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Why organizing a fall move makes sense

fall foliage

Keep an eye on the weather forecast while planning your fall move

There is a good reason why relocating is considered as a strenuous, physically and emotionally draining activity. In spite of all positive reasons that prompted you to move, a household relocation is still one of the most dreaded events. Especially if it comes out of nowhere. As the peak moving season starts in April and ends in September, you may be wondering how your fall move will turn out.

With the busy work schedule and children’s school activities, organizing a fall move can be a real challenge. However, according to many people, the fall happens to be the best time for a household move for several reasons. Aside from avoiding the busiest, sweltering summer season, a number of other benefits work in your favor.

Advantages of moving in the fall

While most people are in a rush to move before the summer season ends, you may want to take your time to assess your options carefully. At first it may seem that moving in an inclement weather is more of a hassle. Read on to find out why it can be a good idea to postpone your move until the fall season.

Lower moving rates

red discount sticker for the fall move

During the upcoming fall move you may get some unbelievable discounts and special moving offers

Being the most popular time to move, summertime may present you with a number of challenges: high moving quotes, movers’ unavailability, traffic jam. If you have the luxury to pick the most convenient moving date and wait it out until the fall, you may save plenty of cash in the long run. Due to the off-peak, slow season, moving companies are willing to lower their rates during the fall.

If moving during the weekdays works out and fits your schedule, try to be as flexible as possible. Moving in the fall is typically the best time to negotiate with moving companies. Due to a lower demand for movers during the fall, you can score some good deals on additional moving services as well. In addition to that, with fewer vehicles on the road, your moving day will go smoothly and efficiently.

Convenient weather conditions

Since we don’t always get to choose the day of the move, it’s not uncommon that many residential and office moves take place during the fall. Relocating in the summer heat may pose serious challenges and even health issues. So, it goes without saying that it’s easier to haul heavy furniture in cooler temperatures. Even if you are not the one doing the heavy lifting on moving day, keep in mind that the fall temperatures may be more convenient for your hard-working moving crew.

However, take the time to discuss with them about moving in an inclement weather. As heavy rains and winds are not uncommon during this period, find out more about your movers’ precautions.

Cons of moving in the fall

As it turns out, a fall move may save you a lot of time and money. But, before making the final decision, make sure to familiarize yourself with the cons as well.

Days are shorter

It’s probably one of the most difficult adjustments after the lovely summertime. Only an early start will allow you to complete all moving tasks during the daylight. So, make your relocation schedule ahead of time so as to be able to make the most of moving day.

back to school written on a board

If moving during the fall you will have to balance between kids’ school activities and moving duties

New school year has started

A fall move may create a major routine disruption for your school aged children. Moving with kids is difficult per se, not to mention that you will have to keep up with their school activities as well as with all moving responsibilities. Changing schools in the middle of the semester can be tough on your kids and it usually requires a lot of paperwork. Which is why parents usually opt for moving during the school summer holiday to make the transition easier on their kids.

Inclement weather

Some people may consider unpredictable weather conditions a deal-breaker when it comes to moving. It’s actually one thing that we cannot control and as long as we are not affected by bad weather conditions we will just sit back and wait for the sunny days. But, what if bad weather is threatening to ruin your moving plan? You should be well aware that inclement weather conditions may endanger the entire process as well as participants.

How will bad weather affect my fall move?

colorful umbrellas

Protect your move from bad weather conditions

As long as you follow weather forecast regularly, heavy rain and damaging winds cannot catch you unprepared. When preparing for a late fall move, unpredictable weather should come as no surprise. Moving in the rain can be tricky, not to mention all potential safety issues involved.

Unless you are properly prepared, fall weather conditions may make your relocation process far more complicated.

How to prepare for a rainy moving day?

-Wear rain jacket, rain boots and have several umbrellas on hand to cover some of the moisture-sensitive belongings.

-Allow your moving crew to take regular breaks and offer hot beverages and snacks. Also, don’t forget to tip your movers and reward them for a job well done.

-An extra layer of packing paper can go a long way toward protecting your treasured belongings.

-Get hold of furniture blankets and waterproof plastic sheets to keep your moisture-sensitive and expensive items dry and clean.

-Consider entrusting packing of your valuables to your moving cre w as they have relevant experience and expertise to do the packing safely and efficiently. Electronics and expensive artwork pieces are worth paying some extra money for the packing services, don’t you think?

-Place old rugs, towels, blankets and cardboard pieces on the floor to protect wooden floors and carpet area.

-Once you reach your new home make sure to remove wet coverings to prevent mold and mildew from forming.

Unless a break in the weather is coming soon, consider rescheduling your move for a while. Severe climatic conditions can ruin your moving day and cause irreparable damage to your belongings. Above all, it can be very dangerous for you and your helpers, so discuss with your movers about your options. Sometimes it’s wise to postpone the move for a couple of days for the sake of everyone and everything involved.