving Box Labeled As Fragile

Have everything ready in your new office

When you arrive with the movers to your new address, you will want your utilities to be on already. Make sure that there is electricity, water, A/C running, etc. Also, have someone check your A/C as well as the heating system to see whether it is working properly. You will also want your new offices to be clean and welcoming. Hire someone to clean your new offices the day before you arrive with the movers. In this way, everything will be ready for a new beginning.

Change the address

Your new address should reflect as soon as you move. Besides changing your address, you need to change your website, print new business cards, and update the address with the bank, as well. As soon as you do this, make sure to turn on utilities at the new office space. The address change is very important as it can affect your taxes. Additionally, you don`t want your post to go to your former address.

We have seen some of the best tips for a successful corporate move. Organization is everything, and having enough time on your plate allows you even to make a mistake or two. What is also important is to manage your business in the best way possible, as if the relocation is not happening at all. A smoothly coordinated move requires precision, and you will manage that if you delegate some of the work to your employees. Good luck!

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